01096: Disable all markup for PlainText Wiki

Summary: Disable all markup for PlainText Wiki
Created: 2009-05-01 09:47
Status: Closed - replied
Category: Feature
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.0-beta66 (VersionNum=2001966)

Description: I am looking for a way to make a PlainText wiki with no markup except maybe links between pages. Even that, I'm toying with simply putting the link in parentheses when applicable. But basically, it would be free-style editing, where if one author decided to bold a phrase by enclosing it in asterisks that's fine, while another used carrots that's fine too. Can someone help me?

I would still need WordWrap and to TrackChanges and ControlAccess.

Hello. You can disable individual markup rules by adding to pmwiki/local/config.php such lines:
  DisableMarkup("img");     # disable inline images
  DisableMarkup("'''");     # disable bold
  DisableMarkup("''");      # disable italics
  DisableMarkup("'''''");   # disable bold italics
  DisableMarkup("markup-key");  # Read below
To find out the different "markup-keys" that allow you to disable markup rules, you may look at the file pmwiki/scripts/stdmarkup.php (don't modify it). There, markup rules are defined like this:
  Markup('notitle', [other parameters]);
So, to disable the 'notitle' markup, you will add to config.php such a line

See also PmWiki:CustomMarkup.

You can also completely disable features by adding such lines in config.php:
  $EnableStdMarkup = 0;         # disable stdmarkup.php
  $EnableWikiTrails = 0;        # disable WikiTrails
  $EnableWikiStyles = 0;        # disable WikiStyles
  $EnableMarkupExpressions = 0; # disable MarkupExpressions
  $EnablePageList = 0;          # disable Search and PageLists
  $EnableVarMarkup = 0;         # disable vardoc links
  $EnableForms = 0;             # disable forms

I don't recommend disabling stdmarkup.php, use individual DisableMarkups instead.

You probably shouldn't disable rules defined in the first 110 lines of stdmarkup.php, and rules you don't understand what they do. Hope this is useful. --Petko May 02, 2009, at 03:51 PM