00634: Define markup to add row attributes to advanced tables

Summary: Define markup to add row attributes to advanced tables
Created: 2006-01-05 17:16
Status: Open
Category: Feature
Priority: 31



It is currently possible to modify attributes for both tables and cells using the advanced table markup, but it is impossible to modify attributes on individual rows.


To avoid author confusion, it would be best to add something to the (:table:) and (:cellnr:) directives directly. It has been suggested to add a (:row ...attr...:) directive. The problem with this idea can be illustrated with the following scenario:


The (:row:) directive would render things rather vague since one might ask: is B on a new row? Is it in its own cell?

Proposed Markup

I suggest adding a |row markup that would fit inside of a (:table:) and (:cellnr:) directives which would delineate any attributes meant to be passed to the current row.

So we might have:

 (:table bgcolor=blue |row bgcolor=yellow:)
 We are in the first cell of the table, this entire row will be yellow

 Second cell, still yellow bg

 Second row, bg is blue since the table bg is blue

 (:cellnr bgcolor=red |row bgcolor=green:)
 Third row, first cell, my bg is red

 Third row, second cell, my bg is green (row is green)

 New row, my bg is back to the table bg, blue