Consultants, Contractors, Developers and Designers for Hire

So, you want to use PmWiki for your site, but you want someone else to install and configure it for you, maybe help with design and content, maybe just be there if you need help, and you are willing to pay money.

Some others who do this are at PmWikiUsers.

Fine Print

  • Anybody can add themselves to this page. Buyer beware.
    • Not all good consultants contribute visibly to the PmWiki community, but you can get a feel for those who do by their contributions to the user MailingLists and by searching for their name on this site.
  • The PmWiki software is Open Source. It is free. The consultants charge for their time and expertise.
    • Pm has invested a lot of time in creating the program, maintaining and upgrading it, hosting the PmWiki site and Newsgroup, helping other programmers and developers, and making sure the program is the wonderful product it is. The PmWiki community also contributes. It is only fair that people who use it to make their own jobs easier contribute, either financially or with time. A comparable commercial program would cost a fair amount. You should discuss this with any potential consultant.
  • Other
    • Some contractors have reduced rates for charities.
    • It is not necessary to be in the same city, but a similar time zone is often convenient.
    • You can also advertise your needs on the user MailingLists.
    • Also see PmWikiUsers.
    • Domain registration and site hosting may or may not be included. Again, something to discuss.
    • WebHosts has host services on which you can install PmWiki.

List of Consultants

Client size, Price range Location Other
Profile name
sample [snail] example [period] com
$xx - $xx
x-page sites for xxxx
City or timezone Specializing in xxxx See some of our work at,
Grype Solutions

projects-at-grype-dot-ca -> mailto:projects [snail] grype [period] ca

  • Please contact us for a price quote.
  • Usually between $100 - $500
Ottawa, Canada We specialize in PmWiki customization. This includes the follwoing:
  • writing custom recipes,
  • integration with corporate authentication,
  • custom skins,
  • and much more
  • in fact we have developed one of the biggest pmwiki sites - roughly 16000 pages, 400,000 page hits a day .. see

Send us your needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Software Systems: Open For Business
info [snail] ssofb [period] co [period] uk
£100 setup and hosting - £300 skin design Aberdeen, UK Specializing in Simple Web Publishing systems, with custom designed skins, initial set-up, user access control, addition of initial site content, testing and training. See our Simple Web Publishing page for more details.
Explore Luxury installation, training, procedures, Vancouver, BC, Canada PMWiki, connection with database MySql, image gallery, install different extensions, for more examples see my site. Contact me -> mailto:hrabia [snail] telus [period] net
Eclectic Tech
Criss Ittermann/Crisses
Training, consulting and coaching only Middletown, New York Specializing in business solutions using PmWiki - business directories (chamber, associations), events calendars (conference, organizations), professional blogs, and small- to mid-sized custom solutions.
support [snail] ilfiron [period] com
$95 - $995
Price depends on License
Piestany, Slovak Republic - EU Doc2Pdf Online FlexiDoc Server has built-in PmWiki, Apache Web Server,, PHP and Java in a single package.
Product can be used as PDF converter or for building a company intranet project.
Corey Reichle
  • Complete PmWiki customization
  • Consultation on Hosting solutions
  • Minor graphics design
  • Serving Small to Midsized Businesses
Buffalo, NY Competitive pricing, and special consideration for Non-Profit 501(c)'s, paranormal investigation teams, and amateur radio clubs. Portfolio, and personal blog site can be found at
Ph&Ph Studio
web [snail] finar [period] ru
from $500
Full development, skins adaptations, content integration.
Moscow, Russia Specializing in programming. See some of our work at portfolio, look at our PmWiki knowledge-base (in russian)
Petko Yotov (
5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr -> mailto:5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr?subject=Request via PmWiki [period] org
200€ - 3000€+
Basic installation: 200€
Custom skin: 300-900€
10 wiki pages, galleries, forms: 300€
Custom recipe or module: 50-300€+
Hourly rate: 50€
Sofia, Bulgaria
La Ferté-sous-Jouarre
Paris region, France

Work can be done remotely (worldwide) via SSH or FTP.

Excellent knowledge of PmWiki. My work and contributions can be found at my profile page. Any recipe, skin or module can be created or adapted for your needs.
- Typical small website, server configuration, e-mail configuration, custom skin, up to 10 pages incl. galleries and a mailing form: 600-900€.
- Larger website, custom skin based on a printed portfolio, custom menus, 30 photo galleries including tagging, resizing and reordering of the pictures: 2100€.
- Occasional maintenance, update, training: 50€/hour.
- Custom modules, wiki monitoring, content migration: contact me for a price quote.
CyberTamer Services
- Kirk Siqveland
Kirk [snail] CyberTamer [period] com -> mailto:kirk [snail] cybertamer [period] com

Hourly @ $100
For larger project ask for a quote.

Edmonds (Seattle), Washington - USA
But available world-wide.

[English, Deutsch, Norsk]

Full-Stack: from installation and hosting, to custom skins, custom functions: especially markup and automation.
Website Design, Installation and Maintenance.

Professional programmer and trainer - from, "this is a keyboard," to, "Learning to program", with a specialty in Assistive Technology - Disability Access
Remote support and training.

See my profile for recipes I have published (less than half of what I have written): Kirk

For Skins and Design portfolio, see some of my sites,,,,

Consultants working in other languages

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ForHire  Prestataires : consultants, entrepreneurs, concepteurs et designers
PmWikiPtBr /
ForHire  Consultores, desenvolvedores e designers para contratação

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