00009: images do not float (v2)

Summary: images do not float (v2)
Created: 2004-08-26 20:35
Status: Closed - added for 2.0.devel20
Category: Bug
From: Pm
Priority: 455
Version: 2.0.devel3

Description: Currently there's no mechanism for floating images right or left in pages. PmWiki 1.0 checked to see if an image was at the beginning or end of a markup line to determine the float, but this led to problems with WikiStyles and some other minor features.

How should we handle floating images in PmWiki 2.0?

WikiStyles %float=left% and %float=right% ?

Added %align=left% and %align=right% WikiStyles for 2.0.devel20. It might be worthwhile to create style shortcuts, as in %imgleft% and %imgright%.

I may still add automatic left/right floating images as a Cookbook recipe or an optional feature. --Pm