00442: Add additionnal GUI buttons lines

Summary: Add additionnal GUI buttons lines
Created: 2005-05-20 04:28
Status: Open
Category: Cookbook
From: jmi
Priority: 53
Version: 2.0 beta36

Description: The possibility -or a recipy- to add more rows of GUI button one under another so that naive authors have more accces to text formating. (Basically, I'm thinking of one line for text formating, one line for text color, and one line for bgcolor)

I agree that being able to create rows would be very nice. Adding another argument to the beginning of the GUIButton array would be one way to do it. I have grabbed and modified the comments from scripts\guiedit to show what I mean.

The buttons are placed in the $GUIButtons array; each button is specified by an array of six values:
- the row the button is in
- the position of the button relative to others in the row(a number)
- the opening markup sequence
- the closing markup sequence
- the default text if none was highlighted
- the text of the button, either (a) HTML markup or (b) the url of a gif/jpg/png image to be used for the button (along with optional "title" text in quotes).

  • This has already been solved, please see my post on the GUI edit page where I've attached an image of my GUI. What I'm really trying to do is figure out RichEdit - Sack 10-20-2006