00949: Added new recipe for subscription form

Summary: Added new recipe for subscription form
Created: 2007-07-14 14:37
Status: Closed
Category: Cookbook
From: Diafygi
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0+
OS: Any

Description: I added a recipe to the cookbook section (MailListForm). It is a heavily modified form of the MailForm recipe. It would be great if you could add it to the recipe list on the main cookbook page. If there is anything that I need to modify, please let me know. Diafygi

RecipeCheck Format
I've included the $RecipeInfo variable in the recipe for the SiteAnalyzer. How do I include the version number and date into the Cookbook page?

I found the answer. All you need to do is use the same format for your release version on your cookbook page as you do in your actual recipe. -Diafygi (2/2/2009)