Summary: Add "title" attributes to all links
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.22 or newer, or svn revision 2613 or newer
Status: Beta
Maintainer: Petko
License: GPL3+

This recipe allows you to add link titles to external and internal links.

Note that with PmWiki version 2.2.35 and newer you can already have link titles for all links.

[[Main/Home"Start page"]] will print Home with a tooltip title "Start page".
[["The free encyclopedia"|Wikipedia]] will print Wikipedia and a tooltip "The free encyclopedia" with a tooltip "The free encyclopedia".
  • tooltips for internal links: enabled since version 2.2.35 and newer
  • tooltips for external links: enabled since version 2.2.14 and newer; in older versions, you can enable it by adding to config.php such a line:
    $UrlLinkFmt = "<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow' title='\$LinkAlt'>\$LinkText</a>";


This recipe allows you to add link titles to external and internal links.

Link titles are displayed in a small tooltip when the mouse cursor passes over a link. It can be used to provide additional information and/or URL and is a usability recommended feature.


To use this script, download itΔ, place it into the cookbook/ folder and add the line


to a local customization file (local/config.php).


You can add a link title by placing it in parentheses after the link text:

* [[Main/HomePage|Home (Go to the site home)]]
* [[My website (Freeware stuff) -> ]]

If you don't have a text in parentheses, the title will be the external URL or the local target page:

* [[Welcome -> Main/Home Page]]
* [[ | My homepage]]

To remove a link title, append "()" to the link text, i.e. [[HomePage|Home()]].

* [[Welcome() -> Main/Home Page]]
* [[ | My homepage()]]

To keep a parenthesed words in the link text, append "()" or "(some title text)" to the link text, i.e. [[HomePage|Welcome (Homepage)(Test)]] will print "Welcome (Homepage)" and title "Test".


LinkTitles 20101221 can be configured. You can add to config.php, before including the recipe, the following commands:

  • $EnableLinkTitleDefaultUrl = 0; to disable a default tooltip for external links (the address) if nothing is provided.
  • $EnableLinkTitleDefaultPage = 0; to disable a default tooltip for internal links (the page name) if nothing is provided.

Advanced admins can change the way a title is defined. For example:

  $LinkTitleRegExp = '/\\|([^\\|]*)\\s*$/'; 

will allow you to use the markup [[Link|Text|Title]] instead of [[Link|Text(Title)]].


  • The current version 20101221 is much simpler and more configurable, but requires the latest PmWiki code, version 2.2.22 or newer. For older PmWiki versions, use linktitles.phpΔ instead.
  • Links to anchors in the same page currently do not display a tooltip.

Release Notes

  • 20101221 - remove cloned functions from pmwiki.php, add configuration variables.
  • First release 2006-03-25

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".

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  • Version 20101221 : recipe rewritten by Petko, removed pmwiki.php functions.
  • Version 2006-03-25 : Petko, slightly modified two functions written by Pm (from pmwiki.php).


See discussion at LinkTitles-Talk?

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