015092024-06-25Feature2.3.345OpenDeprecate rarely used upload extensions from the core
015082024-06-06CookbookAll5xDiscussionnames cookbook and recipe are silly
015072024-05-16CoreCandidate 51InProgressCSS warnings responsive skin
015062024-05-07Bug2.2.334OpenMalformed pagelist template
015052024-05-05Not a bug 5ClosedTiny SA ultra not programmable after wrong programming
015042024-05-02Documentation 1DiscussionPHP requirements
015032024-04-19Featureall5Openonly one break
015022024-04-13Feature2.3.3253Closed, added for 2.3.33.Configurable <title> format in responsive skin
015012024-04-09Feature, Documentation2.3.32421Openmake release software tree "no-need-to-touch"
015002024-04-05Bug2.3.323Closedno TOC
014992024-02-19Featureany4OpenMarkup Expression number_format
014982024-01-25Bug2.3.30 Closed, fixed for 2.3.31Quiet redirects fail intermittently
014972023-12-20CoreCandidate2.3.x5In ProgressDark color theme
014962023-10-08Cookbook 2OpenMy dream: compare two pages by highlighting
014952023-10-01Bug2.3.263Closed - fixed for 2.3.27datefmt_create returns null
014942023-09-28Bug2.3.253Closed, fixed for 2.3.26deprecated gmstrftime() in feeds.php
014932023-09-06Feature2.3.251Openunwanted whitespace in forms between html tags
014922023-09-02Documentation2.3.255OpenMany documentation links need fixed
014912023-05-24Featurelatest3Openenable diacritics in the names of Page Text Variables?
014902023-04-28Other2.3.223Closed - workaroundSave/Cancel after page edit causes "internal server error" depending on page content
014892023-03-22Bug2.3.213Closed, fixed for 2.3.22Crash in PageVar function if $FmtPV[$var] yields empty string
014882023-03-17PHP Compatibility2.3.211Closed, fixed for 2.3.22PHP 8.1 logs deprecation and warning...
014872022-12-19Cookbook2.3.162Closed, repliedCustom GUI edit buttons duplicating
014862022-12-15Bug2.3.163Closed - replied & fixed for 2.3.18$EnableGUIButtons = 1; causes Internal server error
014852022-12-02Bug2.3.163Closed - fixed for 2.3.17Divs and WikiStyles - Strange spaces in html (div and span) class
014842022-11-28Bug2.3.152Closed, fixed for 2.3.16Custom footer defined via Site.SkinElements does not replace default footer but adds to it.
014832022-10-06Bug2.3.123Closed, fixed for 2.3.13XSS / CWE-79 in body search form
014822022-09-09Bug2.3.111Opennon-existent page in target field
014812022-09-04Bug2.3.112Closed - not a bug, repliedcomment with anchor crashes include processing
014802022-09-01Bug2.3.115Closed, fixed for 2.3.12Throwing an error when going to the search page/attempting to search
014792022-08-19Feature 5Closed, added for 2.3.10Add option to set PmSyntax on by default
014782022-08-10PHP Compatibility2.3.81OpenDeprecated: Passing null to ...
014772022-05-23Bug2.3.45Closed, fixed for 2.3.5PageList list=grouphomes broken
014762022-05-14Feature2.3.13Closed - documentedMarkup in Category.GroupFooter
014752021-12-25Feature2.3.055Closed, added for 2.3.0Community poll for PageList link/category arguments
014742021-12-03PHP Compatibility2.2.1441OpenCookbook/Fortune has obsolete markup rule.
014732021-11-10Bug2.2.1444Closed - not a bug, resolvedLogin problem with 2.2.144
014722021-10-26Bugn/a1Closed - updated for 2.2.144Update intermap.txt
014712021-10-01Cookbook2.2.1422Openinclude once with pagetoc and sourceblock causes blank screen on 2.2.142-php8.0
014702021-09-21Bug2.2.1423Closed - not a bugimages containing "[" in url are NOT displayed
014692021-09-08Featurecurrent4OpenExtend ConditionalMarkup with "less" and "greater" operators
014682021-09-06 2.2.1424DiscussionUTF-8 should be enabled by default
014672021-07-28 2.2.1413OpenSkin-Skittlish produces Errors
014662021-03-23PHP Compatibility2.2.1382Open"create_function" deprecated
014652021-03-02Bug2.2.1373Closed, fixed for 2.2.138Markup appears in ( :details: ) summary
014642021-02-24FeatureAll4OpenSupport ABBR
014632021-02-09Bug2.2.1352OpenHTML cached pages are missing HTMLStylesFmt
014622021-01-11Documentation2.2.1343Closed, documentedprintable view changes links with actions
014612020-12-01PHP Compatibility2.2.1354InProgressPHP 8
014602020-11-08Bug  OpenTrails code causes rendering problems: closes div containing <!--PageText--> early
014592020-10-25Other2.2.1324Closed - fixed and documented4 tildes somehow don't work in the PITS group
014582020-10-23Otherlatest1ClosedA captcha is getting necessary to prevent page sandboxing
014572020-09-16Bug2.2.1313Closed - solution existsCan't access skin in http farm from https domain
014562020-09-07Cookbook2.2.1311Closed - fix providedSkin bug - monobook
014542020-05-24Featurecurrent3Closed - added for 2.2.133Add new default image types
014532020-03-25Cookbook2.2.1273Closed - fix provided in Skins:MonobookDeprecated create_function() in Monobook skin
014522020-03-15Bug2.2.1263Awaiting feedbackCan't SiteAdmin
014512020-02-11Feature2.2.1152OpenSimpleTables thead/tbody tags
014502020-01-24Bug2.2.122 ClosedWrong XL strings in Site.EditForm
014492019-12-28Documentation  Closed - updatedCookbook/ChangeTimeFormat needs update
014482019-12-05Documentation2.2.122 Closed, added for 2.2.123$ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl note in sample-config.php
014472019-12-04Feature2.2.1202OpenFeedback on new installation and suggestions
014462019-11-28Feature,Cookbook  OpenNew default InterMap prefixes
014452019-11-22Cookbook2.2.1224OpenIssue with "includes"
014442019-11-12Cookbook2.2.1203Closed - fixedTrueLatex Cookbook
014432019-09-16PHP Compatibility2.2.118 ClosedVarious Wikitags not working on PHP 7.3
014422019-07-26Cookbook 5Closed, recipe disabledBeautifier cookbook page broken, on pmwiki.org
014412019-05-29Bug2.2.613Closed, resolved for recent versionsFormsPlus not honoring step attribute for numbers
014402019-05-10Feature2.2.1144OpenSupport for new directive bodylang to set lang attribute in html body tag
014392019-04-17Bug  Closed, added for 2.2.117Uploads do not enforce $EnablePostAuthorRequired
014382019-03-10Bug2.2.1133Closed - repliedinterlaced styles (bigger text, color) get confused regarding the span of each
014372019-02-08Cookbook2.2.1124ToDoASCIIMath fatal bugs
014362019-01-09Bug2.2.1124ClosedGerman Umlaut characters do not work anymore
014352019-01-09Bug2.2.1124ClosedPHP 7.2 and 7.3: create_function deprecated
014342018-10-24Feature2.2.1091ClosedCreate a way to choose different templates within a skin
014332018-08-24Bug2.2.1094OpenRecipeCheck enhancements
014322018-07-14Feature2.2.1091OpenHow to force utf-8 only in a simple manner
014312018-06-11Featuren/a3Closed, enabled in 2.3.28Approve URLs treats http and https as separate
014302018-06-06Bug2.2.1075Openerror after editing
014292018-05-04Bugall4OpenUrlScheme building condition never match $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on'
014282018-04-16PHP Compatibility 5InProgressErrors after April 2018 server migration
014272018-03-30Feature2.2.1072OpenUse an SDV for PageCacheFile
014262018-02-13Bug2.2.1073Closed, already fixedParameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
014252017-11-07Security?latest5OpenImprove the OOTB security of PmWiki
014242017-10-18Feature 51Openattachlist more like pagelist or attachment option to pagelist
014232017-10-11Bug2.2.1034OpenCondAuth in farmconfig.php disables $DefaultPasswords in config.php
014222017-10-11Bug2.2.1035Closed, fixed for 2.2.104WikiTrails Path trail syntax broken on 2.2.103
014212017-09-30PHP Compatibility2.2.1024Closedcrypt() deprecated, but still in pmwiki.php core
014202017-09-09Bug2.2.99 Openpmwiki-2.2.98 to pmwiki-2.2.99 upgarade "Cannot acquire lockfile"
014192017-09-01Cookbooknewest5Closed, repliedezdate recipe no longer works on php 5.6
014182017-08-19Feature 1Closed, added for 2.3.0Please add ordinals to ftime{} markup expressions
014172017-07-18Documentationlive3Closed - documentation updatedDebate security warning in ConditionalMarkup
014162017-07-04Feature2.2.924Openmissing "changes haven't been saved" warning
014152017-06-28Cookbooklive on pmwiki.org5Closed, fixed for 20170628PITS new issue form replaces old bugs
014142017-06-28Buglive on pmwiki.org3Closed, PmWiki search now explains the error message.Saving blocked because of "invalid edit summary"
014132017-06-22Bug2.2.983Closed, works good enough for now.Custom PageStore receives requests for file system paths
014122017-06-18Othernext1DiscussionPmWiki.org integrated developer platform
014112017-06-18Documentationlive on pmwiki.org3Closed, documentedExplain Qualify() in PmWiki.Functions
014102017-06-13Cookbook  Closed, date fixed.SimplePageCounter version statement
014092017-05-08Bug2.2.384Closed - repliedLosing page content on save after edit
014082017-05-03Feature2.2.971OpenROSPatterns not applied to Preview
014072017-05-03Bug2.2.973Open"Save and Edit" option ignores Replace On Edit ($ROEPatterns)
014062017-04-26CoreCandidate 4Closed - added to core as Skins:PmWiki-responsiveCore responsive skin discussion
014052017-04-25  1Closed, fixedGarbage files in i18n-ru.zip
014042017-04-05Bugunknown3Closed, fixed for 2.2.98"pct" dropped from CSS classnames
014032017-02-14Cookbook2.2.94 (all)1Closed, fixedCookbook DeleteAction does not have version number for receipecheck to display
014022017-01-31Feature2.2.935OpenLet ROSPatterns functions know what page is being edited
014012017-01-09Bug2.2.933Closed, added for 2.2.94PageExists cache $PageExistsCache becomes stale after new page created
014002016-12-29Bugcurrent1Closed, added for 2.2.98Markup doesn't work as expected
013992016-12-20Cookbook2.1.133OpenStandalone Installation Error
013982016-11-29Cookbook 2OpenAdd access key for copy/move
013972016-11-26Bug2.2.624Closed, not a bugSkin: function directive re-uses arguments
013962016-09-22CoreCandidate2.2.91+3OpenMarkup for <cite>, <q>, and <blockquote> (including cite= attribute)
013952016-09-14Feature2.2.892OpenAdd condition to check action
013942016-09-06Cookbook2.2.903Closed - not a bugUTF-8 breaks DIV markup processing
013932016-09-05Featuren/a4OpenAdd additional markup expressions
013922016-08-28Bug 2Closed, added for 2.2.90PITS: PmWiki Issue Tracking System markup fails when followed immediately by "s"
013912016-08-21Bug2.2.8954OpenDefault PmWiki layout enhancements for screen readers
013902016-07-30CoreCandidate 55Closed, added for 2.2.90Make images at line starts HTML5 friendly
013892016-07-06Othern/a4OpenImprove PmWiki Security through Content Security Policy support and removing inline javascript and style
013882016-06-04Bug2.2.862Closed, fixed for 2.2.88The Link to the TrailIndexPage#start#end in a trail is marked as not allowed by W3C-Validator
013872016-06-02Bug2.2.874ClosedWikistyles are not working with lists anymore
013862016-05-30Bug2.2.863OpenNew core support for svg ignores scripts in svg pictures
013852016-05-29Cookbookn/a3OpenRecipe enhancement: Grep to allow wild cards in Groupnam*/Pagenam*#ancho*
013842016-05-12Feature 4OpenAdd markup for caption to table directive markup
013832016-04-28Otherfrom 20141OpenGalleria : Init failed: Galleria could not find
013822016-04-19Featuren/a3OpenIncrease PmWiki accessibility
013812016-03-27Cookbookany OpenMediaElement.js a media player
013802016-03-22Feature 4DiscussionPage text variables flexibility
013792016-02-11Bug2.2.833DiscussionProblems with rtl class
013782016-02-04Documentation2.2.832Closed, fixedURL in UPGRADE.txt is no longer valid
013772016-01-21Documentation  Closed, repliedHow do you create a new page
013762016-01-17Cookbook2.2.835Closed - fixed.The InclueFile recipe generates a /e deprecated message
013752016-01-17Cookbook2.2.835Opensupport simultaneous edits/merging in windows
013742015-09-07Cookbook  OpenToggle Addon Creates Double Div on Home Page
013732015-08-03Feature 2Closed, added for 2.2.79Support gray and grey colours, support all basic colour keywords
013722015-07-02Bug2.2.775Openerasure_of or access_revoked of all sub-links upon name revision
013712015-06-26Feature 4ClosedAdd support for additional relative CSS lengths
013702015-06-25Other 3OpenList the features that would make a great mobile wiki platform
013692015-06-21CoreCandidate 55Closed, added to core and to siteMake PmWiki's default skin pass Google's mobile-friendly test
013682015-06-01CoreCandidate2.2.1434InProgressadd parameter to (:messages:) page directive
013672015-05-15Feature 42Closed, added for 2.2.76allow label=x with input markup for checkbox and radio buttons
013662015-05-06Bugall3OpenAnonymous numerical reference link not orthogonal
013652015-05-03Bugpmwiki-2.2.752Openftime markup expression not working properly in conditional markup when referencing PTV
013642015-04-12Cookbook2.2.741OpenHave a separate page for PmForm templates.
013632015-03-28BugLatest (2.2.73)3Closed, fixed for 2.2.74.Localization of string "OK"
013622015-01-17Feature2.2.713OpenAllow quoted page names in conditional markup
013612014-12-30FeatureAny43OpenMigrate PmWiki to HTML5
013602014-12-25Bug  Closed, fixed for 2.2.71code box for pmwiki help pages (like HTML tag <code>)
013592014-12-12Bug2.2.7053Closed, fixed for 2.2.71Upload triggers "Only variables should be passed by reference" error
013582014-11-18Feature 4OpenAllow specification of authorization groups using references
013572014-11-08Bug  Open"action=diff" in XLPages, for long strings, not working properly
013562014-11-08Feature  Opentime signature
013552014-10-25Feature  Openpmwiki skin line height
013542014-10-19Bug2.2.684Closedftime broken on PmWiki
013532014-10-14FeatureLatest3OpenAdd parameter to (:include :) to allow an inline include
013522014-09-14Bug2.2.682Closed - not a bug, repliedUpper case Q and A (but no other letters) disappear when used as page text variables
013512014-08-23PHP Compatibility2.2.673Closed, duplicate of 01319.preg_replace core error
013502014-08-08Feature  Closed, added for 2.2.68EditQuickReference add signature
013492014-07-09Cookbook2.2.363OpenXToDo cookbook recipe is non-functional, pls fix or remove
013482014-06-14Cookbook2.2.653Closed, fixed for Flipbox 20150102Flipbox bug
013472014-06-06PHP Compatibility2.2.642Closed - duplicate of 01319Problem with PmWiki on Mac OS X 10.10 Pre-release
013462014-06-06Bug2.2.643Closed, fixed for 2.2.65fixperms() makes files world readable/writable even if account owner is root
013452014-05-31Documentation2.2.641Closed - fixed for 2.2.65Wording in .htaccess
013442014-04-21Feature 554OpenAdd pagelist iterator
013432014-04-20Bug2.2.631Closed, repliedNo $AuthId for admin account?
013422014-04-09Bugpmwiki website5Closed, not a bugheartbleed bug
013412014-03-30Feature2.2.625Closed - added for 2.2.63Enhance Forms to support the required attribute
013402014-03-25PHP Compatibility2.2.625Closed - duplicate of 01319On php version 5.5.10 /e modifier is deprecated
013392014-03-17Cookbook2.2.62 Closed - recipe updated/e modifier is deprecated- error in, probably from cookbook/sortable.php
013382014-02-12Bug2.2.605Closed, not a bugMalware
013372014-02-11Cookbook 4OpenPmForm parses page text variables differently from PmWiki
013362014-02-04Bug2.2.604Open"Regular" text really small on Android 4.4
013352014-02-01Bug2.2.601OpenInvalid HTML by line break before form
013342014-01-31Feature  Openput spaces in the shown titles/links of pages, when they are in lists, or whatever...
013332014-01-29Bug2.2.602OpenPagelist count parameter ignores zero
013322014-01-19BugAll up to 2.583Closed, repliedInclude page has stopped displaying some content
013312014-01-03Cookbookтест1Closed - fixed in 20140103PITS listings don't handle well international characters like "é", "à", or "П"
013302013-12-19Feature2.2.571Closed (page already opens in a new tab, a fact that had somehow escaped me)Improve instructions regarding file permissions
013292013-11-01Featurelatest4Closed, added for 2.2.68Add 'clear' as a CSS style attribute recognised by Wiki Styles
013282013-10-26Otherany4Openbackups by visitors
013272013-10-03Bug2.2.565Closed, recipe updatedutf8 issue, " lambda "
013262013-10-02Bug2.2.543Opencframe doesn't resize image
013252013-09-17Feature 2OpenOrdering pagelists by link counting
013242013-09-07Cookbook 1Confirmed, ToDoPITS puts the wrong Author name in the From field when the Author name changes
013232013-08-31Bug 3Open"Path :" intermap within a link goes to default page on some sites
013222013-08-31Bug 3ClosedPITS Reordering button is broken
013212013-08-28Bug2.2.542Openpagelist with order=name does not sort by pagename correctly in some circumstances
013202013-08-11Bug2.2.533OpenIs there a page size limit?
013192013-08-06Feature2.2.53434InProgresspreg_replace with /e modifier deprecated
013182013-07-17PHP Compatibility2.2.443Closed, fixed in 2.2.51"post has been blocked by administrator' when inserting curly bracket {}
013172013-07-06Featurenewest Openreforming RecentChanges
013162013-07-01Other2.2.525OpenI am attempting to run PMWiki offline to do some tests.
013152013-06-29Feature2.2.524OpenComplex page text variables in pagelist sort
013142013-03-27Bug2.2.213Closed, repliedProblems with Calculations in custom PageVariables
013132013-03-22Cookbook, DocumentationN/A5Closed (fixed)Broken link: cannot download Attach:Cookbook/sourceblock.php
013122013-03-06Cookbook2.2.483OpenJH Skin search isn't working
013112013-02-25Cookbook2.2.483OpenText of footnote fails to display on page.
013102013-02-17Feature 44OpenLoading 'Name' css/js/php
013092013-02-14Feature 3Closed - exists as $MarkupMarkupLevelAdd Cookbook.SignalWhenMarkup to Core
013082013-02-11Bug2.2.474Closed, fixed for 2.2.48.Bulleted content disappeared
013072013-01-23Bug2.2.463Closed, appears to work with recent Opera versionsUploads from Opera Mobile fail
013062012-12-24Cookbook2.2.253Openattachtable: recursive rendering
013052012-12-10CoreCandidate 43332OpenEnable meta generator header in HTML output
013042012-11-13PHP Compatibility2.2.443Closed - fixed for 2.2.45Notice: Error messages
013032012-11-06Cookbook2.2.443OpenParsing JSON request failed in BlogIt
013022012-10-29Bug 5Closed - fixed for pmwiki.orgLink to group incorrectly directed to page PmWiki/group
013012012-10-17Bug2.2.433SuspendedInclude statements are missing $FarmD variable
013002012-10-12Bug2.2.243OpenIncomplete definition of page text variable halts the rendering
012992012-10-06Feature 3OpenAllow "Results of search" message to be disabled from searchresults directive
012982012-10-02Featuren/a5Closed - local customization providedPage variable for Page directives
012972012-10-02Feature  Closed - added for 2.3.18.make {$PageLogoUrl} work
012962012-09-16Bug2.2.423OpenLink brackets should not be removed when link has text
012952012-09-12Bug2.2.252Closed - wontfixAttachments in IE7-IE8 over HTTPS without direct download
012942012-08-26Feature2.2.4245OpenSuggestion for pmwiki.tmpl
012932012-07-20Buglatest2Closedpre markup fails when using escape merkup
012922012-07-16PHP Compatibilitylatest4Closed - fixed for 2.2.40Fixes for PHP 5.4
012912012-07-14Feature2.23OpenAdd anchors to page lists
012902012-07-14Feature2.24OpenPagelists to handle internal intermap links
012892012-07-03Feature2.2.362OpenCharacter markup ignored by directive
012882012-06-20Feature2.2.11 OpenAdd SASL for LDAP authentication to AuthUser
012872012-05-24Bug2.2.38 Closed - repliedPage actions incorrect in 2.2.38
012862012-04-29Feature2.2.363OpenDefine images alt and titles separately
012852012-04-08Bug2.2.355Closed, added for 2.2.37include does not use the same definition of an anchor token as does the code that parses links and anchors
012842012-03-30Bug2.2.36 (VersionNum=2002036).3Closedstatus 412 when restoring an old edit
012832012-03-13Documentation2.2.36 and earlier5ClosedNewer versions of pmwiki mess up the menu text
012822012-03-08Bug 33Closed, added for 2.2.37Pagelist templates defaults specifications not taken in account
012812012-02-22Bug2.2.362SuspendedTrail fails
012802012-02-07Feature2.2.36 and prior32OpenProvide an error message if pagelist cannot find fmt=#x
012792012-02-03Bug2.2.364ClosedCreation of an empty div html tag
012782012-01-24Bug2.2.361Closed, fixed for 2.2.59What should exclude a page from being cached
012772012-01-04PHP Compatibility2.2.362Closed, fixed for 2.2.75Using crypt() w/o salt in PHP 5.6 versions causes PmWiki problems
012762012-01-02Bug2.2.364Closed - repliedTitled link parsed to TitledLink when linked page doesn't exist yet
012752011-12-12Bug2.2.355Closed - fixed for 2.2.36pmwiki exit line missing from new xlpage-iso-8859-2.php script
012742011-11-30Bug2.2.353Closed - not a bugDirective (:linkwikiwords:) is not working
012732011-11-29Bug2.2.351Closed - not a bugRSS feed has extraneous newline in line 1
012722011-11-22Bug2.2.3533OpenLocale letters not recognized by page text variables.
012712011-11-11Bugfrom 2.0.0 to 2.2.345Closed, fixed for 2.2.35PHP Code Injection Vulnerability
012702011-10-18Cookbook?3ConfirmedPmWiki spell checker recipe does not work on PmWiki site
012692011-10-12Bug 5Closed, fixed for 2.2.21PmWiki XSS-vulnerabilities
012682011-10-11Bug2.2.305Closed, not a bugpages not working correctly
012672011-10-05Bug2.2.333OpenSite.PageActions login/logout problem
012662011-09-22Bug2.2.301Closed - fixed for 2.2.33refcount uses invalid XHTML markup
012652011-09-15CoreCandidate2.2.3022ConfirmedNew homepage and default skin ideas
012642011-09-14Feature2.22OpenCreate a format abstract for ?action=
012632011-07-20Bug2.2.273Closed - fixed for 2.2.28XSS vulnerability with prefs
012622011-07-19Bug2.2.273Closed, fixed for 2.2.28XSS vulnerability in Refcount
012612011-07-18Cookbook2.2.273Closed (fixed for version 20110718)Problems with PageExists() by Cookbook:SQLite PageStore class
012602011-07-18Bug2.2.273Closed -- fixed for 2.2.28Vulnerability to relative links
012592011-07-05Bug2.2.162Closed, mostly fixed for 2.2.51If there is a group named the same as the author, author.php returns invalid AuthorPage
012582011-07-03Cookbook<= 1.6.05ClosedVulnerability in BlogIt 1.6.0
012572011-06-27Closed - not a bug2.2.27 and 2.2.182Open$EnablePageListProtect=1 ignored when search performed from page with read access
012562011-05-29Feature2.2.163Closed - cookbook recipemass upload of pages from local system
012552011-05-28Bug2.2.263Closed - fixed for 2.2.27Nonconverted <vspace> on redirected page
012542011-05-26Feature 33OpenAllow include lines= to reference the end point, as count= does in pagelist
012532011-05-23CoreCandidate2.24Closed - added for 2.2.27Prep for WYSIWIG
012522011-05-18Featureany4ClosedAdd category= parameter to PageLists
012512011-04-27Bug2.2.41Open$EnablePageListProtect=0 does not work when PTV in pagelist is used
012502011-04-06CoreCandidaten/a33OpenLate farmconfig
012492011-03-28Other> 2 or 2.2 (not sure)1Closed - repliedThe "Basic Editing" and "Documentation" page are not available
012482011-03-22Feature 3ClosedAdd the new click-through feature
012472011-03-16Feature 3OpenNew Search Term Page variable
012462011-03-16Feature 3Closed, duplicate of PITS.00908Allow negation of link parameter in pagelist
012452011-02-25Not a bug2.2.243Closed - repliedLinks with quotes don't work correctly
012442011-02-09Bug2.222Openmodify include to work as documented
012432011-02-08Other2.2.224ClosedReally, I want an open wiki, like Wikipedia...
012422011-01-25Bug2.2.225Closed - fixed for 2.2.24latest update to 2.2.22 breaks password authentication
012412011-01-06 latest3Openadd a method=get|post param to searchbox syntax
012402011-01-06Featurelatest3Suspendedadd a newwin param to the searchbox markup
012392011-01-06Featurelatest3Closed - existsadd pages=comma-sepparated-list-of-pages param to pagelist
012382010-12-14Cookbook2.2.1944Closed - fixed for 2011-02-16Mail-PmForm cannot handle special chars when using UTF-8 encoding
012372010-12-14Feature2.2.195Open?action=crypt form should use password input instead of text input
012362010-12-14Bug2.2.184Closed - not a bug, repliedPerl variable hash keys are disappearing
012342010-11-22Feature2.2.193Open$LoginRedirectFmt would be useful
012332010-11-11Documentation, Cookbook 44OpenCleanup the Cookbook
012322010-11-10Feature2.2.1951OpenAuthUser: groups included in other groups
012312010-11-10Feature2.2.191Closed - workaroundAllow XLPage entries to have empty values
012302010-10-24BugLatest443OpenWild card characters don't work in the PmWiki search box
012292010-10-13Bug2.2.1822OpenIDN links are incorrectly encoded
012282010-10-07Buglatest1Closed - repliedPage location for Site.PageNotFound changed on XLPage, but not respected
012272010-09-27Documentation2.2.183Closed, doneChanges to "InitialSetupTasks" for timezone support
012262010-09-26Feature2.2.185DiscussionAllow Redirects even if target page does not exist
012252010-09-24Feature2.2.182OpenHTTP_HOST may not always be the proper public URL (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST)
012242010-09-20Feature2.2+4OpenEnhance page list templates to process anchors
012232010-09-14Other2.2.182ClosedExtra newline in the output cause problems
012222010-09-10Feature 5ClosedMultiple folders to store wiki page files on a single site
012212010-09-08Documentation2.2.191Closed - not brokenFAQ page broken in current tarball
012202010-09-06Bug2.25DiscussionGroup homepages not resolved correctly when group only supplied
012192010-09-05Featureany4OpenAdd markup for inline markup such as soft break, clear left, clear right, fractions
012182010-08-24Cookbook 4Closed - cookbook recipes existAdd tags to pages -- alternate method of organizing pages
012172010-08-10Bug2.2.174Closed - added for 2.2.18RecentChanges gets screwed up by edit summaries with dollar signs
012162010-08-05CoreCandidate2.22Closed - Cookbook:DynamicTrailsallow navigation buttons (like with trails) using pagelists
012152010-07-29Feature2.2.1722OpenAdd intermap prefix to link classname
012142010-07-28Documentation 5444ClosedDocument a "recommended" way to use core functions from config files
012132010-07-28CoreCandidateall4Closed - fixed for 2.2.24PageVar() should respect authentications
012122010-07-24Bug2.2.1732Closed - fixed for 2.2.20Pagelist doesn't work in template none
012112010-06-28Feature2.23ClosedSupport Group/ in pagelist name parameter
012102010-06-28Featurelatest1Closedpagelist collation
012092010-06-28Feature2,24OpenAdd more markup expressions to the core
012082010-06-22Bugtested 2.2.15, 2.2.16 and 2.2.1711Closed - fixed for 2.3.14a space in Author field links to the Profiles homepage
012072010-06-22Bug2.2.171Closed - duplicate for PITS:01141Short passwords not recognised?
012062010-06-19CoreCandidate2.2 plus4OpenProvide a way to use FmtPagename() safely on user-supplied data
012052010-06-18Cookbook2.2.162Openradio buttons and checkboxes display as inverted values in pmform
012042010-06-15Feature2.2554Openpagelist frontlinks
012032010-06-14Feature2.244OpenBacklinks to incorporate pagelists, redirect, and include
012022010-06-07CoreCandidate2.2.x3Closed - added for 2.2.17Allow extensions to authuser syntax
012012010-06-07Bug2.2.x5Closed - fixed for 2.2.20Excluding members from AuthUser groups doesn't work
012002010-05-29Feature2.2.152Closed - repliedCharset hardcoded in $HTTPHeaders
011992010-05-27Bug2.2.165Closed - fixed for 2.2.17HandleDownload can truncate files, needs to flush before exit
011982010-05-23Bug2.2.163Closed - fixed for 2.2.18small problem in action=rdf
011972010-05-23Feature2.255555444Openallow simple, secure auto-register with email confirmation
011962010-05-23Cookbook 3OpenCSVInclude: All other attached files does not work
011952010-05-20Bug2.2.64Closed - not a bugCan't add users to either SiteAdmin.AuthUser or in local/config.php
011942010-05-15Feature2.2.163OpenContains the 'action' links (like Browse, Edit, History, etc.), placed at the top of the page, see site page actions
011932010-05-11Feature2.2.6+55Open$RecentUploadsFmt should use $ChangeSummary
011922010-05-10Feature2.2.12+5Closed - added for 2.2.17DiffRenderSource should collapse adjacent inline insertions and deletions
011912010-05-10Bug2.2.x5Closed - added for 2.2.17HandleDownload should respect EnableIMSCaching
011902010-05-10Feature2.2.x3Closed - added for 2.2.17tabindex should be a valid form attribute
011892010-04-24Featurenext Openno skin should need editing config.php
011882010-04-24Bugtested 2.2.6 and 2.2.1533Closed - added for 2.2.20Preferences 'ak_textedit', 'e_rows' and 'e_cols' not defined in view mode
011872010-04-24Bugtested 2.2.6 and 2.2.152Openaccess keys 'ak_em' and 'ak_strong' don't work in Internet Explorer
011862010-04-22Bug2.2.155Closed - repliedany username accepted with admin password
011852010-04-22Cookbook2.2.02Closed{[foxdelrange button]} and {[foxdelline button]} does not work
011842010-04-16CoreCandidate2.222Closed - added for 2.2.16Allow conditional "exists" to use wildcards
011832010-04-14Cookbook2.2.01ClosedHelp with Fox / Fox Contacts
011822010-04-06Bug2.2.155Awaiting feedbackEmpty page after editing
011812010-04-05Buglatest (2.2.15)5Awaiting feedbackinconsistency between pagelist and too many custom markups
011802010-04-05CoreCandidate2.2.154Closed - added for 2.2.20Add Localization to intermap.txt
011792010-04-03Cookbook2.2.1554Closed - added 2010-09-04Configurable redirect from PmForm
011782010-03-23Bug2.2.14 Closed, duplicate with PITS:01220Group link Localization on pmwiki.org points to wrong page
011772010-03-08CoreCandidate2.2.84OpenAdd a mechanism to disable internal $acache
011762010-03-07Featuresince 2.2.75544OpenSuggesting to remove '!' as exclusion character
011752010-03-04Cookbook2.2.83Closed - fixed 2010-09-04Multi-line PmForm fields stored with "\r"
011742010-03-03Bugsince 2.2.143Closed - fixed after revertlink|+ behavior changed when adding suffix, only on PmWiki.org
011732010-02-26CoreCandidate2.2.0+5OpenAdd a configuration to disable/replace rendering of style attribute
011722010-02-22Feature2.2.14541Closed - added in 2.2.35Add "title" attribute to internal links.
011712010-02-12Other 3Closed - addedRecent notify posts for the PITS group should include Summary
011702010-02-11Documentation2.2.105Closed - documentation updated{$Name} and {$Group} do not contain name/group of actual page
011692010-02-11Bug2.2.103closed{$RequestedPage} is empty on first load of pmwiki.php
011682010-02-09Other2.2.043Closed - repliedSpecifying the width of columns
011672010-02-07Documentation2.0 and after2Closed - documentation updatedonly analyze cookbooks that are actually installed
011662010-02-05Feature2.2.0 SuspendedAbility to Search Advanced Tables by Row
011652010-01-12Bug2.2.03Closed - repliedSpaces in UNC showing %2520 rather than %20
011642010-01-10Bug2.2.84Closed - fixed for 2.2.15(:if auth xyz :) not checking against $HandleAuth but $DefaultPasswords
011632010-01-10Documentation2.2.833Closed -- documentation updated$GroupPattern issue makes PMWiki not work after upgrade
011622010-01-10Feature2.2.83Closed (Solution provided)Separate Upload URLs per Wiki
011612010-01-02CoreCandidate2.2.844Closed - documentation updatedAdd guid tag to each item of RSS feeds
011602010-01-02Bug2.2.84Closed - repliedFrames (wikistyle) show incorrectly because of use of <span> tags instead of <div>
011592009-12-31Bug2.2.83Closed - workaroundEnableNotify may generate repeated emails if not EnableDirectDownload
011582009-12-22Documentation2.2.83Closedcomplex, nested conditional markup broken
011572009-12-03CoreCandidate2.2.733Closed - added for 2.2.14Improved i18n support - Automatic translating page RecentChanges and AllRecentChanges
011562009-12-03Bug, PHP Compatibility2.2.75Closed - fixed for 2.2.8Conditional markup not working in PHP 5.3
011552009-11-29Bug2.2.7 Closed - fixed for 2.2.8Apostrophe in Author field breaks the link to the profile page
011542009-11-26Bug2.2.63Closed - fixed (cookbook)History is not recorded
011532009-11-25Bug2.2.73Closed - not a bugPageName: First letter following a dash (-) not capitalized
011522009-11-14Bug2.2.7544Closed - added for 2.2.14Display empty and undefined variables as null
011512009-10-30Cookbook2.022OpenPmCal Unable to edit dates after initial entry
011502009-10-24Bug2.2.63Closed - added for 2.2.7Uploads bugs
011492009-10-11Bug2.2.645Closed - added for 2.2.7Bugs in GlobToPCRE()
011482009-10-07Feature2.2.525Openoption to filter duplicate entries in e-mail notification
011472009-10-05Documentation2.2.64Closed - repliedremove redirecting PmWiki documentation pages from distribution
011462009-10-03Feature2.2.53Closed - fixed for 2.2.6GUI Edit forces strict validation fail
011452009-10-03Documentation2.2.52Closed - fixed for 2.2.9sample-config.php: confusing descriptions for EnableRelativePageVars, EnableWSPre
011442009-09-28Bug2.2.53Closed - works nowadding title var in PmWikiNl/RecentChanges did crash PmWiki
011432009-09-20Bug2.2.55Closedusing CondAuth in config.php allow edit rights
011422009-09-19Cookbook2.2.04Closed - replied$PageCSSListFmt does not get defaults if config.php already set any values
011412009-09-18Bug, PHP Compatibilityall54Closed - fixed for 2.2.7Reported problems with PHP 5.3.x
011402009-09-09Feature2.2.51Closed - added $EnableLinkPlusTitlespacedUse $Titlespaced for [[ |+]] markup
011392009-09-07Bug 3SuspendedPopulating $HTMLHeaderFmt from Sidebar
011382009-09-04Feature2.2.x55OpenIdentify the PageStore of a page
011372009-09-03Documentation  OpenKey PmWiki Features on the front page
011362009-09-01CoreCandidate2.2.0 beta 6552Openchange PTV use in pagelists to be more intuitive
011352009-08-30Cookbook, Documentation 53OpenCompare cookbook recipes
011342009-08-28Bug 5Closed - not a PmWiki bugCannot access site
011332009-08-25Other 1OpenLogs for Blocklist
011322009-08-04Feature2.2.x554InProgressMore flexible script & cookbook initialization
011312009-08-04Bug2.25Closed (added for 2.2.5)input markup does not accept array operator '[]' characters as part of name
011302009-08-03Bug2.2.44Closed. No bug. RepliedPagelist evaluation crash on large lists
011292009-07-29SkinUnknown1Closedsearch broken on pmwiki.org site itself.
011282009-07-29Cookbook2.2.43OpenPage title not showing up with Yaml132 skin
011272009-07-29Feature2.2.x55Closed - added for 2.2.14Add a negation parameter to pagelist first/last templates
011262009-07-24Feature 54Openability to create custom pages for ?action=attr
011252009-07-24Bug 5Closed - fixed for 2.2.6pagelist output incorrect when using if="date YYYYMMDD..YYYYMMDD {=$Name}"
011242009-07-23Bug2.2.24Closed - not a bugif false markup does not work as expected
011232009-07-23Feature2.2.4234Openpagelist of notification destinations from Email PageTextVariable
011222009-07-22Cookbook2.2.23Open{[foxdelrange button]} and {[foxdelline button]} does not work
011212009-07-21Bug2.2.23Closed - added for 2.2.14when wikitrail links with markup are converted to pagination links, markup is displayed in the pagination link itself
011202009-07-17Bug2.2.24Closed - not a bug$GroupPattern entries should be case-sensitive on unix
011192009-07-17Bug2.2.23Closed - repliedduplicate entries in wikitrails cause sections of list to be skipped
011182009-07-16Other2.2.33Closed - resolvedChanges in config file being ignored globally
011172009-07-14Documentation 3333Closed - enabledTreat PmWiki: - Cookbook: - PITS: links as internal on pmwiki.org
011162009-07-13Bug2.2.23Closed for 2.2.3XSS vulnerability in Forms
011152009-07-12Cookbook2.2.0-beta682Closed - resolvedError messages at top of wiki page to do with headers
011142009-07-12Bug2.2.23Suspended - known issueXSS vulnerability in XLPage
011132009-07-12Bug2.2.23Closed for 2.2.3XSS vulnerability in Crypt
011122009-07-11Bug2.2.241Closed, fixed for 2.2.66Notify bug when deleting pages
011112009-07-10Bug2.2.22Closed for 2.2.3XSS vulnerability in attribute-page
011102009-07-10Bug2.2.22Closed, fixed for 2.2.76Posted Multiple Select Options are lost if a password is required
011092009-07-10Bug2.2.23Closed (fixed for 2.2.3)XSS vulnerability in pagerev
011082009-07-10Bug2.2.23Closed - fixed for 2.2.3Unescaped posted keys in PmWikiAuth
011072009-07-08Cookbook2.2.23Closed - fixedChessMarkup: Usage of {$FEN} doesn't work
011062009-07-06CoreCandidate2.2.2443Closed - added for 2.2.11Separate diff rendering from history page rendering
011052009-06-30Feature2.2.2433Closed, added as Cookbook:ListResumeAdd %item value=resume% to list processing
011042009-06-29Bug2.2.255Closed, added for 2.2.3Protection of per-group attachments is done per-page instead of per-group
011032009-06-29Bug2.2.23Closed (fixed for 2.2.3)Bug in vardoc.php
011022009-06-26CoreCandidate2.2444Closed - added for 2.2.5Break FPLTemplate function into several functions to create development hooks
011012009-06-26PHP compatibility2.2.23Closed (fixed 2009-07-07 in the release scripts)passwdattr and passwdedit in files in wikilib.d folder breaks them (Server Error 500)
011002009-06-23Cookbook?3OpenFlash Addon including issue
010992009-06-08Bug2.2.0-beta685Closed (fixed for 2.2.3)Page Text Variables Code that Locks up PHP in (Presumably) Endless Loop
010982009-06-04CoreCandidateAll55555 442Closed - fixed for 2.2.9Preview page text variables and pagelist templates
010972009-05-07Cookbook2.2.12OpenTiny Web Gallery not displaying within iframe
010962009-05-01Feature2.2.0-beta66 (VersionNum=2001966)3Closed - repliedDisable all markup for PlainText Wiki
010952009-04-29Feature2.2.14444433321Closed, added for 2.3.0alternative link text in category markup
010942009-04-29Other2.23Closed - resolvedPHPScript As WikiMarkup Source
010932009-04-29Feature2.2.15OpenEnhance conditional markup to 'if attachments PAGENAME'
010922009-04-26Bug2.2.1544OpenMarkup expressions not properly parsed inside of if statements within searches
010912009-04-22Bug2.2.12Closed - duplicate of 00986Pagelist default does not handle variable in trail
010902009-04-21Bug2.2.14Closed - not a PmWiki bugCan't add password protect
010892009-04-14Bug2.2.04Closed (not a bug)Page Text Variables in GroupHeader/Footer and "Home page"
010882009-03-27Feature2.2.01Closed (added link to zip-archive)add Browse SVN option/link to PmWiki.Subversion
010872009-03-27Feature2.2.0421Closed, added for 2.2.77Extend Conditional Markup (:if attachments:) to specify file names
010862009-03-26Other2.2.01Closed - repliedHelp: Skin problems (probably CSS) with wiki farming
010852009-03-22Featureany wiki5Closed (exists as PmWiki:InterMap)___The WiKi NetWork___
010842009-03-18Featureall3OpenMarkup for (:include :) with an [edit] link on top right
010832009-03-15Feature2.2.0+551Closed - cookbook recipeAdd persistent authorization option
010822009-03-14Feature  Closed - cookbook recipeUse EditToolbar recipe as default GUIbuttons
010812009-03-11Bug2.2.01Closed (fixed for 2.2.1)Restore in Page History does not preview
010802009-03-10CoreCandidate 54OpenAdd default OpenSearch & Universal Edit Button support to PmWiki
010792009-03-01Feature2.2.12OpenRSS feeds for page histories
010782009-03-01Bug2.24Closed (resolution provided)Fields reloaded on error do not return to user entered values.
010772009-03-01Bug2.2.0-stable2Closed - not a PmWiki bugLocale gets lost after Post / Redirect()
010762009-02-25Featurelatest1Discussionoptimization for case folding and strtoupper
010752009-02-22 latest 2.2.0 Closed - repliedsome unicode characters are damaged
010732009-02-21 2.2.0 Closed (fixed for 2.2.2)GroupPrintHeaderFmt and GroupPrintFooterFmt should initialise basepage
010722009-02-20Featurelatest3ClosedSecurity: Disable Right Click
010712009-02-11Bug2.2.03Closed - fixed for 2.2.5CSS class names get repeated for every recognized WikiStyle attribute
010702009-02-09Feature2.2.01ClosedCreate an infrastructure in the core like editfunctions for transformations in the whole output generated by pmwiki
010692009-02-02CoreCandidate2.2.051Awaiting feedbackLast PTV of same name wins, it should be first
010682009-02-01Feature2.25Closed (the recipe was fixed)PITS.php that works with las pmwiki version.
010672009-02-01Bug2.2.033Suspended - discussion, votesWikiWords on included pages do not follow $EnableRelativePageLinks
010662009-01-27Feature2.2.03Closed (Added for 2.2.1)Add UTF-8 setting to sample configuration file
010652009-01-25Documentation2.2.03Closed (fixed 2009-01-25)Documentation trail misses some pages
010642009-01-22Cookbook2.2.01Closed - expected behaviour; note about this problem is added to recipe pageProblem when using "markup" and "chessboard" directives
010632009-01-20Feature 3Suspendedline break keeping page store
010622009-01-19Bug2.2.04Closed (Added for 2.2.3)action=logout incorrectly sets session cookie if no session exists
010612009-01-16Cookbook2.1.275OpenSystem no longer remembers passwords
010602009-01-08Bug2.2.0-beta684Closed$LastModifiedSummary in pagelists doesn't work
010592009-01-02Featureany3OpenAllow Drafts for actions other than Edit
010582008-11-25Bug2.2.0-beta654Closed - replied, inactivePTV defined and used on an included page do not render
010572008-11-10Bug2.1.275Awaiting feedbackSave fails (content destroyed) due to filled quota
010562008-11-07Bug2.2.0-beta685OpenLDAP Authentication doesn't work with french accented characters
010552008-11-05Feature2.2.0-beta671SuspendedSlight tweak to sample-config.php include_once lines for farm use
010542008-11-03Bug2.2.0-beta68 Closedinstall fails on IIS7
010532008-10-26Bug2.1.273Closed - answeredPagelist doesn't show words containing accentuated letters in alphabetical order
010522008-10-24Cookbook 4Closed - duplicate of 01044SectionEdit mishandles !Heading and ==== inside escaped markup ([@@])
010512008-10-09Documentation2.2.0-beta684Closed(dollar)FarmD/scripts/compat1x.php script not in latest version
010502008-10-01Documentation2.1.275ClosedPHP code to include inside of the skin .tmpl file
010492008-09-18Bug2.2.0-beta682Closed - not a bugBacklinks fail for referring pages with commas in links
010482008-09-16Feature2.2.933Opensearch in attachment (PDF, DOC ...)
010472008-09-16Feature2.2.0+5OpenEscape-block within a code block to enable (inline) markup
010462008-09-16Feature2.2.0+3Closed - cookbook existsSearch/pagelist for markups by their id and display the content of the found markup as result
010452008-09-11Featureall5OpenVandalisation protection
010442008-09-03Cookbook2.2.0-beta653OpenSectionEdit mishandles !Header and ==== inside [@@]
010422008-08-28Bug2.2.0-beta6542Closed - not a bugImplementation of $TableRowAttrFmt is inconsistent in coloring even/odd rows
010412008-08-26Bug2.2 beta272OpenIndexing only when Save and Edit is Selected
010402008-08-19Feature2.67 and up5OpenSelf-Authentication System
010392008-08-19Cookbook2.655OpenPresence Awareness and PmWiki
010382008-08-02Bug2.2-beta673Closederror when allow_url_fopen = Off
010372008-07-25Documentation2.2.0-beta671Closed - fixed for 2.2.3Variables in wrong order in the sample-config.php
010362008-07-18Cookbook2.2.0-beta663OpenWikiforms field named "Postal" overrides (submit preview)
010352008-07-17Other 1OpenGraynessSkin's CSS produces Sidebar formatting issues in IE
010342008-07-17Feature2.0 and higher5OpenCommunication Tool
010332008-07-07Cookbook2.2.0-beta653Awaiting feedbackClicking any GuiEditDateButton writes date in editor
010322008-07-04Feature2.2 beta6555441Closed, added for 2.2.76Enable processing of arrays as input values
010312008-07-03Other2.1.272OpenSkin not changing
010302008-06-24Bug2.1.27 and higher5555Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta68XSS vuln in forms.php
010292008-06-10Cookbook2.1.271Closedsitemapper.php uses deprecated call-time pass-by-reference
010282008-06-06Feature2.2.0-beta652OpenPmWiki.GroupHeader should not define background color inline
010272008-05-25Bug2.1.274Awaiting feedbackAuthUser reports "InvalidLogin" on successful login
010262008-05-19Bug2.1.272Closed - not a bugSite.AuthUser does not work, SiteAdmin.AuthUser does in 2.1.27
010252008-05-13CoreCandidate2.25OpenPermission system enhancement - inheritable passwords
010242008-05-13CoreCandidate2.33Closed (Cookbook.Sisterly)Addition of embedded wiki "Volume" concept
010232008-04-19CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta6543332XOpenInclude PTVs and values and PVs and values in pageindex
010222008-04-19Feature2.2.0-beta652OpenProvide better timeout info for recipes & PageIndexUpdate()
010212008-04-17BugAny OpenTemporary files with ,new extension no longer accepted by PHP 4.4.8
010202008-04-16Cookbook2.2 beta4Openusing Mailhide free spam protection from http://recaptcha.net
010192008-04-16Cookbook2.1b2553ClosedStore the position of scrollbar of textarea when preview
010172008-04-06Bug2.1.273Closed - repliedCGI Error - skin
010162008-03-27Other 5Open?action=edit not working:
010152008-03-27Buglatest3Closed - not a bugnumbering problem in edit mode
010142008-03-26Other2.1.273OpenSave or Save and Edit buttons don't save changes in Sandbox
010132008-03-21 current2Closed - blocklist2 is obsolete now as a recipeweb instruction error blocklist2.php
010122008-03-20Feature2.1.272Openrefcount shows only English text. Could it be localized?
010112008-03-03Bug2.2.0beta61 (2001961)3OpenGET variables lost when redirecting invalid page names
010092008-02-18Featurecurrent1OpenJmol java applet for displaying three-dimensional chemical structures
010082008-02-13Documentationall5Closed - updatedConditionalMarkup, IncludeOtherPages, PageTextVariables
010072008-02-02Feature2.23Closed, added for 2.2.55Draft edits to be combined to one atomic edit
010062008-01-31Bug2.2.0-beta6554Closed (not a bug)problem with guiedit buttons (PITS 00580?): wrong url for guiedit.js
010052008-01-31Bug2.2.0-beta653Closed - answeredPublish button disabled if Drafts and PageTextVar() is used
010042008-01-28Bug2.2.0-beta652Open$DefaultGroup can nolonger contain spaces
010032008-01-21Bug2.2.0-654OpenRecipe, farm mode and local config.php
010022008-01-13Bug2.2.0-beta654OpenUgly output from PmWiki's PHPDiff cf. GNU diff
010012008-01-09Bug2.2.0-beta6544Closed (Not a bug)Problem with group css in Farm mode
010002008-01-05Bug2.2.0-beta654Closed?action=crypt fails with CleanUrls enabled
009992007-12-21Bug2.2.354SuspendedSetting $EnableUploadVersions=1 causes errors
009982007-12-17CoreCandidate 555554Closed - exists and fixed for 2.2.3Let page passwords be references
009972007-12-11Feature2.1.273OpenUpdated pages not shown in feeds
009962007-11-28Cookbook 1OpenRequest: Embedded "News" Scroller
009952007-11-27Bug2.1.2751Awaiting feedbackAmpersands in links create wrong pages
009942007-11-21 2.2.0-beta6554Closed (3 Cookbook recipes)page edits are LOST when 'Attach' is selected
009932007-11-09Feature2.21OpenAllow easy embedding of wiki into normal pages
009922007-11-06Featureall3OpenHTML filtering and purification/correction with htmLawed
009912007-10-27Bugall3Openw3c conformity
009902007-10-11Bug2.2.0-beta623OpenLinking to non existent pages with the SomePage? syntax not consistent
009892007-10-07Bug2.2.0-beta63 Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta65Default skin is invalid XHTML (no 'xmlns' attribute)
009882007-10-06Bug2.2.0-beta634Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta64Ampersand escapes are broken.
009872007-10-06 2.2.0-beta631Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta64XLPage adds redundant tags to $XLLangs
009862007-10-05Feature2.2.0-beta63543DiscussionPageVariables substitution in pagelist's (:template defaults:)
009852007-10-03Feature2.2.0-beta6331OpenSame group link formatting
009842007-10-01Feature2.1 and 2.24Closed, added in for 2.2.0 stablepagelist directive incompatible with PublishPDF library
009832007-10-01Bug2.2 beta3Suspendedfix "include" syntax for feed actions in default-config.php
009822007-09-30Bug2.2.0-beta633Opensearching for newwin finds every page where you use newwin
009812007-09-30Bug2.2.0-beta633Closed, not a problemnewwin makes every link in the text open in a new window
009802007-09-28Bug2.2.0-beta634Closed (fixed for 2.2.2)$HTMLHeaderFmt['utf-8'] declared but not 'global'-ed in xlpage-utf-8.php
009792007-09-25Feature2.1.273OpenCannot configure a proxy server
009782007-09-20Bug2.2.0-beta633Closed, fixed for 2.2.44Charset bug in page text variables.
009772007-09-19Bug2.2.0-beta623OpenWeb Feeds bug when $RecentChangesFmt changed
009762007-09-14Bug2.1.2754Closed - fixed for 2.2.6Notify doesn't work if safe_mode is enabled
009752007-09-11Bug2.2 beta5Closed - not a bug(:if date:) inconsistent with page variables
009742007-09-10Bug2.1.27555Closed, enabled in 2.3.0Category link in non-English text
009732007-09-09Cookbook2.1.263ClosedPhonebook using Active Directory
009722007-09-08Feature 43Suspended - implement as cookbookPage text variable linking for Category (or other Groups)
009712007-09-06Other2.2.0 beta 635Closed - inactive, repliedconfig.php entries triggers http error 500 when using Vista
009702007-09-02Feature2.2.0-beta635555OpenTable Formatting: THEAD, TBODY, TFOOT
009692007-08-29Bug2.1.274OpenEnableGuiButtons causes editor to crash
009682007-08-26Other2.1.274ClosedCan't install: 500 internal server error
009672007-08-23Bug2.2.0-beta632OpenUploadQuickReference page cannot be modified by css
009662007-08-11Feature2.2.0 beta544Closed (Cookbook.FastCache)Aggressive static page cache with mod_rewrite
009652007-08-09Bug2.2.0-beta6352OpenClean URLs & Apache MultiViews/Alias issue
009642007-08-09Bug<= 2.2.0-beta631Closed : not a bugExtraneous $seen in pmwiki.php, line 1667
009622007-08-06Bug2.2.0beta5Closed, not a bugMake >><< behave identically with other block formatting when style= is used
009612007-08-04Bugupgrade from 2.1 to 2.25OpenIssue with nopass / @nopass when upgrading pmwiki
009602007-08-03Documentation2.2.0555Closed (PmWiki.Drafts updated)list=normal pagelist parameter displays RecentDraftChanges pages
009592007-08-03Bug2.2.0-beta633Opencannot apply text-decoration to links
009582007-08-02Bug2.2b635Closed (fixed in 2.2.x stable)Nothing on SiteAdmin/SiteAdmin page
009572007-07-29Documentation2.2.15Closed - added in 2.2.3Pages to be added and updated in 2.2 release distribution
009562007-07-26Other 4OpenAttach:Cookbook/mimetex.php is broken
009552007-07-20Feature2.2544441 Automatic anchors for document sections
009542007-07-20Bug2.2.0-beta615Closed - Added in 2.2.0-beta63Ubuntu Linux doesn't show monospaced font in textareas
009532007-07-19Feature2.2444OpenWikiWizard Editing, Attach markup
009522007-07-18Featurelatest5Closed - duplicate of #00847Control Center
009512007-07-17Feature2.2.0 beta 5855Closed, added for 2.2.88{$SiteAdminGroup} page variable not created
009502007-07-14Bug2.1.273OpenFile uploads fail with filenames containing special characters (umlauts)
009492007-07-14Cookbook2.0+3ClosedAdded new recipe for subscription form
009482007-07-08Feature2.2.0b5x3OpenReposition cursor within edit area after "Save and edit"
009472007-07-05Feature2.1.271Openhide comments from action=source
009462007-07-01Documentation2.2.0-beta5744Closed (Answered)CondAuth() enables publish authorization level?
009452007-07-01Feature  OpenIntegration of Open Flash Chart
009442007-06-27Bug2.2.0 beta574Openline 859 in pmwiki.php sometime causes Fatal error
009432007-06-25Feature 5554Openallow logical NOT and AND for pagelists link attribute, allow wildcards
009422007-06-18CoreCandidate2.1.x43243OpenRefactor code for Easier Unit Testing
009412007-06-16Bug2.1.274Openauthuser.php fails on line 82 if no auth methods are defined
009402007-06-13BugPmwiki 2.2 b554OpenLocalization issue in function Abort
009392007-06-12BugPmwiki 2.2 b555Closed - repliedIssue with Notify.php
009382007-06-08Not a bug2.2beta543ClosedUpload passwords no longer indicated by GroupAttributes?action=attr
009372007-06-02Documentation2.2.0-beta541Closed - repliedHow can I customize (:upload:) or ( :searchbox: ) "page"...
009362007-06-02Bug2.2.0-beta541ClosedUnable to include UploadQuickReference for current language...
009352007-06-02Bug2.2.0 beta4Closed - fixed?RetrieveAuthSection() issue when section is at the beginning of a page
009342007-05-31Featureall5Openremove awkward file extensions
009332007-05-27Documentation2.2.b52NAClosedAuthentification lost when validating attributes action attr
009322007-05-26FeatureEvery5553OpenMake UTF8 the default encoding
009312007-05-25Feature2.1.273Opensection edit does not work in ie6
009302007-05-25Bug2.2.45-51beta3Openunmatched parentheses - pmwiki.php on line 1449
009292007-05-24Feature2.1.271OpenSearch function abused by spammers
009282007-05-23Cookbook2.1.275ClosedExportDoc skin problem
009272007-05-22Other2.0.0 or above5OpenMultilanguage functionality with two languages
009262007-05-21BugBeta 474OpenNotify Script Bugs
009252007-05-20FeatureAll3Closed - works nowAuthor names with non-cap parts don't display properly
009242007-05-20Bug2.2.0beta424Openpmwiki doesn't work with php 'user' session.save_handler
009232007-05-15Feature2.1.262Closed - repliedfont color inside blocks
009222007-05-07Bug2.1.27,2.2.0-beta452OpenWhen $ScriptUrl='/wiki/' - bug in WikiLinks delimited with slash (only with Czech diacritcs)
009212007-05-06BugPmwiki 2.2 b454ClosedMissing lines in Site/Site page
009202007-05-06BugPmwiki 2.1 latest stable ClosedBug with $DefaultGroup / $DefaultName in pmwiki21
009192007-05-06FeatureAll55555 55544Closed (Added to core for 2.2.1)Add a quiet option in redirect markup
009182007-05-05FeatureNA5Openplease provide i18n in targz format
009172007-05-02Feature2.2 beta5OpenPage lists? to be able to create wiki trails?
009162007-04-26Feature2.2.0 beta5OpenSupport honeypot block list
009152007-04-23BugCurrent5Closed in 2.2.0 beta 56Page text variable erroneous usage loops
009142007-04-13Bug2.1.265Closed - already fixed in 2.1.27errors suddenly popping up for (seemingly) no reason
009132007-04-10Bug2.1.274OpenProblems with search and pagelist together with german language pack
009122007-04-10Feature2.1.273OpenStore the history of a deleted WikiPage
009112007-04-06Bug2.2.0-beta214Closed - inactiveCategory not listing all pages tagged
009102007-03-31Bug2.1.273ClosedUploaded file permissions problems
009092007-03-30Feature 544OpenDisallow null changes.
009082007-03-28Feature 555554444Closed, added for 2.3.0Enhance the link parameter of page list (multiple and exclusions)
009072007-03-24CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta40 (not relivent)3OpenRequest: Add link shortcut markup to core for $Titlespaced and $Description.
009062007-03-24Bug2.2.0-beta395Closed - fixed in 2.2.0-beta40pagelist's #titlespaced broken; {=$Titlespaced} not being called/processed
009052007-03-23Bug2.1.273Open$AuthorPage does not fit PageExists() format
009042007-03-21Feature2.2.0-beta4OpenAttachment vs local customization
009032007-03-20Bug2.2.0-beta3755Closed (Server Locale bug, solution provided in the page).intermittent broken links with umlauts
009022007-03-13Bug2.2.0-beta29 and newer53Closed - duplicate of PITS.00901pagelist and searchbox wont work anymore
009012007-03-13Bug2.2.0-beta29 and newer5553Closed - not a PmWiki bugpagelist and searchbox wont work anymore
009002007-03-13Feature2.2.0-beta35 (2001935)3OpenCurrent method of setting default FPLTemplatePageFmt in FPLTemplate is not compatible with CookBook Extensions appending to this array.
008992007-03-12Bug2.2.0 b354Closed (Answered)Searchbox vs nice URLs issue
008982007-03-08Bug  ClosedTime Zone
008972007-03-02Change request2.2.0.beta31432Closed - replied(:searchresults options:) bug
008962007-03-01Feature2.1.2731OpenMake StopWatch more informative and more flexible
008952007-02-28Feature2.2.0 beta55Closed, added in 2.2.0-beta61Allow multiple wiki trails on a page with anchors
008942007-02-26FeatureAll4OpenProvide a better means of attaching images with spaces in their names
008932007-02-26Cookbook2.2.0-beta313OpenTrackback feature
008922007-02-25Cookbook 4OpenAdd a cookbook for svn as version control system for pmwiki
008912007-02-22Bug2.2.0-beta143Closed - not a bug"Order=size" not working
008902007-02-21FeatureCurrent2OpenDynamically create a page by specially marked page sections
008892007-02-18Bug 555Closed - tested and works finelogin inside frame
008882007-02-15Cookbook 3Closed (Files were re-uploaded.)The Excel table paste zip file seems to be empty.
008872007-02-14CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta313Awaiting feedbackAbility to nest WikiStyle blocks.
008862007-02-14Feature2.243OpenAdd password without disabling existing access
008852007-02-12Feature2.2.0 beta4OpenDefinition list marked up as Intermap Entry
008842007-02-12Feature2.2.0 beta2OpenMake pagelist parameter names not case sensitive
008832007-02-11Feature2.2.03OpenAdd directive to add LINK tag for live RSS feed
008822007-02-11Feature 3OpenAuto check for new version
008812007-02-09Bug2.1.174Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta29UTF-8 Link misfunction with mbstring
008802007-02-07Feature2.0 beta4Closed, issues resolvedPage text variables change request
008792007-02-06Bug2.1.273OpenSection Edit doesn't work with headers (sometimes)
008782007-02-06Bug2.2.0-beta2755Closed - fixed in 2.2.0-beta33Pagelist filter on negative page variable value problem
008772007-02-05Feature2,22Openallow guiedit buttons to work with other fields besides 'text'
008752007-02-04CoreCandidateany51Closed - included in 2.2.0-beta32AsSpaced function in UTF-8, RequestedPage variable fixes
008742007-02-02Cookbook21OpenVisualize PBN bridgenotation
008732007-02-01Bug2.1.27 2.2.0-beta273OpenRestore not possible if draft exists
008722007-01-23Cookbook 555Openallow php scripts inside wiki
008712007-01-23Cookbooklatest55ClosedImplement opensearch
008702007-01-22Feature24Opennotification mechanism should take page permissions into account
008692007-01-22Bug2.2.0-beta214Closed - not a bugpodcasting are broken
008682007-01-19Feature2.2.0-beta231OpenPossible BUG in PageIndexGrep();
008672007-01-16Feature 443OpenNew notify option to exclude notification of selected author's posts
008662007-01-16Bug2.0 beta 225Closed - not a bugBlocklist displays error
008652007-01-16Feature 3Closed - not a bugswitch from Beautifier
008642007-01-14Cookbook2.2.0 beta 163OpenMade *actual* renamer function to rename wiki pages
008632007-01-14CoreCandidate2.2.0 beta 163OpenIssue with pageindex not removing files that don't exist
008622007-01-11CoreCandidate2.24Openallow deletion from other $WikiLibDirs besides $WikiDir
008612007-01-10Feature2.1.275Closed - Solution in PageListsGroup.SideBar not excluded from Searchpattern "normal" list
008602007-01-10Feature2.0 beta3Closed - added for 2.2.68Add min and max width and height, clear; to table, div, block, and style directives
008592007-01-08Bug2.1.273Open(:if auth admin :) seems to evaluate to true always
008582007-01-06Bug2.1.2655Closed : fixed in 2.2.0-beta55Broken wiki link for href with UTF-8 characters
008572007-01-06Bug2.1.273Closed - repliednon english characters are shown incorrectly in the trail
008562007-01-05Cookbook2.1.271Closed - repliedSpace not made for ending float images
008552007-01-05Bug2.2.0-beta19-2754Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta36Nested variables do not work inside directives.
008542007-01-03Feature2.23355Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta20Return 404 page for invalid page names
008532007-01-02BugTrunk (11/01/2007)4Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta21Patch for PHP Notice errors while running error_reporting(E_ALL)
008522007-01-02Bug2006/121Closed - repliedPage Custom : "Cannot modify header information"
008512006-12-27BugLatest1Closed - repliedProblem with international characters and new pages
008502006-12-26Feature2.2.05Closed, in 2.2.0-beta28Blocklist to optionally check Author and Summary fields, and to optionally display blocklist name
008492006-12-25Cookbook2.2.0-beta163Closed - not a bugPreview action only reloads page
008482006-12-25Feature 5OpenEasy anti-SPAM global solution page
008472006-12-24Feature2.x55Suspended - see textAdministration Pages
008462006-12-21Buglatest (2.2.0-beta17) and earlier4Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta21Nonconverted <vspace> on search results page
008452006-12-15Bug2.2.0.beta4Awaiting feedback$PagePathFmt no longer works in SideBar
008442006-12-13FeatureLatest4OpenWorking for some wordpress intergration
008432006-12-11Feature2.1.262Closed - already existsForms - not name attribute
008422006-12-07Bug2.2.0-beta16 Awaiting feedbackAuthUser['ldap'] config directive no worky
008412006-11-30Feature2.0.124Closed - existsSupport nested non-inline styles
008402006-11-30CoreCandidate 53ClosedIcons for uploaded files (excluding image types)
008392006-11-26Other2.1.264Closed - likely recipe bug?action=attr is not protecting my pages and I am still getting spam.
008382006-11-25Bug2.1.26 2.2.0-beta16.5Closed - not a bugThe link tag, [[ ]], problem.
008372006-11-25Bug2.2.0-beta16555Closed - fix documented in WikiFarmsAuthuser login in gives access to all wikis on a farm
008362006-11-23Bug2.?55544443Closed for 2.2.3@_site_edit not handled in GroupAttributes?action=attr pages
008352006-11-22Bug2.1.11 Closed - duplicate of 01110 (fixed for 2.2.76).AuthForm doesn't handle arrays in _POST properly
008342006-11-21Bug2.1.263Closed - inactiveBlank page when clicking Edit link on any page
008332006-11-18Feature 2Closed (added to core as an option)Support Wiki Creole
008322006-11-13Bug2.1.264Closed - fixed in 2.1.27Division by zero error
008312006-11-13Bug2.2.0 15 Beta2Closed - not a bugtitle? wrong view
008302006-11-09Buglatest stable4Closed - fixed in 2.1.27Message "Warning: division by zero" when using tables
008292006-11-09Bug2.1.26 OpenReduce diff related spam in history log
008282006-11-05Feature 5553OpenAddress book
008272006-11-03Bug2.2.0-beta155Open$EnableRelativePageVars & Links does not apply to attached file
008262006-11-02Othertill 2.2.0/beta51Closed - already correctTranslation
008252006-10-29Bug2.1.16, 2.2.0-beta155Closed - duplicate of PITS.00657$LinkAlt is not set in LinkPage()
008242006-10-27Feature2.1.262OpenCustomizable group for MakePageName()
008232006-10-26Bug2.2.0-beta153Awaiting feedbackChanges appear in RecentChanges but not in AllRecentChanges
008222006-10-25Comment2.2.0-beta155ClosedApache mod_security implies pmwiki XSS attack vulnerability
008212006-10-23Bug2.2.0-beta153OpenHTML entities don't work in preformatted blocks
008202006-10-21Bug2.1.263Closed - not a bugUnintuitive apply=block behavior
008192006-10-21Documentation2.1.264Closed - updatedDocumentation links break if $MakePageNamePatterns is changed
008182006-10-20Bug2.1.221ClosedHeading Display error on Explorer
008172006-10-20Bug2.2.0 b155Closed - inactiveintermitant inability to edit any page - edit window does not show
008162006-10-18Bug2.2.0.beta194Openwikistyles can't add rel='whatever' when rel is already set
008152006-10-16Feature2.1.263Closed - declined as insecureugrade procedure for slow ftp
008142006-10-13Bug2.2.0-beta143Closed - not a bugConditional fails when encountering !! Header
008132006-10-13Other21251Closed - added for 2.2.5Archive .7z as a default archive within the upload.php
008122006-10-05Bug2.1.261OpenNot defined font color.
008112006-10-05Bug2.2.0 beta 133Closed[(approve links) edit diff]
008092006-10-02Cookbook2.25OpenNewsletter management
008082006-09-30CoreCandidate2.2.x55Closed - now available on pmwiki.orgRequest for a RoadMap page
008072006-09-28Feature 3OpenAllow HTML in RSS feed
008062006-09-22Feature2.1.263OpenBlanks in links
008052006-09-18Feature2.1.264Closed - existsSearch: allow button text to be specified
008032006-09-16Bug2.1.262Awaiting FeedbackSearchBox function lacks XHTML 1.0 strict (XHTML 1.1) compatibility. Fix inside!
008022006-09-14Bug2.1.26554Closed - fixed for 2.2.5Bad headers sent when using cache with If-Modified-Since enabled
008012006-09-08PHP Compatibility2.1.251Closed - fixed for 2.2.0-beta18Got some warnings when using error_reporting(E_ALL)
008002006-09-08Bug2.1.2455Closed - fixed in 2.1.25Problems with authuser and 2.1.24
007992006-09-04Bug2.1.175Closed - too difficult for benefit obtainedOdd behaviour of markup
007982006-09-02Feature2.1.145Closed - already availableEnable underscore (_) in page names for sub-page emulation
007972006-08-30Documentation2.1.182Closed - xlpage-utf-8.php should be included earlier in config.php.UTF-8 links may break after 2.1.18 upgrade
007962006-08-30Featureany5443Closed - added for 2.2.11create links to individual changes on history page
007952006-08-28Feature2.1.143Closed - existsversion history of attachments
007942006-08-25Feature24Openautomatic tabindexing of form elements
007932006-08-24Feature23Open"repeat" markup for loops
007922006-08-24Feature2.1.1455444 433Closed (exists with the escape markup)Add ability to pre-fill "textarea" input control with a value
007912006-08-23BugUpgrading 1 to 24OpenThings that don't go smoothly when upgrading
007902006-08-23Feature25OpenAntiVandalism: Ability to reverse all changes to site by a given author, or since a given date
007892006-08-22Bug2.1.145Closed - Cookbook error(:title :) tag not converted to title parameter at save
007882006-08-21Bug2.1.12-144OpenProblem with $DefaultGroup and $DefaultPage
007872006-08-21Feature2.1.145Closed, in 2.2.0-beta32(:else:) extension of Conditional Markup
007862006-08-18Bug2.1.131Closed - fixed in 2.1.14Bug in authuser.php about LDAP
007852006-08-14Feature2.1.1155555 5433InProgressNotify also when uploads take place
007842006-08-13Feature2.1.111Closed - thanks!OpenID Auth Support
007832006-08-12Bug2.1.123Closed - not a bugBad HTML generation of <p class='vspace'> tags, causing paragraphs misalignments with some skins (notsosimple)
007822006-08-11Bug2.1.11 Closed - inactivewarning function.session_write_close()
007812006-08-09CoreCandidate2.1.124ClosedAdd WordPerfect document to list of allowed extensions
007802006-07-31Cookbook22Openscreenplay formater
007792006-07-28Feature2.1.1155544Closed - added $EnablePageTitlePriority for 2.2.9(:title:) directives should not have effect in (:include:) included pages
007782006-07-25CookbookCurrent553Closed (Cookbook.FastCache)Parsed HTML pages saved in uploads folder
007772006-07-24Cookbook2.1.114Closed - workaroundSaved view differs from Preview view
007762006-07-23Bug2.1 OpenBlank Pages When Using Cookbook
007752006-07-11Other2.1.55Closed - likely cookbook bugLogin -> 500 Internal Server Error
007742006-07-06Feature 4432Closed, existsPagelist format not found behavior
007732006-07-05Feature2.1.93OpenEscape sequence wygwnsy ("what you get will not surprise you")
007722006-07-05Feature2.1.755444 4OpenGroup.NotifyList (to work like Site.NotifyList) and per-page notifications
007712006-07-05Feature2.1.744Awaiting comments$UploadSuffixFmt (to work like $UploadPrefixFmt)
007702006-07-04Bug2.1.113OpenTwo logons required
007692006-07-04Other2.1.113ClosedCan't Change Skin
007682006-07-03Bug2.1.73Closed - not a bugResetting i18nized wiki to English does not work any more
007672006-07-01Feature 555Closed - added in 2.1.16New footer variable in template
007662006-06-30Bug2.1.114OpenNotify script failed under Windows Server 2003 (IIS 5.0) because of behavior of register_shutdown_function()...
007652006-06-29Feature 544431Closed - add to cookbookConvert triple dash to HTML mdash entity
007642006-06-29FeatureAny55555555Closed - available in cookbookGet rid of Main group (replace it with /)
007632006-06-25Bug2.1.113Closed (fixed in 2.2.1)GUI buttons produce invalid XHTML
007622006-06-21Bug2.1.113Closed - Not a bugURLs all look like localhost/php/php.exe?n=
007612006-06-20Otherall1OpenRead to use edition with many working extensions/addons for nonadmins
007602006-06-19CoreCandidate2.0.11542Closed - declinedadd Cookbook.MultiLanguage
007592006-06-19Cookbook 5ClosedDaily Message
007582006-06-14Feature 3Opensearching predefined sections of pages
007572006-06-13Feature2.1.93OpenEscape sequence for block quotes (non-preformatted)
007562006-06-13Cookbook2.1.54ClosedWikiForms setup for dummies
007552006-06-12Cookbook 33Closed - fixed in 2.2.0-beta43Preventing vandalism using $EnableDrafts and Site.Edit
007542006-06-12Bug2.1.52Closed - inactiveAttach:image.jpg wont refresh
007532006-06-07Bug2.1.104Closed - fixed for 2.1.11wikistyle defines generate paragraphs
007522006-06-05Bug2.1.104Awaiting feedbackAuthUser wont allow login even with correct password unless i've loaded Site.AuthUser
007512006-06-03Bug>= 2.1.73Closed - fixed for 2.1.10Restore vspace in default sidebar layout
007502006-06-02Feature2.1.x5Closed - added for 2.1.10RecentChanges link in default skin gets a <span>
007492006-06-02Bug2.1.4 - 2.1.94Closed - fixed in 2.1.10$Action skin template values have disappeared.
007482006-06-02Feature2.1.95553ClosedMerge AuthUser with UserAuth?
007472006-05-30Featureall55542OpenMore Uploaddetails
007462006-05-27Bug2.1.64Closed - declinedLink markup broken in 2.1.6
007452006-05-26Featureall44444 33 2Closed - cookbook recipeconditional markup: ´if time´
007442006-05-26Bug 3Closed in 2.2.0-beta18Creating new wiki installations per instructions fail for https://
007432006-05-21CookbookVersion 2.1.4, 2.1.5 (2006-03-29)4OpenSectionEdit and simultaneous edit incompatibility
007422006-05-21Feature2.144DiscussionUncapitalize links
007412006-05-19Featureany4Closed - use %-escapesEscape characters in URLs
007402006-05-19Feature 43Closed - available in 2.2.0-beta13Allow "tagging" of pages
007392006-05-18Bug2.1.54Closed - fixed for 2.1.7Authentication failure results in PHP error message in addition to auth fail message.
007382006-05-15Feature2.x33DiscussionAJAX in PmWiki
007372006-05-15Bug2.1.55Closed - cookbook recipeauthuser + mySQL = no work
007362006-05-06Bug2.1.5453Closed - fixed in 2.1.7Incorrect group home page links in pagelists
007352006-05-06Bug2.1.54Awaiting feedbackSpaces get inserted before national characters in page title
007342006-05-01Bug2.1.beta74Awaiting feedbackPHP Error since Update to PHP 5.1.2
007332006-05-01Cookbook 54Opensectionedit.php gives PHP warnings
007322006-04-29Bug2.1.51Closed - not a bug'Mailing Lists' link in standard sidebar is incorrect
007312006-04-27Cookbookwikiforms 1.454Openwikilist does not show field data joined by \\
007302006-04-27Bug2.1.24Closed - not a bugTitle info missing in file
007292006-04-26Bug2.1.53Closed - not a bugAccents are suppressed in PageNames vs i18n package
007282006-04-26Feature2.1.544Closed - existsPagelist exclude pages from trail
007272006-04-26Bug2.1.18 (latest)555Closed - not reproducibleUnable to save large pages in latest pmwiki.
007262006-04-25Cookbookn/a4ClosedCoding error in wikiform.php version 1.45
007252006-04-25Feature2.1 Closed - already existsUrlApproval request for additional options
007242006-04-22Feature 55 XXClosed - declinedChange type='text' to type='password' in ?action=attr
007232006-04-20Bug2.1.beta323Closed - fixed for 2.1.7-- in Page name causes endless Redirect Loop
007222006-04-19Bug2.1.542Closed - exists by designWhitespace indentation rule behavior
007212006-04-18Cookbooknewest2Closed (Cookbook recipe)Inegration with Gallery2 - picture gallery software
007202006-04-18Featureevery3Closed - already existsshow the version number of the wiki engine
007192006-04-13Feature2.1.52Closed - existsAdd (:input image:) markup for image buttons
007182006-04-06Cookbook 3Closed - answeredFourOhFourCache
007172006-04-05Featureall433OpenCreation of a visual map of links
007162006-04-03Feature 2Closedplease reveal the maximum upload file size
007152006-03-28Bug1.0.135Closedpmwiki broken after being spammed
007142006-03-27Feature2.1.3 (or greater)55555 55543 3332OpenHistory Merge (remove a restore point from an ?action-diff page)
007132006-03-26Bug2.1.3 (all versions since 2.1.beta27)555Closed - fixed for 2.1.4bug using category subjects in search terms
007122006-03-23Cookbook2.13OpenApparent bug in WikiCalendar
007112006-03-23Bug2.1.33OpenAuthe names with a full stop in are interpreted incorrectly in a profile link
007102006-03-22Cookbook2.122Closed (fixed by BenWilson)CountGlyhs recipe not working in 2.1
007092006-03-20Bug2.1.355Closed - fixed for 2.1.4Group feeds broken by 2.1.2
007082006-03-20Bug2.1.34Closed - now fixed in 2.1.16Missing $FarmPubD variable leads to "Unable to find skin" error.
007072006-03-20Feature25Closed - available in 2.2.0-beta1Add conditional markup to detect if text is included
007062006-03-17Feature2.1.31Closed - answeredCannot cancel Draft Mode for pages
007052006-03-17Feature2.1.1353Awaiting votesPublishing of drafts - permissions issues
007042006-03-16Bug2.1.13OpenPreview behaves as Save in Simple Skin
007032006-03-16Bug2.1.14Closed - workaround from 2.2.6(:markup:) doesn't wraps utf-8 text correctly
007022006-03-14Bug2.1.03Closed - fixed for 2.1.2tag mismatch
007012006-03-14Documentation2.1.beta265Closed - fixed in 2.1.0Wiki Farms - Completely Besozzled By them
007002006-03-13Feature2.1.03OpenWould like to be able to create a searchable database.
006992006-03-13Bug2.1.03Closed - fixed for 2.1.1AuthUser should enable authorization of multiple groups to access a page
006982006-03-12Feature 2Closed (Cookbook recipe)Freemind support in PmWiki ?
006972006-03-11Bug2.1.23Closed - not a bugStrange compound conditional behavior
006962006-03-11Feature2.13Closed - added action page variable in 2.1.4"action" conditonal
006952006-03-09Feature2.1.beta373Closed - fixedsubmit button in page attributes form needs i18n
006942006-03-09Feature2.1-beta3Closed - declineduse page in wikilib.d instead of wiki.d if newer
006932006-03-07Bug2.15Suspendedissue with $HandleAuth['xxxx'] ='admin'
006922006-03-07Documentation2.13ClosedHow to change HandleAction login
006912006-03-07Bug2.0.133Closedwiki.d becomes write protected about once every day (night)
006902006-03-07Feature2.1 b365Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta38Various corrections
006892006-03-07Feature 55555 54332 5Closed (use count=10..20)a skip argument for pagelist directives
006882006-03-06Feature2.0.135OpenForcing a Editing Format on Specific Pages
006872006-03-05Bug2.1.beta15-345Closed - not a bugable to upload files with blocked extension
006862006-03-04Bug2.1 b334Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta39Print template (print.tmpl) bugs
006852006-03-03CoreCandidate2.1 beta333Closed - added to 2.1.beta36create 'exists' condition
006842006-03-03Bug2.1 b334Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta39Print skin ignores translated prompts
006832006-03-03Bug2.1-b335Closed - not a bugPreview,Save and the rest buttons don't work with pmwiki 2.1-b33 and PHP 5.1.2 (Win)
006822006-03-03Bug2.1 b3354Closed: added in PmWiki 2.2.x beta versions.Search results when using UTF-8 and no-Latin characters
006812006-03-02Feature2.1.beta30554Closed - already existsAllow padding and borders on images, again
006802006-03-02Other2.1beta201ClosedTranslation error (NL)
006792006-03-02Bug2.0.103ClosedLinks containing other urls are misinterpreted
006782006-02-28Bug2.1b323Closed - not a bugsmall html output bug
006772006-02-28Bug2.1 b324Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta39Missing i18n entries in pmwiki.php
006762006-02-27Feature 2-5Closed - supercededOnly include a page once in MailPost
006752006-02-22Feature2.1beta27 Awaiting feedbackskin sections
006742006-02-21Feature2.0.132Closed - added for 2.1.beta33Redirect on Save (or Cancel) Form
006732006-02-21Bug2beta264Closed - not a bugPmWiki changes a character with a macron to a character with a circumflex on save
006722006-02-20Feature2532OpenDisplay a (new) on links to pages recently modified
006712006-02-20Bug2.1.beta251Closed - fixed for 2.1.9Backlink Bug with [~Author] markup.
006702006-02-12Bug2.1.beta23/24/255Closed - not a bugAttach:Group/Page/image.ext broken in Site group
006692006-02-12Bug2.1.beta255Closed - not a bug (no response)Index.php gives error
006682006-02-11Bug2.1beta Closed - fixedsetting $EnableStdWikiStyles to 0 disables ALL wikistyles
006672006-02-11Bug2.0.134Closed - duplicateCGI Error
006662006-02-11Bug2.0.134Closed - insufficient information to diagnoseCGI Error
006652006-02-11Feature2.1.beta245555554 3OpenAllow customization of attachlist output
006642006-02-09Feature2.1.beta254OpenPage link engine tweak for query strings
006632006-02-08Feature2.1.beta252Closed - see other pageGroups of Groups
006622006-02-08Bug2.0.134Closed - insufficient informationUpload Fails on Windows with Apache due to Double Authentication
006612006-02-07Bug2.1.beta23 ClosedAuthor Tracking Broken
006602006-02-07Bug2.0.13 Closedaction=login broken
006592006-02-06Feature2.1.beta223Openenhanced Attach button
006582006-02-01Bug2.1 beta2225OpenExtra <dt> tag in searchresults output
006572006-02-01Feature2.1.beta2155555 55555 44442 2Closed - added for 2.2.14Add "title" attribute to external links.
006562006-01-31Feature 533Openembed media files in page
006552006-01-30Featurelatest3Closedexclude more than one group from pagelist
006542006-01-28Feature2.1.beta213OpenAdd [servername] after external links
006532006-01-28Bug2.1.beta215Closed - duplicate of 00693Unable to protect Actions diag, ruleset and phpinfo
006522006-01-27Feature2.1 beta 20555444 3333closedAdd capability to display error message when an include fails
006512006-01-27Feature 2Closed, supported by coreNew directive for making the wiki page be displayed without any "extras"
006502006-01-24Feature 3OpenPagelist tweak to find all pages containing wiki words pointing to existing pages
006492006-01-24Feature 2ClosedLetting the 'trail link' link back to the corresponding entry in the trail list
006482006-01-23Bug2.1.beta204Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta23interwikis from Site.InterMap don't work in 2.1.beta20
006472006-01-22Feature2.1beta2033OpenUse a different anchor class for links to group homepage
006462006-01-21Feature2.0beta205ClosedSearch should use the page it is called from to return the result if it contains (:searchresults:)
006452006-01-19Bug2.1 beta 143Closed - likely fixed for 2.1.beta23Uploads broken if ScriptUrl has no /
006442006-01-17Other2.0.135Closed - no feedbackParse Error, Fatal Error after fresh install
006432006-01-12Bug2.0.1343Closedaccents in pagenames i18n.tgz on MacOS X
006422006-01-12Feature2.1.beta19444Opendiff comparison of two arbitrarily selected versions
006412006-01-12 2.1.beta193Closed - fixed"Page last modified..." translation in XLPageTemplate
006402006-01-11Bugnewest4Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta21Broken page "Page not found"
006392006-01-11Feature2.0.122Closed - cookbook recipesImprove saving of entries
006382006-01-09Feature2.1 beta4Closed, added for 2.2.89Simple table have CSS class added to facilitate customisation
006372006-01-08Bug2.1.beta175Closed - not a bugSearch function getting slower due to "excerpt"?
006362006-01-08Bug2.1.beta15 -1755Closed fixed in 2.1.beta18PageVar, FmtPageName not extracting group from url in clean urls
006352006-01-07Cookbook 5554ClosedStar rating system
006342006-01-05Feature 31OpenDefine markup to add row attributes to advanced tables
006332006-01-04Bug2.043Open - (was: Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta21)Categories are incorrectly group qualified in pagelists of trails (or filtered out entirely)
006322005-12-30Feature2.1.beta113Closed - already existsHighlight the search keywords
006312005-12-29Bug2.1.beta154Closed - not a bugIncludeUrl crashes Apache with upgrade to PHP 4.4.2RC2
006302005-12-29Bug2.1.beta153Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta16(:if enabled EnableAuthUser:) doesn't work in Site.AuthForm
006292005-12-29Bug2.1.beta153Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta18(:if auth admin:) doesn't work with ?action=refcount
006282005-12-28Feature2.02Openallow admin override of upload limit
006272005-12-23Bug2.1 beta 142SuspendedAuthor+date tag (4 tildes) should be protected inside ...
006262005-12-22Bug2.0.10433Openrefcount shows "orphaned" pages which are not orphaned
006252005-12-21Bug2.1 beta 1452ClosedPmWiki.UploadQuickReference used instead of PmWikiFr.UploadQuickReference
006242005-12-19Feature2.1.beta95Closed - cookbookmultiple (:keywords:)
006232005-12-18Feature2.0.121Awaiting feedbackOption for RSS feeds to list only major changes
006222005-12-17Feature2.1.beta143Closed - duplicate of 00141Direct link to historic versions of a Wikipage
006212005-12-15Feature2.0.1233OpenSafe_mode prevents sub-directories creation
006202005-12-15PHP Compatibility2.0.135Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta36lines= option of include statement is broken with php 5.1.1
006192005-12-13PHP Compatibility2.1.beta145ClosedRecursion too deep; the stack overflowed.
006182005-12-10Feature2,x3DiscussionProvide a means for Wiki Trails to traverse a list definition in 2 dimensions.
006172005-12-08Feature24Closed -- duplicate of 00567Add input tag for generating <select><option></option></select> fields
006162005-12-06Feature2.1.beta103OpenUpdate cache responses in core
006152005-12-05Feature2.2 beta5 XOpenSuggested default template changes
006142005-12-04Bug2.1beta5 OpenDate rendering problem, associated with wikilog.php
006132005-12-02Feature>= 2.0.122Awaiting feedbackFirefox Search Plugin for PmWiki
006122005-12-02Bug2.1beta92Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta11?action=login doesn't work correct with [:if auth
006112005-11-30Bug2.1beta1~beta8 Closed - fixed for 2.1.9Wrong profile link
006102005-11-30Bug2.0.121Closed - answeredUpload Directory Name created differently in different places.
006092005-11-28Cookbooklatest4OpenHow to restore old versions with php
006082005-11-27Feature 1Closed - repliedA recipe for writing lyrics blocks (i.e. auto-line-breaks)
006072005-11-27Feature 533SuspendedNewly saved, unchanged page appears in the RecentChanges
006062005-11-25Other2.1beta3, 2.0beta301DiscussionBlank pages when accessing pmwiki.php
006052005-11-23Bug2.1beta14Closed - fixed documentationpm1 -> pm2 lost attachment download capability - wants to upload
006042005-11-23 2.1.beta25Closed - fixed in 2.1 beta5Can't authenticate with 2.1 beta2
006032005-11-22Feature2.0.123OpenUpload versioning is browser dependent
006022005-11-20Bug2.0.131OpenDisable Edit Access Key in Edit Form
006012005-11-19Bug2.0.122Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta10empty pagelists not XHTML compliant
006002005-11-18Other2.0.114Closed, not a bugDisabling direct downloads leads to change in download file treatment
005992005-11-18Bug2.0.114OpenDisabling direct downloads affects upload versioning: Old versions not downloadable
005982005-11-18Feature2.0.1255555 55555 55555 44443Discussion / votesadd possibility to delete attachments
005972005-11-18Bug2.0.114ClosedAttach: to a fully qualified pagename yields upload instead of download
005962005-11-16Bug2.0.13 - i18n3closedCzech Language encoding
005952005-11-15Feature 4Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta18PmWiki over SSL
005942005-11-14Bug2.0.135Closed - not a bugEdit form not showing
005932005-11-14Feature2.0.133Closed - cookbooksection edit links floating on right side (CSS)
005922005-11-13Bug2.1.beta13Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta2Page directives in history not always displayed identically
005912005-11-13Feature2.1.beta13Closed - added for 2.1.beta2Page actions misaligned in Firefox 1.5 rc 2 (Windows)
005902005-11-13Bug2.1.beta13Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta1Some nested markups displayed incorrectly
005892005-11-11Bug2.0.134Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta26Text in GroupHeader is duplicated
005882005-11-11Bug2.1.275OpenURL-encoding of non-ASCII characters in file links
005872005-11-11Bug24Closed - fixed in 2.1.0(:markup:) inside divs adds badly placed </div>
005862005-11-08Bug2.0.123ClosedPmWiki Deleting Pages!
005852005-11-08CoreCandidate2.03Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta21Allow URL arguments in trail pages.
005842005-11-08Awaiting feedback2.0.125Closedshow a link from the trail hompage to the first trailpage
005832005-11-08Feature2.0.beta433Closed - already existsUpdate attachments
005822005-11-07Bug2.0.123Closed - inactive[UTF-8] title tag don't use proper characters
005812005-11-04Feature25Closed - added in 2.1.beta35Parameter to protect Site.SideBar
005802005-11-01Bug2.0.123Closed - inactiveGUIedit bar not showing up
005792005-11-01Feature2.123OpenAllow mapped images
005782005-10-31Feature2.0.621Closed, added for 2.2.79Add orange to standard colours?
005772005-10-29CoreCandidate2.0.12555Closed - added to 2.1.beta24Missing class= Attributes in Search (and other) Forms
005762005-10-28Other2.x4Closed - no actionFrench Sidebar: missing Installation item
005752005-10-27Feature 3OpenSetting session variables and testing them in conditional markup
005742005-10-27Bug2.0.62OpenSidebar title could override a page title
005732005-10-27Bug2.0.123Closed - fixed in 2.1.17?action=logout doesn't work with caching enabled
005722005-10-25Feature2.0.12333Closed - replieddrop deprecated table attributes
005712005-10-25Feature2.0.1255555 55544 33Closed - added in 2.2.12word level diffs
005702005-10-24Bug2.0.103Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta14Illegal XML code generated by RSS
005692005-10-24Cookbook 5Open"editor of the month" statistics
005682005-10-23Documentation 3Closed - linksRequest for Markup Repository
005672005-10-21CoreCandidate2.0.1155554 4444Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta17Add (:input select:) markup for select boxes
005662005-10-21CoreCandidate2.0.114Closed - exists since 2.2 betaAllow value defaults for input form controls
005652005-10-21Other2.1.beta9Closed - 2.1.0 releasedPlaceholder for 2.1 features
005642005-10-20Feature2.0.1055554closed - duplicate of 00206Google like Search results
005632005-10-20CoreCandidate2.0.1255433Closed - added to 2.1.beta8Don't show ?action= links to web spiders/robots
005622005-10-20CoreCandidate2.0.12555541Closed - added for 2.1.beta1Use whitespace to indicate nested paragraphs
005612005-10-19Bug2.0.104Closed - not a PmWiki bugPreview produces a page different from the saved one
005602005-10-18Bug2.0.105Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta1include pagename#from# does not work correctly
005592005-10-17Bug2.0.111OpenIssue when editing the EditForm and using the Preview button
005582005-10-17CoreCandidate2.0.11444332 2Closed 2.2.0 beta 38allow redirects to anchors in pages
005572005-10-16Feature2.0.103Closed - already existsSize of edit textarea is hardcoded
005562005-10-15CoreCandidate2.0.105543Closed - added in 2.1.beta21Provide alternate responses when page not found (e.g. 404)
005552005-10-14Feature2.0.103Closed - fixed in 2.0.11Changing page attributes wipes out page history
005542005-10-10Bug2.0.101OpenHTMLPNewline and /PmWiki/*
005532005-10-05Feature2.0.1044Opensearch & replace
005522005-10-04Bug2.0.103Closed - not a bug*RecentChanges files keep only the first change made ever
005512005-10-03Bug2.0.25Closed - fixed for 2.1.beta4Can't login after one incorrect login
005502005-10-02Feature2.0.54OpenAdd a Fmt variable for intra-page links
005492005-09-30CoreCandidate2.0.105433Closed - added to 2.0.11Add (:linebreaks:) and (:nolinebreaks:) to the core
005482005-09-30Feature2.0.65Closed - added for 2.0.12pmwiki.php calls exit intead of return when done, which makes it impossible to include from another file. See Cookbook.IncludeAble
005472005-09-29Bug2.0.64Closed - fixed for 2.0.11AuthUser ldap authentication allows empty passwords
005462005-09-28Feature2.0.65543Closed - added in the core responsive skinPmWiki default skin - Scalable fonts
005452005-09-28Feature 3feedback/discussionEncrypted page store.
005442005-09-28CoreCandidate2.1.3 - 2.1.55531Closed - cookbook recipeLimit the number of displayed diffs at once (was: Caching for history)
005432005-09-27Bug2.0-beta385Closed - no responseCommiting a change when disk is full loses data
005422005-09-26CoreCandidate2.0.x55555 55555 5533Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta52add (pagelist fmt=authtable) markup in Core Distribution
005412005-09-25Documentation2.0.6 Closed - repliedproblem with permissions at installations
005402005-09-25Bug2.0.62Closed - not a bug$PubDirUrl not used for skins
005392005-09-22Bug2.0.61Openaction=print doesn't seem to work in a farm setup
005382005-09-21Feature2.0.65544Closed - Cookbook:Edit-RestrictedProfile recipeOption to edit protect Profile Page to Author only
005372005-09-21Bug2.0.53Closed - obsolete in 2.1.0linkindex not initialized correctly
005362005-09-20Documentation2.06 current as of 9.20.20053closed - added for 2.1.7MailPosts Cookbok Page - noob
005352005-09-20Feature2.x55555444335Closed - added for 2.2.11Table directives have no equiv of < TH > tag
005342005-09-20Featureall Closed - duplicate 00468Entering wiki data trough e-mails
005332005-09-20Bug2.0.62Closed - intended designNew page edit link links to false page
005322005-09-19Feature2.0.653Closed - added in 2.1.beta6Use authenticated bind for ldap authuser
005312005-09-19CoreCandidate2.0.6554433 1 5Closed - added for 2.1.beta33Add conditional expressions to core
005302005-09-19Bug2.0.65Closed - fixed in 2.1.9Link to profile is interpreted false
005292005-09-18Cookbook2.0.65ClosedPresence Awareness in PmWiki
005282005-09-17Feature2.0.63Closed - added for 2.0.7Default access key for edit textarea (includes workaround!)
005272005-09-16CoreCandidate2.0.655555 3Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta18Automatically detect https: server
005262005-09-15CoreCandidate2.0.55552Closed - existsUse relative urls by default
005252005-09-15Cookbook2.0.55533ClosedAdd %dlcol% wikistyle
005242005-09-15Bug2.0.53Closed - fixed for 2.0.6specialchars don't work in author name
005232005-09-15Feature24ClosedAllow robot.txt entries to come from a wiki page
005222005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.544444 33Closed - Added for 2.1.beta7Allow InterMap entries to come from a wiki page
005212005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.544444 33333 33Awaiting feedback/votesAdd ?action=backlinks
005202005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.555555 44331 00Closed - added to 2.1.beta1Distribute PmWiki with WikiWords disabled by default
005192005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.5433Closed - abandonedlet `WikiWord automatically disable that wikiword for remainder of page
005182005-09-13Bug2.0.54Closed - fixed in 2.1.0In version 2, monospace text does not wrap
005172005-09-13Bug2.0.33Closed - not a bugQuotes appear with a backslash in lists
005162005-09-12Feature2.0.5 OpenDisplay title of pages in (:varindex:)
005152005-09-12Featurepmwiki-2.0.51Closed - fixed for 2.0.6GUI buttons shouldn't insert closing wiki tags after trailing spaces of selected text
005142005-09-11Feature25Closed - abandonedAuthUser LPDAP, SSO improvement
005132005-09-11Feature24Closed - add to cookbookautorise IP to view protected pages by id:*
005122005-09-09Bug2.0.3, 2.0.44Closed - no feedbackParse Error
005112005-09-09Feature2.0+4Closed - already existssession_start() as an optional possibility
005102005-09-07Bug2.0.33Closed - fixedExtraneous backtick on editing page
005092005-09-05Bug2.0.25Closed - fixed for 2.0.3Bug in authuser ldap
005082005-09-05Bug2.0.beta541OpenProblems with Password Duplicates and Cookbook/AuthUser
005072005-09-03Feature2.0+2Closed - available in Cookbookjump from the search field to a page instead of searching
005062005-09-02Feature2.0.24OpenInvestigate slowness of urlapprove.php script
005052005-09-02Documentation2.0.243Closed - completeddocument use of Site.PageActions
005042005-09-02Bug2.0.05Closed - fixed in 2.0.1Can't Edit site.sidebar
005032005-09-01Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta5551Closed : fixed in PmWiki 2.2.x beta versionsSearching for utf-8 characters doesn't work
005022005-08-31Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta551Closed - design decisionIncorrectly nested wiki-markup breaks XHTML compatibility
005012005-08-30Cookbook2.0.beta554SuspendedRaw html and/or marquee code
005002005-08-29Bug2.0b554Closed - upgrade problemRecentChanges not behaving as desired (user error involved)
004992005-08-28Bug2b555ClosedSearching yields huge number of warnings
004982005-08-27Feature2b44+3Closedaccess to edit forms for other actions than 'edit'
004972005-08-26Feature2.0.beta554Closed, added for 2.2.76Add a separate <span> for image captions
004962005-08-26Bug2.0.beta555Closed - fixedProblem with preformatted markup
004952005-08-24Bug2.0.beta554Closed - fixed for 2.0.0Problem with searching for % items
004942005-08-18Bug2.0.beta543Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta55NewPageBox Markup
004932005-08-14DocumentationPmwiki 24Closed - already availablelisting of proper ownership and permissions for files and folders
004922005-08-12FeatureN/A3Suspended - cookbookUse Image Filename (w/o Extension) as Alt Text
004912005-08-11BugPmWiki 2 + Fr Local3Closed - fixed for 2.0.6ksort() error in vardoc.php
004902005-08-10Feature2.0b533Closed - fixed for 2.0.0A localization improvement in print.tmpl
004892005-08-08Feature2 beta 545Closed, added for 2.2.76classes for Image frames and captions
004882005-08-05Bug2.0beta554closed - workaround in 2.1.0percents in WikiStyles don't work
004872005-08-03Cookbook2.x543DiscussionTraffic log
004862005-08-02Bug2.0.beta521Closed - fixed for 2.0.6password required javascript breaks xhtml 1.0 Transitional standard
004852005-08-01Feature2beta52554Closed -- added to cookbookInclude NewPageBox in a release
004842005-07-31CoreCandidateall55554Closed - added in 2.1.7mail(,,,,string additional_parameters)
004832005-07-31Bug2.0.beast535Closed - fixed for 2.0.0Warning with action=search
004822005-07-31Feature2.0 beta 501ClosedDirect acces to page history from the recentchanges page
004812005-07-30Bug2.0beta524ClosedCookbook Expirediff asks for Password
004802005-07-29Bug2b484Closed - not a bugsidebar not working after upgrading from 2b40 to 2b48
004792005-07-23Bug2.0 beta514Closed - not a bugProblem with uploaded stuff in a farm
004782005-07-23Feature2.0.beta512OpenAdd display of "nopass" to ?action=attr
004772005-07-22Documentation2.0.beta50555Confirmed, ToDoReminding Pm to Document Functions . . .
004762005-07-22Bug2.0b502ClosedRedundant RecentChanges
004752005-07-22Other2.0b503Closed - fixed for 2.0.4Hardcoded texts
004742005-07-19Closed2.0.beta493Closedunaccepted password character(s)
004732005-07-18Bug2.0b55, 2.0b48, 2.0b432SuspendedMemory problems with 2.0 (Search, AllRecentChanges)
004722005-07-18Not a Bug2.0beta4845ClosedAttaching files belonging to other groups
004712005-07-17Bug2.0.482Closed - added for beta50Missing "reset" input type for forms
004702005-07-17Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta485Closed, not a bugexternal URLs not working
004692005-07-15Feature2.0beta474Closedaccesskey markup for links
004682005-07-14Featurev2.0Beta55555 54444 44443 3OpenPosting to PmWIki Using Email
004672005-07-14Bug2.0b36, 2.0b48 ClosedDescribe DummyPage? here needs forced link
004662005-07-14Feature2b36, 2b485Closed - fixed for 2.0.0Saving Approved URLs issues: Added twice; Case sensitive
004652005-07-14Featureb475Closed - cannot duplicatesession_start (was Issue with Session and session_id )
004642005-07-13Featureany4321Openprotect author identity
004632005-07-12Bugb44-46555Closed - fixed in 2.0.5i18n issue due to Site.EditXxx
004622005-07-11Bug2.0 beta455Closed - not a bug(:searchbox:) has now predefined width
004612005-07-11BugVersion 2.0.beta423Closed - not a bugMultiple Tables not displayed under IE
004602005-07-07Feature22Suspendedwikimedia syntax compatibility
004592005-07-02CoreCandidate2.0.beta4053Closed - added in 2.1.beta10Allow for shared groups/pages in a farm
004582005-07-01Feature2.0.beta40433SuspendedRebuild page files on the fly.
004572005-06-23Feature2.0.beta383Closed - added for 2.0.beta41Arbitrary start number for ordered lists
004562005-06-22Bug2.0beta 384Closed - not a bugMarkup searchbox produce an incorrect link
004552005-06-20Bug2.0b385ClosedSearch problems: Warning (errno 2)
004542005-06-15Not a Bug2.0 beta375Closed - not a bugMigration: Undesired upload password introduced
004532005-06-14BugOn the site5ClosedMissing entry fields in XLPageTemplate for translation
004522005-06-12Bug2 beta 375Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta39Smaller and bigger text adds extra cell to simple table row
004512005-06-10Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta372Closed - not a bughttps access converts into http unwillingly
004502005-06-10Bug2.0beta3153Closed - fixed for 2.0.6author cookie is not saved with UTF-8 enabled
004492005-06-09Feature (Bug?)24Closed - already existsImage references should be set before page includes
004482005-06-07Feature1.0.143Closed - already existsAbility to view source code of write-protected pages
004472005-06-06Feature2.25544443 33Closed: added for 2.3.0Distinguish !Page and Category.Page in backlinks
004462005-05-30Feature2beta363Closed - added to documentationApprove Links tool tip
004452005-05-28Bug2.0.beta373Closed - not a bugCategories broken in category group
004442005-05-25Bug2.0.beta364Closed - not a bugpreformat not working in advanced tables
004432005-05-20Bug22Closed - not a bugPlenty of <p class='vspace'></p> in HTML code
004422005-05-20Cookbook2.0 beta3653OpenAdd additionnal GUI buttons lines
004412005-05-19Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta362ClosedRecipe Bug -- Enable HTML
004402005-05-17BugCVS5Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta37$LinkUrl and $LinkAlt not set in urlapprove.php
004392005-05-12Bug2.0.beta355Closed -- fixed for 2.0.beta41Bad recognition of filetype if $UploadDir contains a .
004382005-05-06Bug 4Closed - not a bugproblem with Adobe SVG Viewer 3.03
004372005-05-06Bug2.0.beta353Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta39Percent symbol adds extra cells to tables
004362005-05-05Bug2.0beta363Openmisinterpretation of links with SVG string
004352005-05-05Cookbook2.0.beta3642Closed - added for 2.2.85support for .SVGZ files
004342005-05-04Feature2.0.beta353Closed - already existspagelist does not honour $SpaceWikiWords
004332005-05-04Featurebeta33 and above4Closed - added in 2.0.beta37new scripts/pagelist.php breaks SearchExtensions
004322005-05-03Bug2 beta 3255552Closed - fixed for 2.0.6UTF-8 wiki links in brackets followed by text
004312005-05-01Bug2.0.beta363Closed - fixedSearch gives array_merge error in pagelist.php
004302005-04-30Bug2.0b265542Suspendedrefcount does not honor $LinkWikiWords = 0
004292005-04-30Bug2.0.beta353Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta36Pagelist exclusion bug, and its fix
004282005-04-29Feature 532Closed - added in 2.0.beta45show markup in page history should break lines
004272005-04-29Feature23Closed - existsModify block markup to be able to stack blocks
004262005-04-29Feature254ClosedProvide ?action=backlinks as special case of pagelist markup
004252005-04-28Bug2.0b35321CoreCandidate, awaiting feedback / votesWords like DVDs and CDs are mistaken for WikiWord links
004242005-04-19Cookbook 54SuspendedEasier Pasting from Word Documents
004232005-04-19Bug2beta284Closed - not a bugTable attributes have a space added in string value
004222005-04-14Bug2.0beta295Closed - not a bugAuth page shows up blank; no password input form
004212005-04-12Feature (Maybe this should be cookbook? -Russell?)pmwiki 2.0.beta295521closedWYSIWYG editor (like FCKEditor) integration
004202005-04-11Cookbook2.0 Beta26444OpenBackground images for pages, cells and tables
004192005-04-08Feature2.14SuspendedeBookLog - a log for online literature
004182005-04-06Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta285Closed - not a bugflock open failure by IIS (Windows-NT)
004172005-04-05Feature2.155SuspendedSync All Pages in one WikiGroup with another WikiGroup
004162005-04-04Feature 443CookbookDate Headings in Recent Changes
004152005-04-03Bug2.0beta26+4Closed - not a bugGUI buttons when using page template
004142005-04-01Feature1.0.14542SuspendedOption for logging search strings
004132005-04-01Feature25Suspendedhoriz frame/preview link for long page edits
004122005-03-31Feature 4OpenAdd OpenOffice macro conversion to wiki text
004112005-03-30Feature2.28beta3Openpagelist to exclude redirects
004102005-03-29Feature2.0 beta 261Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta18Set links to http or https based on how current page accesed
004092005-03-28Bugbate284Suspendedutf-8 error
004082005-03-27Feature 4Closed - already existsWhy does PmWiki handles uploads/ and wiki.d/ differently?
004072005-03-26Bug2.0.beta26..2.2.0-beta6833Closed (Fixed for 2.2.1)wikitrails fails cross-group
004062005-03-24Featureany3Closed - already availableDisable Upload Password
004052005-03-24Cookbookany2ClosedImage Proxying
004042005-03-23Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta263Closed - not a bugSecurity -- AllRecentChanges etc. list changes to pages that should not be visible
004032005-03-22Bug2 beta 262Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta27closing ?> missing in some script files
004022005-03-22Bug2.0beta2655Closed - fixed for 2.0.0aligned cells in simple tables have additional spaces
004012005-03-22BugV2.0 beta264Closed - now fixedEmpty SearchWiki gives PHP Error Messages
004002005-03-21Feature2.03Closed - repliedAlternatives to recording IP address
003992005-03-20Documentation2.0.beta274Closed - fixed for 2.0.0Document use of variables in localmap.txt
003982005-03-19Featurebeta2655554 4Suspendedenhancements to wiki trails
003972005-03-19Bug2.0.beta262Closed - fixed in 2.1.7URL in MailPosts edit notification is a weird format
003962005-03-18Bug2beta281Closed (added for 2.2.3)Creating uploads directory error message may require tidy
003952005-03-17PHP Compatibility2.0b263ClosedNew Installation can't Acquire Lockfile
003942005-03-17Feature2.0.beta2322ClosedTurn Intermap files into wiki pages
003932005-03-16Bug2.0.beta261Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta27$MetaRobots resolved too soon
003922005-03-16Feature2 and up55Closed - fixed for 2.0.4increase pmwiki responsiveness by hard-coding some lists
003912005-03-16Bug2.0.beta26555Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta34bug in simuledit when diff3 unavailable
003902005-03-16Cookbook2.0.beta265554Closed - cookbooksupport simultaneous edits/merging in windows / non-popen environments
003892005-03-16Feature2.0.beta2643Closed - added for 2.0.beta28list attachments only meeting a certain pattern
003882005-03-15Feature2555545SuspendedSortable columns in simple tables
003872005-03-15Feature2 beta x4Closed - available in 2.0.beta44Put a name and id on the editform
003862005-03-15Feature2.0.beta235555Closed - 2.0b55Upload Versioning
003852005-03-14Bug2.0.beta265Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta34search text lost after search
003842005-03-14Featureany1SuspendedFill http_user into author field
003832005-03-13Bug2.0b2632Closed - now fixedSearch with no search string gives errors
003822005-03-13Bug2.0beta262Closed - not a bugIncluding pages from another group misdirects links without group
003812005-03-13Featureany1Closed - local customizationIndicate extern urls
003802005-03-12BugBeta 25, 264ClosedUnexpected T_String, Error with all links.
003792005-03-10Bug2.0.beta225Closed - not a bugLetter following hyphen/dash in page name not capitalized anymore
003782005-03-10Bug2.0b23 - 2.0b3744ClosedAll RecentChanges pages have text not links with $LinkWikiWords = 0
003772005-03-09Bug2.0-beta262Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta28wikilib.d/PmWiki.UploadQuickReference has a non-working "view this page" link in some cases
003762005-03-09Bug2.0.beta251OpenUpload URL encoding doesn't work with NTFS
003752005-03-09Feature22Closed - abandoneddecision on Markup processing order
003742005-03-09Featurebeta26 upwards554Closed - resolved in 2.0.4import a pagelist except for the links already present on the page
003732005-03-09Feature2.0 beta 264SuspendedLookup on doubleclick
003722005-03-09Feature2.03SuspendedAbility to externally call MarkupToHTML($pagename, $text)
003712005-03-08Feature2.0.beta234ClosedInstant Edit Form like Cookbook-V1.X-Comment
003702005-03-08Featurepmwiki-2.0.beta233ClosedCookbook-V1.SimplePageCounter does not transfer to PmWiki 2
003692005-03-07Bug2.0.beta263Closed - not a PmWiki bugSome URLs are parsed as date
003682005-03-07Feature2 beta26 upwards3Closedadd functionality packs
003672005-03-07Bug1.0.134Closedpage broken after being spammed
003662005-03-06Feature2.x3ClosedTie-in Farm Fields together - (Search)
003652005-03-06Feature2.x4Closed - declinedWrap RecentChanges output with a DIV tag
003642005-03-06Feature2.x4ClosedTie-in Farm Fields together - (Include)
003632005-03-06Feature2.x54OpenTie-in Farm Fields together - (redirect)
003622005-03-06Feature2.x4ClosedTie-in Farm Fields together - (Pagelist)
003612005-03-06Bug2.0.beta263Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta54many anchors in one page lead to problems with (:include:)
003602005-03-06Feature2.0beta263Closed - added to 2.0.beta55Add Captions to pictures
003592005-03-06Bug1.0.143Closed - no feedbackPassword can not be reset
003582005-03-05Cookbook244433Suspended - awaiting discussionTrack pages of interest
003572005-03-05Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta21 with german i18n2Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta29Formating of [-...-] doesn't work if locales are set to "de_DE" via i18n
003562005-03-04Feature 4443Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta52Complete attributes and passwords overview for administrator
003552005-03-04Bugv2.0 b23 Closed - fixed(:markup:)[=...=] fails if first line of page
003542005-03-04 2.0beta242Closedadd onload"..." to <body>
003532005-03-04OtherPmWiki 1.0.14 to 2.0.beta234ClosedMigration 1 to 2: HTML output differs
003522005-03-04Not a Bug2.0beta242ClosedDefault SetTmplDisplay settings are missing
003512005-03-03Feature2.0beta242ClosedMarkup only valid for certain areas
003502005-03-02Bug2.0.beta254Closedauthorization doesn't work across proxies
003492005-03-02Documentation2.0Beta241Closed - fixedChangeLog characters not compatible with utf-8
003482005-02-26Feature23SuspendedAlphabetize Definition List
003472005-02-25CoreCandidate2.0beta2243Closed - added for 2.1.beta33edit-buttons in guiedit (transparent background)
003462005-02-25Bug2.0beta223Closed - not a bugstarting "-" ignored when attaching images
003452005-02-25Feature,2.0beta221Closedstyling sublevels of numbered lists
003442005-02-23Feature2.0b215Suspendedmarkup to prevent searching of pages or groups
003432005-02-23Bug2.0.beta212Closed - not a bugDoesn't create groups if they start with a number
003422005-02-23Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta215Closed - no feedbackEscape sequence does not span on multiple lines.
003412005-02-20Bug 5ClosedMissing file on latest build
003402005-02-19Cookbook 4ClosedBeautifier: Couldn't make xml tag be 'highlight'
003392005-02-18Bugpmwiki-2.0.beta21 Closed - fixed for beta22Permissions Problem
003382005-02-18Server config ?2.04Closed - ResolvedCreating wiki.d folder and chmod not working
003372005-02-18Bug2.0.beta21 pmwiki-2.2.0-beta1651Closed - inactivelogin doesn't respect ScriptUrl
003362005-02-17Bug2.0 beta 213Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta22action=source does not handle special charcters well
003352005-02-15Bug2.0.beta211Closed - fixedDon't work edit buttons in pmwiki-ak (AccessKeySkin)
003342005-02-14Feature25Closed - added to Cookbookadd a button to insert a date in the edit window
003332005-02-14Cookbook2.0.beta21553Suspendedintegrate a better, external search engine
003322005-02-14Feature2.0.beta213Closed - added for 2.0.beta24integrate attr=value parsing function for directive markups
003312005-02-14Feature2.0.beta212Suspended - needs votesdisplay number of attachments for a page
003302005-02-12Featureall2Closed - answerednoindex, nofollow in local PmWiki groups
003292005-02-11Bug1.0.52Closed - not a bugLost edit page content when set both "read" and "edit" password using sessionauth.php
003282005-02-10Featurev2 beta 2054Discussiontrail markup hard codes html tags
003272005-02-10Bug2.0.beta192Closed - not a bug, but fixeddisabled WikiWord still gets spaced out
003262005-02-10Feature2554SuspendedRequest to Include MultiLanguage into the std pmwiki distrib
003252005-02-10Bug2.0 Beta 201Closed - not a buguploaded attachments get corrupted
003242005-02-09BugV2-beta202Closedinclude markup not properly converted V1 --> V2
003232005-02-07Feature2.0.beta2033OpenAutomatically generate title directive
003222005-02-07CoreCandidate2.0.beta2055555 55542 1Awaiting feedback/votescase-insensitive url processing
003212005-02-07Feature2.0.beta203Closed - added to 2.0.beta21Add a DisableMarkup() function
003202005-02-06Featureall5544ClosedSection Edit function
003192005-02-05Feature 55SuspendedAdd a page version/status attribute
003182005-02-04Feature2 rel 163Closed - answeredoption to disable upload filetype checking
003172005-02-03Bug2.0.beta235Suspendedusing utf-8 causes "Fatal Error"
003162005-02-03FeatureVersion 2.0.beta201Closed - resolvedchange of $TimeFmt string doesnt update format of "Recent Changes" date
003152005-02-02Feature2.0.beta204Closed - added for 2.0.beta28allow upper-case file extensions in attachments
003142005-02-01Feature2.0.beta184Closed - already existsPage targets cannot be customized
003132005-02-01Feature2.0.beta202Closed - now availableAdd a capability for links.
003122005-02-01Feature1.0.113Closedcoalesce edits in mailposts
003112005-02-01Feature2.0.beta203Closed - IE bugFix horizontal scrolling of long preformatted lines.
003102005-01-31Bug2.0-beta204Closed - duplicate of 00247empty "author" field leads to bad link in RecentChanges
003092005-01-31Cookbook2.04ClosedUsing %block <style>% <some text> kills URL and other formatting and makes paragraphs become on long line that goes off screen
003082005-01-31Feature2.0.beta2054Closed - added for 2.0.beta44improvements to edit form
003072005-01-31Feature2.0.beta20533Suspendedhide minor edits from RecentChanges
003062005-01-31Bug 5Closed - not a bugunderscores are treated as word separators
003052005-01-29Bug2.0.beta191Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta21typo in pgcust.php (default page never loaded?)
003042005-01-27Bug2.0.beta193Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta24Search for (:pre (and possibly others)) doesn't work.
003032005-01-26Feature 2Open$Defaultgroup ion .TMPL file
003022005-01-25Feature2.0.beta19543Closed (add to cookbook)allow pagelist to display titles instead of pagenames
003012005-01-24Other2.0b1955555 5Closed - added in 2.0.beta29Better interface for password admin
003002005-01-24Feature2.052ClosedAdd discussion page at every new page.
002992005-01-24Feature2.01Closed - in cookbookadd pits into pack
002982005-01-24Bug2.0.beta1922Closed - fixed in 2.0.0Warnings displayed on Printable View
002972005-01-21Bug2.0beta1944Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta54Problem with include and SideBar
002962005-01-20Feature2.0x33Opensite image in RSS feed
002952005-01-20Feature2.0x3Closed - duplicate of 00296site image in RSS feed
002942005-01-19Feature 322Suspended -- needs votesAdd rel attribs to wikitrail links
002932005-01-18Featureall55Closedfix rel="nofollow" in links
002922005-01-18FeaturePmWiki 24Closed - dup of 00202html snapshot of a wiki site
002912005-01-18FeaturePmWiki 255555 55555 5 444Closed - available in 2.1.7MailPosts enhancement to support Group/Page "$MailPostsTo" parameters
002902005-01-17Feature2.0.beta193Closed - added in 2.0.beta44Add quick-save button to edit form
002892005-01-16Feature2.0.beta1744Closed - add to cookbookAdd a mobile or pda skin
002882005-01-15Featurepmwiki-2x3Closed - transferred to PITS.00291Add subscribe form, exclude minor edits, set batch size and sending interval
002872005-01-14Bug2.0.beta141Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta15Non-Valid RSS feed, empty table cells produce &  in All Recent Changes RSS
002862005-01-14Feature2.0beta161Closed - added to Cookbookcompressed flat file database
002852005-01-13 2543Closed - moved to 00308"Author name is required" could be better placed
002842005-01-13 20Closed - answeredcode samples treat \ escape as an escape
002832005-01-13Feature2.0 beta 171ClosedMove "$UploadMaxSize" to local/config.php
002822005-01-11Bug2.0.beta163Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta17wikistyles no longer affect links
002812005-01-11Featureall3ClosedSubdirectories in wiki.d when url more than two levels deep
002802005-01-11Bug2.0beta154Closedguiedit.js missing in ditribution
002792005-01-10Documentation2.0.beta155Closed - fixed for 2.0.0Fix README file
002782005-01-10Bug? (this wiki)2Closed -- not a bugDate sorting problem in Recent Changes (?)
002772005-01-10Feature2.0beta143ClosedIgnore whitespace in page history (diff)
002762005-01-10Other2.0-beta141Closeda very small change concerning AllRecentChanges
002752005-01-10Cookbook2.0.beta141Closed - correct in CookbookConflict of 2 Cookbooks: "MailForm" and "TellAFriend"
002742005-01-10Bug2.0 beta 143OpenErros due conflicts between RSS and Cookbook
002732005-01-09Cookbook2.0.beta1454432Closed (cookbook recipe)Refcount for attachments
002722005-01-09Bug2.0beta142Closed - not a bugAnchor names cannot start with a number
002712005-01-07Feature2.0.beta1443Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta18Ability to customize display of home page in WikiTrails
002702005-01-07Cookbookany3Closed - no interestAdd latexrender as option when installing mimetex, improves display of math
002692005-01-05Bug2b143Closed - not a bug%right% need blank line before and after
002682005-01-05Feature2.x4Closed - add to cookbookFlow/Column directive
002672005-01-05Feature2.0.beta1444Suspendedupload.php should check status of file_upload and report if disabled
002662005-01-05CoreCandidate2.0. beta145554443Closed - added $EnablePageTitlePriority for 2.2.9Last title encountered wins, it should be first title markup
002652005-01-05Cookbook2.0. beta14 Closed - fixed in cookbookFatal error: implementing AlternativeNamingScheme
002642005-01-04Feature2.0beta1422Closed - added in 2.0.beta28Password request display (same as with attributes)
002632005-01-01Cookbook24ClosedBeautifier: Leading whitespace is ignored
002622004-12-29Cookbook25Closed - in cookbookBeatifier for Code
002612004-12-29Feature2.0 alpha 143Closed - available in PmWiki 2.0.beta44Add Re-Edit and Cancel-Edit Buttons
002602004-12-29Bug2.0 alpha 144Closed - AnsweredDisable Edit Button during Actual Edit
002592004-12-29Feature2.0 alpha 143Closed - added to CookbookMost-Recent N Modified Pages
002582004-12-28Bug2.0.beta134Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta15%center% doesn't work for images
002572004-12-28Feature2.0.beta14544Closed - added for 2.0.beta54Allow padding and borders on images
002562004-12-27Feature1.0.83Closed - see Cookbook.Blocklistautomated robot assault on pmwiki1 installations?
002552004-12-24Cookbook2-beta13 ClosedConflict beetwen 2 Cookbooks
002542004-12-24Cookbook2-beta13 Closedvariable $SkinDirUrl no exists
002532004-12-23Bug2.0.beta12 Closed - fixedSearch engine doesn't work with Brazilian portuguese localization
002522004-12-23Bug2.0.beta135Closed - not a bugWrong characters in links after update to beta13
002512004-12-23Bug2.0 b133Closed - fixedSearch not working in JHSkin
002502004-12-22Feature2.85,3ClosedProvide a "wikiright" to match the existing wikileft
002492004-12-22Other2.03ClosedClassic skin missing in pmwiki 2.0
002482004-12-22Feature2.0.beta134Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta50fix authorization semantics
002472004-12-22Bug2.0beta1124Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta21a blank author makes a bad recent changes link
002462004-12-21Bugbeta115Closed - server configIllegal offset type in /pmwiki.php on line 198, 208, 209
002452004-12-20Cookbookany3ClosedAdd description of styling formatted code
002442004-12-20Documentation 4Closed (little benefit)Have documentation as one file.
002432004-12-19Bug2.0b105Closed - answeredspamming of the pages
002422004-12-18Cookbook2.10.tgz5Closedcustomizing pmwiki
002412004-12-18Bugbeta102Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta14Links in printable page contain $Fragment
002402004-12-18Bug2.0.beta62Closed - not a bugincludeurl produces errors
002392004-12-17Bug2.0.beta103Closed - not a bugRSS/RDF feeds aren't valid
002382004-12-17Bug2.0.beta1031Closed - fixed for 2.2.5need to fix problem with attr password + delete
002372004-12-17   ClosedMain/WikiSandbox should be a section
002362004-12-17Other2.0.beta101Suspendedcompat1x.php didn't convert [[ThisWiki:?pagename=...]] directive
002352004-12-16Bug2.0beta17444Closedrss feed doesn't work with utf-8
002342004-12-16Bug2.0-beta103ClosedEditQuickReference needs brackets around links to TextFormattingRules and TipsForEditing
002332004-12-14Bug2.0.beta94Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta14?action=refcount doesn't work with utf-8
002322004-12-14Feature2.0.beta73Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta21WikiTrails fails with ?action=
002312004-12-13Bug2.0 beta 83Closed - see [1]Problem with the internationalization
002302004-12-13Feature2.x2Closed - Cookbook/SlideShow worksslide show presentation
002292004-12-11Feature25Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8I18n demand for "by" in the RecentChanges
002282004-12-10Feature25Closedprovide a search log
002272004-12-09Bugbeta6/72Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8action=diff breaks urllink ( in sidebar)
002262004-12-09Feature2.0.beta742444 44444 43Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta11Add replace upload button to attachlist
002252004-12-09Cookbook 35Closedmigrate MimeTeX to cookbook
002242004-12-09Bugup to current553Closed - fixed in 2.0.6selective utf-8 characters damaged
002232004-12-08Feature2.03Closed - added in Cookbookrevive 'expirediff'
002222004-12-07Other2.0.beta63Closed - no feedbackInternal Server Error??
002212004-12-07Cookbook2.0 beta 61Closed - see Cookbook:AccessKeySkin?Fast Edit: Accesskey and Tabindex
002202004-12-07CoreCandidate2.x55555 44444 4DiscussionAbility to view the wiki as-of a particular date (or tag)
002192004-12-07Featurepmwiki-22Closed - addedsortable columns in PITS
002182004-12-07Bug2.0.beta61Suspendedsearches for things containing &, <, and > don't always work
002172004-12-07Bug2.0.beta41Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta23{$Version} does not work in fields in a farm setup
002162004-12-06Bug2beta61Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta7$PageLogoUrl not working in sample-config.php
002152004-12-06  4ClosedSections within sections
002142004-12-06   SuspendedHide RecentChanges from scripts/RefCount
002132004-12-06   Closed - answeredBetter dot handling?
002122004-12-06Feature 4Closed - already exists (seems broken?- FIXED)Required author fields
002112004-12-06Bug2.0 beta62Closedown print.tmpl does not work
002102004-12-05Feature2.0 beta 53Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8Displaying Romanian Characters during editing
002092004-12-04Bug2.0.beta54Closed - fixedText containing $Newline doesn't diff properly
002082004-12-04Buglatest4Closed - likely not a bugSafari table problem
002072004-12-03Bug2.0 Beta52Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta6wikifarm farmmap.txt interlinks no longer work?
002062004-12-03FeatureAny55555 543SuspendedSummary of search results should contain some indication of what is actually on the page.
002052004-12-03Bug2.0.beta51Closed - not a bugonly 8 (:include:)-directives are interpreted by PmWiki
002042004-12-03Feature2.0 beta51ClosedNew FAQ system based on a ticket system
002032004-12-02Documentation2.05Closeddownload and install
002022004-12-02Feature2.0.beta53Closed - cookbookGet PmWiki to support static file downloading (e.g., via wget)
002012004-12-02Bug2.0. beta32Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta6RSS feed
002002004-12-02Feature24Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta6$DiffChangeSum is not defined in the pagerev.php
001992004-12-02Feature2454ClosedPossibility to see the which pages has been changed by a special User
001982004-12-02Feature2.0beta52ClosedChange Print layout in own Skin
001972004-12-01Feature2.0-beta2443Closed - added for 2.2.85Support for SVG files
001962004-12-01Bug2 beta42Closed - not a bug\\ does not get converted to linebreaks
001952004-12-01Bug2.0.beta34Closed, probably unsolvabledefault width='100%' in simple tables breaks IE
001942004-12-01Bug 3SuspendedCode samples break numbered lists
001932004-12-01   Closed - fixedwww.pmwiki.org goes to wrong place
001922004-11-30Bug2.0.beta33Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta4(:attachlist:) directive missing trailing "/"
001912004-11-30Feature2.0-beta24Closed - duplicate of PITS:00007Discontinuation of $WikiWordCountMax
001902004-11-30Bug2.0-beta22Closed - not a bugImage alignment
001892004-11-29Bug2.0.beta355Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta4Bug in urlapprove.php
001882004-11-29Feature 541Suspended - add to cookbookip address lookups
001872004-11-29Feature 2Closed - added to cookbookTables should render as tables, with borders
001862004-11-28 2.0 devel 251Closed - documentation bug fixed for 2.0.beta3Tables w/ cellspacing - propagation
001852004-11-28Bug2.0 devel 2645Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta7Accented letters, again
001842004-11-27Bugcvs5ClosedReadPage() returns data in case of error
001832004-11-27Bugcvs4Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta3attr password for Main and PmWiki
001822004-11-27Bug2.0Beta15Closed - config errorAttach:file.ext Δ no longer works
001812004-11-27Featurena In ProgressSuggested change to SendPmMoney.
001802004-11-27Featurena433Suspended - needs votesGrab and add screenshots to Wiki pages automagically?
001792004-11-26Bug2devel2755Closed - fixed in Cookbookskinchange doesn't work anymore with pmwiki2d27
001782004-11-25Cookbook 55555 55542 5Closed - implement as cookbookemulate textile and/or phpmarkdown
001772004-11-24Bug2.0.devel263Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta15$Title only seems to work in templates
001762004-11-24Bug2.0.beta4Closed - duplicate of 00129PmWikiDe rss not working
001752004-11-23Bug1.0.131Closed - fixed for 1.0.15tables with spaces for cell content don't insert &nbsp;
001742004-11-23Bug1.x-1.0.1343ClosedRSS version of AllRecentChanges lists some content of password protected pages
001732004-11-22Bug 55Closed - not a bug<!--HeaderText--> breaks <!--PageHeaderFmt-->
001722004-11-21Feature2.2652SuspendedWikiStyles in Tables
001712004-11-21Bug2 - devel 261Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta3Upper case image extension (JPG)
001702004-11-21Bug2.0 dev 223Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8unquoted table attributes result in invalid html
001692004-11-20Feature 2Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta14$ImgTagFmt without border attribute
001682004-11-19 25Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta14utf-8 encoding doesn't work for links?
001672004-11-18Bug2.0 devel 262Closed - not a bugTranslate Upload Buttons
001662004-11-18Bug2.0 devel 26 Closed - see PITS.00159Translations
001652004-11-17Feature2.0 dev 223Closed - fixed[[PageName&variable=value]] not supported
001642004-11-16Bug2.0 devel 2644Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta3EditQuickReference unreadable on ie 6.0
001632004-11-16Feature2.0 devel251Closed - already existsFunction ReplaceOnSave
001622004-11-15Feature2.265Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta1Move formatting of $PageLogoFmt into template
001612004-11-15Bug2.0.devel26465ClosedWindows/IIS installation fails
001602004-11-14Bugv22Closed - not a buglinks in sidebar disapear when page contains nowikiwords-directive
001592004-11-13Bug2.0 devel 2644Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta6EditQuickReference not linked to local version
001582004-11-13Bug2.0 devel252Closed - works in 2.2.0Printable view of Searchpage is empty
001572004-11-13Feature1 and 21Closed - fixed in 1.0.14 and 2.0.develadd last author to RSS
001562004-11-12Bug2.0.devel203Closed - not a bugunordered list
001552004-11-12Cookbook 553OpenClean up Cookbook.MultiLanguage implementation
001542004-11-12Bugpmwiki v24Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel27"needle" not displayed for searchresults
001532004-11-11Documentation2.0.devel2644ClosedAdd documentation for RSS/RDF scripts.
001522004-11-11Feature2.0.devel263Suspended - partially solvedAllow use of categories as source for RSS feeds.
001512004-11-11Feature2.0.devel255Closed - fixed in 2.0.devel26compat1x needs convert-all-pages option
001502004-11-11Feature1.0.133,2ClosedEnable cross-group/page access to uploaded files
001492004-11-10Bug2.0devel252Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel26Markup for text?
001482004-11-09Bug2.0 devel232Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel25compat1x.php false rendering of links with anchors
001472004-11-09Bug2 devel 2335Closed - not a bugbad characters in pages
001462004-11-08Featureany532Closed - added to cookbookAutomatic thumbnails and image sizing
001452004-11-08Bug2.0.devel5Closed - added for 2.0.devel26EditQuickReference missing
001442004-11-08Bug1.0.132Closed - not a bugIf PageName = GroupName, calling GroupName defaults to GroupName/PageName instead of GroupName/HomePage
001432004-11-07Bug2 dev 223Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel26Missing parent in MakeTrailPath (^| trail page |^ markup)
001422004-11-04Featureany53Closed - added in 2.1.beta23moderate posts / draft capability
001412004-11-03Feature 3221Suspendedview a specific revision of a page
001402004-11-03Bug2.0.devel214Closed, fixed for 2.0.devel22<!--file: ... --> syntax doesn't work
001392004-11-03Feature2.0.devel21340Closed - added to 2.0.beta22Move the skin code
001382004-11-02Bug2 dev 213Closed - bug in IESimple tables in IE show at bottom of page
001372004-11-02Feature1.0.133ClosedAdd syntax for generating a 'graphviz' graph
001362004-11-02Documentation Bug2.0devel162Closed - fixedinclude directive don't work with partial includes
001352004-11-01Feature 1Closed - fixedMissing preview mode for skins in cookbook
001342004-10-31Buglatest?2Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta11Buggy implementation of the page PageNotFound
001332004-10-31Feature2.0 devel201Closed - added for 2.0.devel23pagelist list=normal to exclude GroupAttributes
001322004-10-31Bug2 v143closed - config errorCase sensitivity on Unix systems leads to loop
001312004-10-30Bug2 Devel 193Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel27Search groups don't work
001302004-10-30Cookbook203Closed - added to cookbookMissing Change Summery
001292004-10-29Bug1.0.9345Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta15errors/repetition in RSS feed
001282004-10-29Feature2.0.devel194454Closed - added for 2.0.devel26Add RDF feeds to distribution.
001272004-10-29Bug2 dev 192Closed - switched to ΔLinkUploadCreateFmt character ⇑ shows as an empty box
001262004-10-28CoreCandidate2.0devel1955533 3Openbring an expanded (:breakpage:) directive into the core
001252004-10-28Documentation2.0.devel1934ClosedFinalize distribution versions of default pages
001242004-10-28Documentation2.0.devel1955Closed - added in 2.0.beta2Provide a sample-config.php
001232004-10-28Feature2.0.devel1955533Closed - added for 2.0.0Choose default skin layout for PmWiki 2.0 distribution
001222004-10-28Documentation2.0.devel1955Closed2.0 documentation needs to be completed
001212004-10-28 2.0.devel195Closed - done in 2.0.devel20Skin / template code needs to be established
001202004-10-28Feature1.0.113ClosedEasy-to-use feature for updating uploaded files
001192004-10-27Feature21Add to cookbook"powered by" logos delivered in pub dir
001182004-10-27Featurev22Closed - added to cookbookexpansion of LinkPageCreateFmt
001172004-10-27Bug2.0 dev 17 Closed - fixed in 2.0.devel19PmWiki generating null llinks ('/')
001162004-10-26Bug1.0.113Closed - fixed for 1.0.13Trailing spaces in "'Name attachment as:" lead to rejection of upload
001152004-10-25Bug2-devel153Closed - fixed in 2.0.devel26Translation of CurrentTime
001142004-10-25Feature 4332Closed - SiteAdmin.AuthList does itOverivew of protected pages
001132004-10-25Feature2.0.devel16 Closed - added to 2.0.beta26Add edit templates
001122004-10-24Feature 4Closed - added for 2.0.devel17Links to windows shares
001112004-10-24Feature1.0.8 ClosedPassword Inheritance Across levels
001102004-10-23Bugdevel163Closed - fixedcreate a new page in your browser's URL field
001092004-10-21Feature2.0.devel155544432Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta31password protect uploads
001082004-10-21Documentationpmwiki 21Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8anchor
001072004-10-21Bug2.0.devel131Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel16(nearly) empty link-tags resulting in php-error
001062004-10-19Cookbookall55553Closed - added as Cookbook:RelativeLinksAdd cookbook entry describing relative image URLs
001052004-10-19Bug2.0 devel131ClosedSignature conversion in PITS entry
001042004-10-19Feature1.0.114Closed - already availableOption for disabling special pages like AllRecentUploads
001032004-10-18Featurepmwiki 2 dev 134Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel16separate functions for page name and wiki word spacing
001022004-10-18Feature2.0.devel13 Closed - already solvedCharacter set should not be hard coded
001012004-10-18Bug2.0.devel134Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel15nested lists are formed inside of arbitrary blocks
001002004-10-18Bug2.0.devel134Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel14german "umlaute" processed wrong in page-url's
000992004-10-17Site config problem2.0 Devel1331ClosedEnableIMSCaching trouble updates
000982004-10-17Feature2431Suspended - Awaiting feedbackOption to include a "diff" of changes within the MailPosts email
000972004-10-17Bug2.0.devel132Closed - not a bugInstallTest Error
000962004-10-16Feature1.0.113Closed - changed for 2.0.devel15 and 1.0.12Dirty diff result using phpdiff.php of PmWiki-1.0.11
000952004-10-15Bug2.0.devel133Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel15Minor checkbox breaks XHTML compatibility
000942004-10-14Bug2.0.devel132Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel16getrusage() called by mistake, issues warning
000932004-10-13Featurepmwiki 2 dev 133Closed - added for 2.0.devel14include group name in the <title>
000922004-10-13Feature2.0.devel134ClosedFix PATH_INFO detection and handling
000912004-10-11Feature2.0.devel122ClosedAllow uploads to return directly to page
000902004-10-11Bug2.0.devel125Closed - not a bugHTTPS URLs not working
000892004-10-10Bug2.0 devel113Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta7keywords directive don't work
000882004-10-10Feature2.0 Devel1154444 244Closed - added for 2.2.6Add a RecentUploads page
000872004-10-10Cookbook2.0 Devel111Closedbug in extendmarkup.php
000862004-10-10FeatureAll55554 3Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta43Neutralise accented letters
000852004-10-09Bug2.0 Devel112Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12WikiTrails Fails w/ alternate text
000842004-10-09Feature2.0 Devel1143ClosedPageNotFound when no group homepage
000832004-10-09Bug2.0 devel112Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12Empty links create errors
000822004-10-08Feature2.0 devel 111Closed - added to cookbookImplement [:noleft:] and [:noright:] directives
000812004-10-08Bug2.0 devel 112Closed - duplicate of PITS:00019$PageTitle to implement in templates
000802004-10-08Bug2 devel112Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12[:nofooter:] don't work
000792004-10-07Feature 1Closed - added for 1.0.12 and 2.0.devel15print template
000782004-10-07Bug2 devel 114Closed - fixed in 2.0.devel13The HTML title of all my pages is "... $HTMLTitle"
000772004-10-07FeatureAll2ClosedAllow renaming SideBar page
000762004-10-07FeatureAll1Closedgeneralize $DefaultGroup
000752004-10-06Feature2.0 dev 113Closed - added for 2.0.devel17.Add ability to reference searchgroup, searchincl and searchexcl
000742004-10-06Bug2.0 dev 112Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta18search results are wrapped in <p> and </p> tags
000732004-10-06Bug2 devel 115Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12search : warning array_merge() Argument #1 is not an array
000722004-10-06Bug2.0 devel10 and devel114Closedthe main page works, but nothing else works.
000712004-10-05Feature2.0dev114ClosedWikiWord#reference not supported in PmWiki 2
000702004-10-04Featurepmwiki 2 dev 114Closed -- added to Cookbooksuperscripts and subscripts produc uneven line spacing
000692004-10-04Bugpmwiki2 dev 114Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel12$LinkPageSelfFmt incorrectly used with fragments
000682004-10-03Cookbook Bug2.0.Devel113Closed - added to 2.0 cookbookDTindex.php no longer works
000672004-10-03Bug2.0.Devel 111Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8Q: & A: Markups no longer works
000662004-10-03Bug2.0 Devel 113Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel14$SearchExcludePatterns no longer works
000652004-10-02Feature1.0.103Closed -- added for 1.0.11.add outdent markup to PmWiki 1
000642004-10-01Feature2.0.devel94Closed - changed for 2.0.devel11Make sessionauth.php the default.
000632004-10-01Feature2.0.devel94Closed - doneProvide a mechanism to honor linebreaks in markup text
000622004-09-30Bug2.0-devel953Closed - not a bugWikiWords Bug
000612004-09-30Feature2.0.devel94Closed - added in 2.0 devel10PHP diff engine
000602004-09-28Feature2.0.devel83ClosedMake PITS available to others
000592004-09-27Bug2.0.devel82Closed - fixed for 2.2.3Triple tilde not converted in preview
000582004-09-27Bug2.0.devel85Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel9[:table:] markup not implemented
000572004-09-26Bug2.0dev83Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel10trails.php uses $GroupNamepattern instead of $GroupPattern
000562004-09-26Feature2.0dev81Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel10should table caption markup be visible in the stdmarkup file?
000552004-09-25Feature1.0-104ClosedAutomatic Page listing in footer
000542004-09-24Bug2.0.devel85Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel9Bizarre handling of [=...=]
000532004-09-23Bug / Feature request1.0.544Closed - fixed in 1.0.12Support for URL-encoding of spaces and non-ASCII characters in file links
000522004-09-20Bug2.0.devel54Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta7Edit box needs a better default width
000512004-09-19Feature2.0dev45Closed -- added to 2.0.devel6no longer a PrintText function that one can call
000502004-09-19Feature2.0dev45Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel6UrlLinkFmt is hard-coded in the LinkIMap function
000492004-09-19Bug / Feature request2.0.devel53Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta7link "citation" mark-up doesn't work
000482004-09-19Bug2.0.devel55Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel6pmwiki 2 author not stored in page data or displayed in page history
000472004-09-18Bug2.0devel53Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel6space linked in text? links
000462004-09-18Bug2.0devel53Closed - duplicate of PITS:00047space linked in text? links
000452004-09-17Documentation, Cookbook 55555 55555 55555 44322 111XXToDoPossibility to comment pages
000442004-09-16Feature2.0.devel43Closed - implemented in 2.xOptimize page reads
000432004-09-16FeatureAll2Closed - added to 2.0.devel13Temporarily disabled wikiwords
000422004-09-16Bug1.0.83Closed - obsolete$UploadName doesn't work in sidebars
000412004-09-15Feature 2Closed - added to Cookbook.PostItNotesFloatable "sticky-notes"
000402004-09-15Bug2.0.devel45Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel6!table caption! not implemented in PmWiki 2
000392004-09-15Feature2.0dev445Closed, added for 2.0.devel13$Titlespaced variable and $AsSpaced functions not available
000382004-09-13Bug  OpenBroken upload with xlpage-iso-8859-2.php
000372004-09-10Feature2.0.devel4555443SuspendedMake uploads easier from the edit form
000362004-09-09Cookbook2.0.devel42ConfirmedMain.ApprovedUrls doesn't work with Cookbook.LazyWebLinks
000352004-09-09Bugall versions35Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8Internationalized page names work even worse
000342004-09-07FeatureCVS2Closed - fixedHTMLStylesFmt
000332004-09-07Feature (or maybe Documentation?)CVS1ClosedComments styles and output formats
000322004-09-07BugCVS2Closed - fixedComments break HTML standards
000312004-09-06Bug1.0.85Closed - fixeducwords function does not work propely for some languages
000302004-09-04Feature2.0.d31Closed - already exists in 2.0.d3Expand PageList to Groups
000292004-09-04Feature2.033SuspendedReplace PageTitle in RecentChanges if CustomTitle directive set
000282004-09-04Feature 555555 55555 55555 55555 55555 55555 55443 33221 11111 11111 11In ProgressTurn PmWiki into a full-fledged blogging tool
000272004-09-04CoreCandidate 55555 55555 55555 55555 55555 554433 15Closed - added for 2.2.119 (2019-10-03)Table of Contents
000262004-09-04Feature 55555 54431Closed - added for 2.0.beta28"integrated" form-based authorization
000252004-09-03Bug1.0.55Closed - no feedback received.PageHistory show last version only
000242004-09-02Feature1.0.13ClosedCharacter entities don't work inside links in PmWiki 1
000232004-09-02Feature1.0.62ClosedImage styles break image alignment
000222004-09-02Bug1.0.12Closed - fixed for 1.0.12$Needle shows up in search form in edit mode
000212004-09-02Not a bug1.0.52ClosedWikipedia InterMap entry should be changed
000202004-09-02BugAll PmWiki 1 versions1Closed - fixed in v2<p> tags are incorrect in PmWiki 1.0
000192004-09-02Bug2.0.devel353Closed, fixed for 2.0.devel13$PageTitle doesn't always work right
000182004-08-31Bug1.0.84Closed - fixed in 1.0.11"invalid page name" should contain a link to the home page
000172004-08-31Bug2.0devel35Closed - fixedWikiTrails code displays wrong text
000152004-08-28Bug2.0.devel331Closedprintable view doesn't do special handling of links
000142004-08-27PHP Compatibility 2Closed - fixedCall-time pass-by-reference in call to RestorePage
000132004-08-27Bug 55Closed - fixedpartial pagenames don't work in urls
000122004-08-27Documentation2.0.devel35Closed - fixed in 2.0.devel14TextFormattingRules is out of date
000112004-08-27Bug2.0.devel5Closed - fixedInternationalized page names don't work
000102004-08-27Feature 55555 55555 55555 55554 4421Closeduser-based authorization
000092004-08-26Bug2.0.devel3455Closed - added for 2.0.devel20images do not float (v2)
000082004-08-26Bug 3Closed - not a bug$PagePathFmt not functioning properly in Cookbook
000072004-08-26Bug2.0.devel3355Closed, fixed for 2.0.beta6WikiWord counts available yet (v2)
000062004-08-26Documentation2.0.devel5543Closed - updated for 2.0.0Need better documentation of WikiStyles in 2.x
000052004-08-26Documentation2.0.devel1Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta8Need documentation for simultaneous edits
000042004-08-26Bug 35Closed - fixed for 2.0.devel24Need password protection of action=approvelinks
000032004-08-26Documentation2.0.devel3Closed - doneneed documentation for adding custom markup
000022004-08-26Feature2.0.devel551Closed - added in 2.0.beta33searchresults and pagelist could allow sort= parameter
000012004-08-26Feature2.0.devel23Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta3attachlist doesn't work