Summary: PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Reported/Proposed
Category: Editing, Images

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List of outstanding bugs and feature requests for PmWikiDraw

Pre 2.1B

OS X Cannot Save Drawing

  • version: Pre 2.0B
  • by: Unknown Author
  • (promoted out of Russ Fink's list)
  • error: In Firefox 1.0 on OS X you can't save a drawing. It continually asks for your password. Drawings created in Safari save fine.
  • status: Very strange, but I need more information please. Can you email me at all?
    • Email received, I've responded with a request for more information, still pending :)
  • I can't save drawings in Firefox (2) or Safari running under Tiger with v2.361. PmWiki is running on a Ubuntu Server under Apache2. (dec052006) PeterJorgensen?

Misc Usability (non-bug) Requests

  1. Should permit zoom for detail work
    1. Not sure how eas this will be, perhaps long term.

Version 2.1B

Connected Text does not Cut and Paste with Base Object

  • version: 2.1B
  • by: RussFink
  • error: create simple object, add connected text. Cut object. Connected text remains.
  • status: might not be a bug, maybe just way I'm using it. Ultimately, I want connected text in an object, and the ability to move the object around. As is, I get orbiting. - It is a bug, a known one that I keep putting off fixing <g> JJ?

Version 2.1B Misc Usability Requests

  • version: 2.1B
  1. (Russ Fink) Probably need a "add text to object" feature that works like connected text, but without the semantic problems... e.g., what happens if you delete an object that has connected text, should the connected text stay or go?
    • I'd rather fix the previous bug I think :) In which case the connect text would stay...probably...not sure ;)
  2. (Russ Fink) Cut, Paste, and etc. shortcut hotkeys should be annotated on the Edit menu so user knows they're available.
    • Not sure If I can do this easily as they are in fact *different shortcuts, need to think about it.
    • (Russ) Verified fixed in 2.32B
  3. (Russ) Would be nice to have a change grid size option and possibly a view grid.
    • Partially done - Now defaults to snap-to-grid being on, and displays the grid. Size currently not configurable.
  4. (Russ) ... this is looking pretty nice! maybe my expectations are scaling up accordingly...
    • Its getting quite usable for me now which is nice :) Want to get groups scalable as they were in PmWikiDraw1.

Version 2.2B

Editing grouped connected text gives orbits

  • version 2.2B
  • by: RussFink
  • error: Orbits encountered when editing a copied, grouped object.
  • steps:
  1. Create a box, select "connected text" tool, click in object. Add text. Click off of object.
  2. Rubber band box and text, Ctrl-G to group. Move box. Observe text stays with box [Fix of original orbit bug.]
  3. Click off of the object. Select "connected text" tool, click on text in the grouped object. Observe in some cases, a copy of the text appears off of the object. [bug]
  4. Change the text and click off of the object. Observe that connected text appears off of object. [bug] Also, receiving a stack overflow error in some cases.
  5. Move copied object. Observe orbiting text behavior. [bug]
  • status:
  • update (Russ): workaround is to use normal text, not connected text.

Connected text not copied with object

  • version 2.2B
  • by: RussFink
  • error: Connected text not copied with object - I think of the connected text as belonging to the object, and should get copied along with it.
  • steps:
  1. Create a box, select "connected text" tool, click in object. Add text. Click off of object.
  2. Select the box with pointer, copy and paste. Observe that connected text is not copied. [Not a bug, just not what I would expect.]
  • status:

Pasted connected text appears off of object

  • version 2.2B
  • by: RussFink
  • error: Connected text not positioned correctly with pasted object.
  • steps:
  1. Create a box, select "connected text" tool, click in object. Add text. Click off of object.
  2. Rubber-band the box and text, copy with ctrl-C.
  3. Click a fair distance away from the original, and hit Ctrl-V paste. Observe that pasted text appears off of the object or at least non-centered within the object. This appears to depend on the distance of the click from the original object. [bug].
  • status:

Version 2.21B

Version 2.24B

Version 2.32B

Misc Usability

  1. Current font size should be annotated in Font Size menu (checkmarked?)
  2. Too many fonts in font menu, probably need better way to organize or remove some that are similar to others
  3. When multiple objects selected, make visible some icons for alignment (center/middle), group and ungroup

Polygon Tool Discards Points

  • by: RussFink
  • steps: select polygon tool. Attempt to draw the letter "S" starting at the top of the S and working down, and put in many points. When you double-click to close it, several of the points will disappear making it seem chunky. Maybe this is a feature.
  • steps(2): also, there doesn't seem to be a way to add points to the polygon.

Cursor Font makes Text Disappear

  • by: Russ Fink (
  • steps: Add text. Select Attributes, Font, choose Cursor font. Text disappears.

Version 2.352

Version 2.353

Version 2.36

Won't load on https server

  • by: Jeremy Sproat (
  • steps: install on server that has https: in the URL. click on an image to create or edit.
  • cause: In pmwikidraw.php, function drawing() (on or around lines 91 and 98 in version 2.361 "03-03-2005_01"), the script checks to see if the URL is relative by regexing for the http: protocol in the string. Since you're serving via the https: protocol, this test will fail and the script assumes the URL is relative instead of absolute.
  • suggestion:
    1. First something like $Protocol = ($_SERVER['HTTPS']=='on') ? "https:" : "http:"
    2. test for $Protocol in $ScriptUrl
  • If I get a spare half hour I'll make the changes on my box and test on both http: and https:, and post it. Not sure where I could post it though...

Import Images without imagefile

  • Is there no way around than to write alle imagepaths in the file? This is realy bad, if the images changing and get updated be users. noskule September 15, 2005, at 12:26 PM
    1. Not at the moment no, there's no real reason why there couldn't be an admin screen added in the php to allow users to add images, and get that to automatically modify that page. But it was really intended for admins. However in my dev branch it is possible to upload images within a drawing, such as screenshots etc. Which will be nice, is this possibly what you're looking for?
      • hm this is nice feature to wich I would like to use :-), but my major problem is just try to avoid to write 100s imagepaths into a file be hand (I hve some folders with icons to prototype gui's). So maybe there could be a way to scan the imagefolder and update the file wich holds the imagepaths automaticly while pmwikidraw is started?
        • This would be possible yes, I could probably edo this as a configurable option.
          • Cool, is this implemented yet? noskule November 08, 2005, at 04:04 AM
            • I'm afraid I've not looked into this yet, but it would be purely a php thing, if anyone else can do it ?

Version 2.361

Connected Text becomes Detached

  • Somewhat complex and involves 3 shapes. When a connector is attempted to be moved, text from first box detaches, then various other connectors all detach. RussFink
    1. Create box. Choose "connected text tool", add text to box, deselect off of it.
    2. Create another box. Choose "connected text tool", add text to box, deselect off of it.
    3. Select "connection tool", click/drag from first box into second.
    4. "Wiggle" all boxes to verify text and connectors move.
    5. Repeat previous 3 steps to create a third box with text, attached to the second box (attachment is from second to third).
    6. Now, select the connector from 2 to 3. Click one of the green attachment points, and try to drag it off somewhere.
    7. Wiggle the first and second boxes. Observe that the text has become detached, along with the connectors.
  • This is hard to recreate, but the above steps are reliable. Sometimes, it happens when you try to undo an action, like a move, then all connectors detach.
    • I know, I've been trying to track it down for ages :( I'm working on it...

File Not Found Exception

I am able to edit images on the site however when I install this on my own wiki, I get the following error message at the bottom on the drawing applet

Any ideas?
This even occurs if I seperately upload file to server and then try edit it on the wiki page. It doesn't even load the already present image and gives the same error.
Tried using both firefox and explorer

p.s. Yes, uploads enabled in config.php, java 2 platform updated - Sack Nov 7, 2006

File Not Found Exception

Hi. I get the exact same as above. Running PMwiki on Win2003 Server. It works fine on a test Win2000 Server but not Win 2003 Server. We are using the latest pmwiki release, although it didn't work in any version we tried.

We can always create new images but we can never edit them. Editing overwrites the previous image with the following error :

Any ideas?

I think the problem is with the mime type. Add the .draw mime type as text/plain. serch for "add mime types in server 2003" and you will find how to add the mime type. - JimB

Not a bug, but a tip:

This markup is not good with pmwikidraw!! The links/URLs are destroyed!!!

see CurlyQuotes

(Another tip is to edit /pub/drawing/images/images to integrate much more images for redesigning)