00180: Grab and add [+screenshots+] to Wiki pages automagically?

Summary: Grab and add screenshots to Wiki pages automagically?
Created: 2004-11-27 09:09
Status: Suspended - needs votes
Category: Feature
From: b?
Priority: 433
Version: na
OS: na

Description: Hi,

How about something that would ease the grabbing, and perhaps even the cropping, saving, and insertion, of screenshots into the Wiki?

Somthing to grab whatever Windows throws on the clipboard after a Print Screen and convert it to something jpeg-like and save it into the Wiki/insert it into the current page?

Going further with it, maybe something to let the Wikker man crop it thereafter?

Further still, maybe even mark it up somehow? Or if that's way to thorny, maybe something to let the image become the background of a table, and then use something like PmWikiDraw to edit an image that would be displayed on top of that background image?

I'm thinking about environments in which one can be pretty comfortable _not_ worrying about the malicious intent of the Wiki's current editor, and this calls to mind self-documenting technical and business processes.

I've had to teach several people at my work about how to get whatever it is on their screen that they want to talk about to some indeterminate person(s) to come later.

It's rarely smooth.

A main argument against hosting bandwidth-intensive stuff like images and etc in the Wiki could frequently be a non-issue when the Wiki is hosted in-house andor is just used by the small set of people in an organization.

By way of example, I'm pretty sure I could convince my tiny company to fork over a few hundred bucks to any donation bucket that offered at least the receipt half of your average online software licensing checkout lane, but I guess that's a different suggestion.


interesting. If you learn to grab in an artistically manner in one session of grabs, theoretically you could compose out of different grabs a picture.

This reduces problems with rare file formats, you grab it without exporting it.

Could it be a section of a screen? Or will it it be the whole screen.

for software development this would be very nice.