00449: Image references should be set before page includes

Summary: Image references should be set before page includes
Created: 2005-06-09 18:30
Status: Closed - already exists
Category: Feature (Bug?)
Priority: 4
Version: 2
OS: Linux/Apache/??


Current State:

If you create a page that has attachments (attached grpahics, pics...) and then include that page in a template (eg. a navigation page or footer page) that same template applies to a number of groups then at present you have to upload the attachments into each group's directory.


The attachment references get built into the ("sub") page before it gets included in its "host" pages. This means that only a single upload is required into the group the "sub page" normally resides in.

You can explicitly specify the name of the page to be used in the Attach: markup. For example, if SomePage has an attachment called file.ext, then the template can use Attach:Group.SomePage/file.ext and it will always refer to the same attachment (even from other groups).