00738: AJAX in PmWiki

Summary: AJAX in PmWiki
Created: 2006-05-15 20:34
Status: Discussion
Category: Feature
From: Andy
Priority: 33
Version: 2.x

Description: I'm starting to work on adding AJAX effects to PmWiki. Other people must be doing the same thing, and it would be good to pool resources.

I'm planning to work with XAJAX, for ease of conversion, and because I know PHP better than I know JS. Is that a good/bad choice? Is anybody further ahead on this using other scripts?

Sorry if PITS isn't the right place to post this. It seemed too preliminary to be in Cookbooks.

some recipes already exist which are employing ajax or ajax-like functionality. for example, ShowHide.

I was imagining more like editing the page in place. You click the Edit link and the edit form replaces the page right there on the page. Then you click Save and the new contents appear, without reloading the page. Maybe it's not in the cards -- I don't know. I just thought somebody must be working on it. Andy June 06, 2006, at 04:55 PM

It's come up before -- my feeling is that AJAX doesn't provide much of an advantage here (although I haven't investigated it thoroughly). Some of my posts on the subject are at

(do a search for 'ajax' in gmane to see other posts).


I was playing arround with xajax. But so far I didn't found a real use for it that would pay off the effort. A simple example of how I used it can be found here (probably not working with actual pmwiki releases). - Schlaefer June 07, 2006, at 04:50 AM

ShowHide it is not ajax!

in reply to Pm -- I think the AJAX experience is coming to be expected and adds a lot of value in terms of ease of use. Consider LionWiki and how you can edit a section without leaving the page. Would this be so difficult to implement in PmWiki that nobody can make a cookbook for it? - Andy

I've started to incorporate AJAX stuff into a few of my cookbook recipes where it makes sense (Attachtable and AutoSave). So as not to duplicate my own work, I'm using some of the same functions for both; the common file comes together with both recipes or you can grab it from http://autsys.tkk.fi/js/util.js. Probably should minify it, but haven't bothered to yet. The point is, anyone else who is working on AJAXy PmWiki stuff is quite welcome to use and extend this. Using a common codebase is a good thing. —Eemeli Aro June 11, 2009, at 02:46 PM

fyi - i just went thru the cookbook looking for ajax related recipes, and added an [[!Ajax]] tag to each. it should now be one step easier to find other pmwiki ajax'ers, compare code, etc. overtones99 July 24, 2009, at 01:16 PM