00226: Add replace upload button to attachlist

Summary: Add replace upload button to attachlist
Created: 2004-12-09 08:56
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta11
Category: Feature
From: Pm
Priority: 42444 44444 43
Version: 2.0.beta7

Description: Several admins have requested the ability to have a "replace upload" link or button that makes it easy to overwrite an existing upload. Pm suggested a "replace upload" link in the (:attachlist:) markup.

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Comment by Christian: Maybe make the appearance of the replace link controlled by an option?

In 00120 I suggested to provide the upload link within in the page content context because it would be still easier to use. If everything considered Add replace upload button to attachlist appears as the better solution, I'm happy with that as well so that 000120 can be closed, too. --Henning December 15, 2004, at 06:01 AM