Use the form below to create new issues in the PmWiki Issue Tracking System (PITS). Before registering a new issue, you should also scan the list of outstanding issues to make sure your request has not already been entered in the system.

When entering bug reports, please provide examples that illustrate the bug! Either demonstrate the bug directly in the form below, create pages in the Test group that exhibit the bug, or provide a url to another site that shows the problem.

You may prefer to disclose security bugs privately: e-mail us -> mailto:5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr?cc=pmichaud [snail] pobox [period] com&subject=PmWiki%20security%20disclosure.

See also the PITS guidelines for advice about using this tracking system. Note that the form below can only be used to create new requests--it cannot be used to edit existing ones.

It would be most helpful if the report concerns the current version(s) of PmWiki (2.3.33) and any recipes/modules/skins: see if you need to upgrade. Bugs in older versions may have already been fixed.

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