The wiki I'm testing is evolving toward a project management tool.

One Group per project, or one wikifield per project, depending on the complexity of each project.

Each active project has its own sidebar and (php-collapsible) right bar. Many projects are not ported to the wiki yet, as I'm only testing it.

I started with beta23 of the pmwiki.

  • added the Gemini Two skin (for its better handling of layout in the edit window, for the pleasant, unobtrusive sand color scheme and the integrated right bar),
  • modified the skin to show password locks (recipe forthcoming), also I'm looking at simplifying the skin definitions and removing some of the color schemes,
  • added a modified version of IncludeWithEdit,
  • removed a lot of Markup trying to make it faster,
  • added a few buttons to the guiedit (date stamp, simplified calendar), and excluded (header)
  • added two versions of swf handling (one for Flash Player 6 and one for 7)

I always test every new beta on the development server, then I deploy it. Currently I'm at 2beta54.


I'll add:

  • some version of wikiDraw,
  • i18l and
  • probably collapsible menus and emoticons.

If I manage to convince my supervisors that a wiki is a great engine for collaboration, I may add a Flash interface in order to reduce some bandwidth, server load and to increase the responsiveness and possible dynamics of the interface.

However, for now, I'm working in my spare time (after consulting work and parent work ;), on a version of a view-aware skin-based bundle. Suggestions are welcome, either here or on that page.

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