00113: Add edit templates

Summary: Add edit templates
Created: 2004-10-25 11:54
Status: Closed - added to 2.0.beta26
Category: Feature
From: Pm
Version: 2.0.devel16


Knut Alboldt wrote: Is there already a solution for having default edit templates (I mean the text used to edit new pages - not the page template for displaying templates in the skin directory) according to the pages name.

Fred Chittenden responded:

The "wiki projectforum" has a "edit template" feature, if I understand you correctly. When you start up a new page, you can pick a template to start editing. One template offered is a blog.

While evaluating the wikiprojectforum software, I found it's "editing templates" to be a very nice feature, especially for newbies and in situations where new, simple to complex wikipages might be quickly bootstrapped from a library of templates rather than copy and pasted.

The projectforum's new page edit process also provided various button 'selections' for how one might configure a new wikipage to function. For example, one could create a wikiblog from scratch by selecting the appropriate buttons when editing a new page or by selecting a blog template from a pull down list from a library of templates. User's could easily add and edit their own template wiki pages to the template library, which (if I recall correctly) were just wikipages stored in some wikigroup template.

It's a very desirable feature, IMHO.

Is is it running under v2 ? In v1 I used the cookbook recipe using:
     if ($action=='edit' && PageExists(FmtPageName('$Group.Template',$pagename)))
       $page = ReadPage(FmtPageName('$Group.Template',$pagename));
       $DefaultPageTextFmt = $page['text'];
but I couldn't get this working in v2.
I believe that Fred's comments were related to "wikiprojectforum", which is a different wiki engine from PmWiki. I think his comments were meant to describe features that would be desirable with edit templates, as opposed to a capability that now exists in PmWiki (1 or 2). --Pm