01008: ConditionalMarkup, IncludeOtherPages, PageTextVariables

Summary: ConditionalMarkup, IncludeOtherPages, PageTextVariables
Created: 2008-02-13 13:23
Status: Closed - updated
Category: Documentation
From: GNUZoo
Priority: 5
Version: all

Description: These 3 pages need better information about how they work together other than saying "Conditional Markup does not work with Include Other Pages" and there needs to be examples of PTV used in conditional markup.


PM said "conditional markup works fine with page text variables. page text variables don't recognize conditional markup, though". This needs further explanation. Is this the same for includes? Can you show some examples?

HansB: I tried to make this clearer in the pages mentioned, by changing the notes into full sections about use with conditional markup

Thanks Hans. PmWiki.PageTextVariables needs some refactoring before updating the core docs, but PITS:00957 already discusses this, so I am closing this entry. --Petko