01154: History is not recorded

Summary: History is not recorded
Created: 2009-11-26 03:30
Status: Closed - fixed (cookbook)
Category: Bug
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.6
OS: Linux 2.6.18-164.6.1.el5/ Apache 2.2.11/ php 5.2.10

Description: history does not get recorded for pages anymore, pages that are not spammed (authorisation) are also affected. When spammers change the page I get a strange code when i try to restore, I am not able to restore the page anymore.

Have you recently installed a new recipe or changed some configuration? Do you have set the $DiffKeepDays variable? Is there a way for us to look at the broken history pages? --Petko December 02, 2009, at 03:04 PM

It is a public site look at http://www.wiki.snaaijer.nl/index.php/Postcrossing/Postcrossing

Have you installed a new recipe or changed some configuration or variable, on August 04, 2009, around 07:59 PM? This seems to be the moment when the history stopped being recorded. --Petko December 09, 2009, at 04:24 AM

It could have coincided with an upgrade to the then available latest version. I noticed it only after the second upgrade on 8 November. I have not changed the cookbooks, there was an OS upgrade and a CPanel upgrade around that time too. While typing i was looking for settings in my config.php i noticed i used sysdiff. i removed it and it works now. Sysdiff cookbook relies on some OS specific files (i assume diff).

Thanks for the help !