00188: ip address lookups

Summary: ip address lookups
Created: 2004-11-29 03:15
Status: Suspended - add to cookbook
Category: Feature
From: sb?
Priority: 541

Description: It would be great to have an option to enable ip address lookups on the history pages.

How should this be incorporated into the display output? --Pm

The reason for the request is to see at a glance which computer made a change. The author name is extra reassurance. It would be good to show the (hostname) after any ip address, but also to see the ip and host after the author name on the RecentChanges page.

Problem: the hostname at the time of the edit needs to be stored, not the current hostname.

Okay, but this says why the information is desired, which I can understand. I need to know how it should appear in the generated output--i.e., what should it look like/how should it be formatted?

The IP address at the time of the edit is already stored. Performing hostname lookups based on IP address can be expensive -- I'd prefer to not do it from within PHP. If the webserver provides the hostname to the script then we can make use of that. --Pm

Hello, The hostname would appear after the name, and would need to be switched on to be used. DNS lookups are internal, so lookups would be fast.


 last edit at DATETIME by supposed-user (ip, hostname-if-we-have-it)

DNS lookups (by definition) are *not* internal, so there's no guarantee that they'll be fast. Yes, a DNS lookup is performed by the resolver library on the local machine, but the resolver library in turn has to go out over the Internet to find the appropriate hostname and this can take on the order of several seconds. Indeed, this is why the Apache webserver recommends that its HostnameLookups directive be set to off, because "DNS lookups can take a considerable amount of time" [1].

So, I'm still inclined to fall back to "save the hostname if the webserver gives it to us". --Pm


I want to see something like this:

  December 03, 2004, at 01:10 AM by Charles at

I don't want to have to hover over the name to see the IP in a tooltip (a method currently being tried on pmwiki.org). I can't think of a reason for suppressing the IP, unless the Wiki is allowing people to remain completely anonymous to readers. An admin could look in the server logs or the actual page code to see the IP. But if need be, provide some kind of format switch.

Note that this last comment is actually different from the original request, which wants to have host names (from DNS) stored in the log file (in addition to the IP address).

> suppressing the IP


actually, is this currently possible? or would something like cookies have to be used to track authors?