00430: refcount does not honor $LinkWikiWords = 0

Summary: refcount does not honor $LinkWikiWords = 0
Created: 2005-04-30 15:15
Status: Suspended
Category: Bug
Priority: 5542
Version: 2.0b26


Refcount does not seem to honor the $LinkWikiWords = 0 flag and lists CamelCase words as missing links. This is an annoyance for an admin trying to find missing pages, because it has the potential to generate a large number of false positives.

Note that this is NOT a problem at all for sites that have WikiWords enabled.

Disabling WikiWords works well on my site as the entries often include Scottish surnames like MacTavish and the contraction McTavish. Unfortunately, to follow from the above, it is annoyance when using Refcount as it still lists all their occurrences as a missing page, and they alway will be as the site is not related to names or geneology. (Klonk's fix is now helping though) Des March 21, 2006, at 06:15 AM


PM responded as follows on the PmWiki-users listserve:

The general answer is that I've treated it as "not a bug" because I've never considered refcount to be precise (it never has been, might not be anytime soon). In 2.0 refcount doesn't scan the text -- it just uses the targets= attribute that is generated when the page is saved. So, if it's incorrectly reporting wikiword links, that's a bug in the targets= generator and not refcount.

The targets= generator should be honoring $LinkWikiWords if it's set at the time the page is being saved. However, as currently implemented it doesn't recognize the directive -- in fact, the generation of targets= takes place assuming all directives are removed first. This is arguably a bug; on the other hand there's not a simple fix at the moment (and I've treated refcounting as imprecise anyway so it hasn't concerned me too much).

I guess the answer is that for now this is something that just hasn't annoyed me enough to label it a "bug" and want to invest the time needed to make it more precise. But it's reasonable to call it a bug. So, it probably deserves a PITS entry for now, and some votes to see how important a priority it is.

2.1beta20 still deos show that bug. Even saving the page again does not help Klonk January 17, 2006, at 07:31 AM

A quick fix is using ` in front of the specific word (Disabling this wikiword). Klonk January 18, 2006, at 09:31 AM