00765: Convert triple dash to HTML mdash entity

Summary: Convert triple dash to HTML mdash entity
Created: 2006-06-29 09:06
Status: Closed - add to cookbook
Category: Feature
Priority: 544431

Description: In latex, three dashes in a row (---) produces one long dash. In HTML, the same symbol is represented by — (—). I'm requesting a syntax/transformation that converts three dashs to '—'. I imagine this would be low risk (I haven't seen the syntax used anywhere).

Also, two dashes (--) in latex produces a slightly shorter dash. In HTML, the same entity is represented by – (–). It would be good if this could be added too, although I'm not sure if it would break anything.


perhaps a recipe if no core implementation?

This probably needs to be a Cookbook recipe.

Pm April 17, 2007, at 03:01 PM

See Cookbook:Markup Extensions which provides markupup for en dash and em dash.