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This page contains quotes and anecdotes related to PmWiki, it's history and development.

On the subject of backups

Subject: Re: On Backups

On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 04:01:00PM -0600, Ben Wilson wrote:
> One Cron to tar them all, One Cron to find them,
> One Cron to pull them all and in the darkness archive them
> In the Land of PmWiki where the Shadows lie.
> (Apologies to Mr. Tolkien)

Apologies to *Tolkien*?!?  I'm not sure I like the conjunction
between "PmWiki" and "shadows" -- PmWiki is supposed to bring
people out of darkness, not create it.  1/2 :-)

However, the verse is extremely clever.  :-)

  • Maybe I should have said "Wikis" instead of Shadows? BenWilson January 24, 2006, at 09:24 AM
    • How about "Wiki-Wikis"? chr 2006-01-24

"On the map"?

From Pm:

> Needless to say, to tag into the VB user base could really put
> pmwiki on the map. 

Gee, I thought PmWiki was already "on the map", or at least on
*a* map.

From Neil:

PmWiki is literally on the map!
Go to http://maps.google.com/
In the search box enter "PmWiki" 

Press Search

Bingo! In my search PmWiki showed up in ten places on the map. 

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