[Note]: this page refers to the core PmWiki, as distributed from this site. Specific skins, add-ons, and extensions may have different requirements, which they may have listed on their individual pages.

PmWiki generates web pages (though generating pdf files and other formats is also possible). So in order to see its results, one needs a web browser. To make it serve those pages, PmWiki runs on top of an operating system (OS), under a web web server, and using the php scripting language. The lists below address all these elements.

PmWiki works on all modern browsers, including:

PmWiki works on many modern web servers.

PmWiki works on any supported version of PHP. Earlier PHP versions may work with partial loss of functionality:

When installing PHP for PmWiki on IIS do you recommend IIS ISAPI or IIS CGI?


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