00998: Let page passwords be references

Summary: Let page passwords be references
Created: 2007-12-17 03:41
Status: Closed - exists and fixed for 2.2.3
Category: CoreCandidate
Priority: 555554

Description: Let an administrator change the page password for a group of pages in a single place, instead of having to do it page by page. (Please keep it compatible with AuthUser, even though it's page-centric rather than user-centric.)


I'd definitely very much appreciate that. Changing passwords at the moment is, really, difficult. Thank you

  • I'd like an additive way of adding passwords to a page as well (ahem)


  • This looks like a good idea; I must admit, I don't tend to use page passwords as often as I might, for just this reason.

Kathryn Andersen

How about password-centric rather than page-centric? Consider this:

  $DefaultPasswords['MyPassword2'] = array(crypt('secret'), '@admins');
  $DefaultPasswords['MyPassword9'] = array('$1$NuBV/Mcc$GG3J60h.TLczUTRKhoVPM.');

And in the Group or Page Attributes we enter:


You can have MyPassword1, MyPassword2, MyPassword3, etc. This now works for single pages (and from version 2.2.3 it will work for GroupAttributes too). I believe this way is even easier to maintain than via passwords read from another wiki page as the Summary suggests. (We could also write a small recipe if someone needs this.) --Petko July 15, 2009, at 07:51 AM