A WikiPage is simply the basic building block of a WikiWikiWeb that contains text and images. See WikiStructures and WikiWikiWeb for more information. A wiki page can have a substructure that includes sections for a header (for the entire wiki, or wiki groups), footer (for the entire wiki, or wiki groups), sidebars (left or right or both), and body.

An example of a wiki page structure

Wiki header
Wiki sidebar 1
Wiki group header Wiki sidebar 2
Wiki page body
Wiki group footer
Wiki footer

Within the sections of a wiki page markup is used to provide formatting, layout, and if required additional structure. See PmWiki:Special Pages for a description of Group Headers and Footers, Side bars, and other components of a wiki page.

Wiki pages can have an edit template to predefine initial content, see Cookbook:Edit Templates Specify a wiki page or pages to use as a template when a new page is created.

Wiki pages are stored in individual flat files, see Page File Format and Flat File Advantages.

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