00026: "integrated" form-based authorization

Summary: "integrated" form-based authorization
Created: 2004-09-04 00:47
Status: Closed - added for 2.0.beta28
Category: Feature
From: jeff
Priority: 55555 54431

Description: Would it be possible to better integrate user authorization into PmWiki? I think something like http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Cookbook/SessionAuthForm in PmWiki 1.x would be perfect.

I tried to use the SessionAuthForm script in PmWiki 2.0 but couldn't get it to work.

Session-based authentication is now the default in PmWiki 2.

  • But how to integrate the form into a wiki page? The SessionAuthForm script made it possible to have it seamlessly integrated in the page.

I ported my SessionAuthForm script to PmWiki 2.0 (Attach:sessionauthform.php.txt). See [(approve links) edit diff] for an example of how it looks like.

A problem I had, was that I wasn't sure how to use Markup(). Could you please have a look at it, Pm?

Maybe this would be something to add to the standard distribution.

-- thom

I found a nice password request implementation at [(approve links) edit diff] this page is a PmWiki installation! -- Armin

Cookbook/UserAuth also uses form based authorization. -- JamesMcDuffie