00511: session_start() as an optional possibility

Summary: session_start() as an optional possibility
Created: 2005-09-09 05:53
Status: Closed - already exists
Category: Feature
From: Isidor
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0+

Description: Hi,

We use PmWiki in a project Farm + 20 sites, using a SingleSignOn système. We need session (and session variables) to be activated as soon as possible within pmwiki.

Today at each time I upgrade I add session_start(); as the first line in pmwiki.php

Could it be possible to have this as an option, to activate or not the session_start ?


Answer 1: Just put session_start() as the very first line of local/farmconfig.php in the farm directory. This ought to be early enough for any application; PmWiki doesn't use any session variables prior to loading local/farmconfig.php (nor does it call any external scripts prior to loading the farmconfig.

Let me know if this works so I can close this issue. --Pm

I've started this test will keep you informed. Pm, I think you can close it, if I see issues I'll create a new PITT --Isidor

After a few days with this settings I can confirm it works fine, thanks Isidor