00994: page edits are LOST when 'Attach' is selected

Summary: page edits are LOST when 'Attach' is selected
Created: 2007-11-21 11:56
Status: Closed (3 Cookbook recipes)
Priority: 54
Version: 2.2.0-beta65
OS: Linux/Apache/PHP2.2.0

Description: I created a new page and spent 15 minutes entering content. To include an attachment (.jpg) in the page, I pressed the 'Attach' option and uploaded my file.

But all my content edits were lost :(

Some sort of warning would have really been helpful in this case.

It seems that choosing any one of the options (view, history, edit, attach, print) will wipe out all your recent edits. I'm unsure if this only happens with newly created pages or if it also happens with edits to existing pages.

Thanks for your time in providing such a fine product.


This is not exactly a PmWiki bug. Webforms just work this way (on any website, with any browser). However, I agree that an enhancement can be made for PmWiki.

See the recipes Cookbook:NotSavedWarning (Warn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name) and its talk page, and Cookbook:ConfirmEditNotSaved (Ask users to confirm if they are leaving the edit page without saving) for at least three solutions. --Petko March 07, 2009, at 07:41 AM