00854: Return 404 page for invalid page names

Summary: Return 404 page for invalid page names
Created: 2007-01-03 13:14
Status: Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta20
Category: Feature
From: HaganFox
Priority: 3355
Version: 2.2
OS: All

Description: Change the way PmWiki handles "?invalid page name" errors so they return a 404 Not Found page instead of this.

This request originated on the pmwiki-users list.

When entering an invalid subpage, PmWiki gives a default error message. Say for example http://server/cms/Main/HomePage is en existing page. The following message appears, when someone enters http://server/cms/Main/HomePage/something. Is it possible to return an error (404) page instead this?

PmWiki can't process your request
?invalid page name
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks, Athan

See the thread above for discussion about why the error message appears as it currently does (the short summary is that at the time the error occurs, skins and other items are typically not loaded or configured yet).

However, 2.2.0-beta20 does change the HTTP response code for invalid page names to be "404 Not Found".