00328: trail markup hard codes html tags

Summary: trail markup hard codes html tags
Created: 2005-02-10 22:12
Status: Discussion
Category: Feature
From: jr
Priority: 54
Version: v2 beta 20
OS: all

Description: Pdf2you converts wiki markup to an intermediate xml dtd, suitable for print-formatted pages. To do this, it replaces all pmwiki -> xhtml markup translations with appropriate elements from the alternate dtd. In most cases so far, pmwiki's xhtml elements are data. However, trails.php has hard-coded <span class='wikitrail'> ... </span> elements.

One solution is to change the trail Markup statements, as follows:

  "'<span class=\'wikitrail\'>'.MakeTrailStop(\$pagename,'$1').'</span>'"

  "'<span class=\'wikitrail\'>'.MakeTrailStopB(\$pagename,'$1').'</span>'"

  "'<span class=\'wikitrail\'>'.MakeTrailPath(\$pagename,'$1').'</span>'"

and remove the span tags from the corresponding return statements in the functions.

This (and any others we may find) is a high priority for us.

I support this. I've had to hack trails to make my own markup, because this one is practiculary ugly. At least it should output <:block><div> instead of span and additionally add few extra spans inside for better styling.