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PmWiki Hosting, Management and Support

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North America

  • 000webhost Don't use free plan, if you get 150 unique visitors in a day they will lock your site and you can't access it to backup. Free hosting; PMWiki works perfectly. No ads. Free access to cpanel, 5 e-mail accounts, 2 sql databases, etc.
  • [(approve links) edit diff] Offers cost-effective [(approve links) edit diff] with a focus on premium performance. All Shared Hosting plans includes a Free Domain Name, Free Website Migration, 1-Click Install, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Expert support.
  • A2 Hosting Offers high performance PMWiki hosting plans on SwiftServer platform. 1-click setup, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Guru Crew support. Host on Turbo servers with page loads up to 20X faster than standard drives. Also features PmWiki on VPS Hosting accounts.
  • PHP Webhosting Inexpensive ($10/mo.) PmWiki host offering php mod, safemode=off, shell access, unmetered and great support.
  • 4goodhosting Provides domain registration, web hosting, development and consulting. Includes details of services and contact information.
  • Pow Web Inexpensive PmWiki host offering support for various cookbook recipes including Cookbook:PmWikiDraw and Cookbook:SpellChecker.
  • RoseHosting Offers Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans, both SSD and non-SSD. 100% uptime guarantee, 30 days money-back guarantee, 24/7 EPIC Support and more. Our experienced admins are available 24/7 and will be glad to assist installing PmWiki.
  • Canadian Web Hosting .COM Friendly, fast, inexpensive. Cheapest plan has PHP and good bandwidth, email, etc. Used 2004-2012 and still using them. Update: Mar. 2009 Varies wildly. Good for 6 months, then they upgrade and break something. Fast fix once they're notified. Update: Oct. 2012 something changed in mod_security in the last 3 years. Couldn't edit some pages. They fixed fast once I located problem (with help from PmWiki group) Great company, but only 3 stars as PmWiki host.
  • Bluehost Great service, great price for hosting AND they have an automatic script that already includes PMWiki. Real Chris October 29, 2008, at 07:08 AM
  • NearlyFreeSpeech NearlyFreeSpeech.NET is the premier provider of pay-as-you-go web hosting. Our innovative pay only for what you use pricing model is designed to be the most cost effective solution around. See talk page for caveats.
  • DirectNic I've been using DirectNic for ages. php hosting for $4/month
  • Fastdot Premium cPanel hosting from $4.95/m


  • 1 and 1
  • NuBlue Fast Nginx PmWiki Hosting. Free 1-click install on all hosting packages, and expert support from our friendly UK-based team.
  • Vedrina Ltd Powerful dedicated hosting on enterprise hardware in BG/EU
  • WHUK - Windows VPS Hosting Provider :: WHUK is a fully managed web hosting provider in the UK since 2001. The company offering services range of affordable and reliable Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting including PmWiki features.


  • Fully managed data center, 24x7 support, chain of tier 3 data centers in india.
  • Fully Managed PmWiki hosting plans, easy upgrade options, round the clock expert support, automated remote backup, monitoring, latest PHP and Apache version - PmWiki hosting plans starting from $3.60 per month.

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