01452: Can't SiteAdmin

Summary: Can't SiteAdmin
Created: 2020-03-15 18:13
Status: Awaiting feedback
Category: Bug
From: 46790D14?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.126
OS: Windows 10

Description: I am attempting to login to SiteAdmin but it says "Password required." I logged in with username and password but it asked for it again, without a problem message! 46790D14? March 15, 2020, at 06:14 PM

PmWiki by design allows one person to have/know multiple passwords, so this is not really a problem. The problem is that none of the passwords that you provided within the session allow you to access the current page, group or action. The SiteAdmin group is locked by default for everybody but the people who know the $DefaultPasswords['admin'] password(s) -- you need to set one in local/config.php and use it without filling in the username field, just type the admin password. See PasswordsAdmin for more information. If this doesn't work, see Troubleshooting to eliminate any possible other errors about "headers already sent by" or "session-write-close" or "session.save_path". Please report. --Petko March 15, 2020, at 06:27 PM