00613: Firefox Search Plugin for PmWiki

Summary: Firefox Search Plugin for PmWiki
Created: 2005-12-02 11:26
Status: Awaiting feedback
Category: Feature
Priority: 2
Version: >= 2.0.12
OS: PHP 4/5

Description: Another open source tool that I use is phpMyFAQ and it has a feature that allows the user to install a search plugin in their Firefox search tool bar. Rather than having to phpMyFAQ to search, they can search it directly in their browser.

This would be a great feature for PmWiki, a tool that we rely upon within my department at work. This plays right in with the requirment of making it easy to access.

We may be able to create the searchbox for firefox, but here's another option:

Set up a new bookmark in the browser with:

Now, type "searchwiki images" in the address bar of your browser and you'll receive the results of searching pmwiki.org for "images".

You can of course customize the Name, Location, and Keywords for other sites; Name can be anything you wish, and Location is the url to jump to when any of the Keywords are entered into the address bar.

Hope this helps!


This didn't work for me. I use PmWiki on several machines and a Firefox search plugin would be a great idea. IanMacGregor