00775: Login -> 500 Internal Server Error

Summary: Login -> 500 Internal Server Error
Created: 2006-07-11 17:01
Status: Closed - likely cookbook bug
Category: Other
From: Simon B
Priority: 5
Version: 2.1.5
OS: PHP 4.4.1 (webhost: strato.de)

Description: Hi !

My PmWiki works fine so far (e.g. the guestbook works and accepts new entries), everything works - but every time I want to login I get an "500 - Internal Server Error".

Access to server error logs its not possible with my webhost (+#1%$!!!) so I had to guess, but I have no idea so far.

Every time I want to login and the error message appears my URL shows to times "?action=login":


I figured out how to change that in UserAuth, but that didn't solve the problem - I keep getting an internal server error.

(Is it because register_globals are turned off?)

Please, someone knows what to to?