Summary: Set PageTextVariables in config.php
Version: 1.1
Prerequisites: none
Status: Working
Categories: PageVariables

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Set a PageTextVariable in config.php

Currently you can read a PageTextVariable using the PageTextVar(). This recipe allows you to also set a PageTextVariable.

SetPageTextVariable($pagename, $ptv, $val);

In the example above the $pagename variable would have a value like "Main.MyDataPage", the $ptv would be the name of a PageTextVariable, and $val would be the value to set it to.

WARNING: If you change a PageTextVariable that is currently being viewed you should restart the page using the redirect function to the same page. For example, if you are viewing page "Main.MyDataPage" and your code sets PageTextVariables, at the very end of the code you would have the line Redirect("Main.MyDataPage");


Copy SetPageTextVariable.phpΔ to your cookbook directory

In your config.php enter:

include_once("cookbook/SetPageTextVariable .php");

or in your farmconfig.php enter:

include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/SetPageTextVariable .php");


Release Notes

  • Version: 1.0 - Initial Release


See Also

  • PTVReplace Add link markup or input forms to replace values in PTVs
  • Toolbox has functions WritePTV() and ptv2text() which do similar things


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