01215: Add intermap prefix to link classname

Summary: Add intermap prefix to link classname
Created: 2010-07-29 10:42
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: Maxim?
Priority: 22
Version: 2.2.17

Description: It's often nice to style links by their type, and I have a few custom $IMapLinkFmt styles that show icons for intermap links. It's be great if the default $UrlLinkFmt could set the link class with the imap prefix, e.g.

(inside function LinkIMap())

$FmtV['$LinkImap'] = strtolower(trim($imap, ':'));

(earlier in pmwiki.php)

$UrlLinkFmt = 
  "<a class='urllink \$LinkImaplink' href='\$LinkUrl' title='\$LinkAlt' rel='nofollow'>\$LinkText</a>";

...then CSS could style "httplink", "httpslink", "wikipedialink", etc. and I wouldn't need the custom $IMapLinkFmt just to add a classname for each intermap destination.