00033: Comments styles and output formats

Summary: Comments styles and output formats
Created: 2004-09-07 08:07
Status: Closed
Category: Feature (or maybe Documentation?)
From: Balu
Priority: 1
Version: CVS

Description: I am not sure if I like the way comments are done in PmWiki2 (invisible span).

I am not sure what to do though. Not generate them at all?

Or use a CSS to allow template designers to style them (class="comment"). This way the template people could allow the comments to be viewed - in a different color or just different.

Or make HTML comments from them?


There are multiple ways of doing comments in PmWiki 2. First, there is the [:comment:] directive, which is completely stripped from the output when the page is displayed. One can of course change the custom markup for [:comment:] to produce HTML comments instead.

Second, one can redefine the %comment% WikiStyle -- just do

    %define=comment class=comment%

and comments will be created using <span class='comment'>Comment text</span>. Of course, you can also do %define=comment red% and this would cause all comments to appear in red--as in:

[:markup:] Here is some text %comment% and its comment %%. %define=comment red% Here is some text %comment% and its comment %%.

So, the existing implementation seems to preserve the desired flexibility while providing a reasonable default. --Pm

After learning about [:comment:] I think it's all we probably need. --Balu