00196: \\ does not get converted to linebreaks

Summary: \\ does not get converted to linebreaks
Created: 2004-12-01 14:25
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: HugoAlroe
Priority: 2
Version: 2 beta4

Description: When testing PmWiki2beta4 test conversion the \\ markup from pmwiki1 does not get converted to linebreaks.

Hmmm, is there a page where I could see this? The \\ markup doesn't get converted because it's the same (at least I think it's the same) in both version 1 and 2. --Pm

Yes, I now see that it works sometimes. But see this page [(approve links) edit diff], where some work and some don't. Am I missing something?

It can also be replicated here: derfor at hun fik sine kunstneriske evner.

Mens hun var en helt ung pige, kom der mange malere og de ikke syntes at der var plads nok.

The problem is that the \\'s aren't the very last thing on the line -- each of the ones above that don't work have a space after them.