00271: Ability to customize display of home page in WikiTrails

Summary: Ability to customize display of home page in WikiTrails
Created: 2005-01-07 21:07
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta18
Category: Feature
Priority: 43
Version: 2.0.beta14
OS: Linux (Apache 1.3.33), PHP 4.3.10

Description: I have a WikiTrail (bulleted list) defined on EndangeredSpecies.HomePage. I would like to have the trail links on the group subpages displayed in the following format:

<< African Lion | Endangered Species Home | Asiatic Lion >>

However, this does not seem possible, as it would require markup such as

<<|[[EndangeredSpecies.HomePage | Endangered Species Home]]|>> but per the WikiTrail documentation, ->"You can embed brackets inside a trail as in [=<<|[[PmWiki/Documentation Index]]|>>. This allows you to include slashes and spaces or a page with a single word title such as "Contents" within the TrailPage. You cannot, however, include a | within the internals of the Trailpage."

I realize that I could get the result I want by renaming the trail home page to EndangeredSpecies.EndangeredSpeciesHome, but that results in a long and redundant url, which I would like to avoid if possible.

My PHP and regex skills are minimal, to say the least, but I would guess that the limitation of not being able to "include a | within the internals of the Trailpage" has to do with the trail markup not being able to parse out an internal | within the two bracketing |s. At first it struck me that could be worked around by using some other character (such as ^) in place of the internal |, but that breaks PmWiki's overall consistency in using a | to designate alternative link text, which is not good. Perhaps double bars could be used instead, e.g., <<||TrailPage | Link Text||>>? Or would that conflict with table markup?