00389: list attachments only meeting a certain pattern

Summary: list attachments only meeting a certain pattern
Created: 2005-03-16 02:13
Status: Closed - added for 2.0.beta28
Category: Feature
From: Pm
Priority: 43
Version: 2.0.beta26


From: "L. Easterly"

Is there a parameter/markup/command I can usethat will show a list only a certain file format? Attachlist shows everything, and on this particular page, I'm wantingt o show only mp3's.

Example: I have a list of radio recordings in mp3 format (anomalies on shortwave that I record and share)

I want to create a page in my SWL.RecSounds page that list only the mp3 sounds that i've uploaded, not the incidental txt files and miscellany that also reside in the same uber-group.

Ideas? I'm using Version: pmwiki-2.0.beta16

Closed -- added for 2.0.beta28. --Pm