00420: Background images for pages, cells and tables

Summary: Background images for pages, cells and tables
Created: 2005-04-11 16:36
Status: Open
Category: Cookbook
Priority: 444
Version: 2.0 Beta26
OS: TBD/current

Description: I would like to see the ability to, with a simple markup, insert a background image into an editable page area or a cell or table of cells... in that order of importance.

I am not suggesting a background for the entire wiki screen, just the part that the editable text appears over.

It would work for the page the markup appears in only, it would not spead to the group or anwhere else (obviously).

It must work in a Farm environment. (or be able to be made workable)

1. The addressing of the background image should be 'relative' to the wiki home directory. This will keep the markup string short and portable.

2. The image background markup options should be:
*unspecified = centered and single
*single = one image, non repeating, centered
*tiled = image repeats to cover available area

3. If the markup is placed in a page it applies to the page, if in a cell it applies only to that cell, if with the table head markup it applies to the entire table.

4. Image format accepted should be gif, png or jpg

5. It is up to the user to produce the image faint enough to be useable and as background, no 'transparency' is required.

6. One image per page, cell, or table.

Conclusion... it should work much like the current image markup works, only in the background. The markup in the current cookbook doesn't work and does not appear to use relative paths.

I am suggesting a background for the entire wiki screen.

In addition of the good ideas above I need - as for images as well -- to position the background-image exactly with x and y coordinates by pixels (px):


We really need to come up with a markup or suitable method for doing this.


Cookbook.BackgroundImages has both markup and method. (I'm changing status here from "awaiting feedback" to "open" to signal that feedback has arrived.) --Henning July 12, 2007, at 10:15 AM