00374: import a pagelist except for the links already present on the page

Summary: import a pagelist except for the links already present on the page
Created: 2005-03-09 10:01
Status: Closed - resolved in 2.0.4
Category: Feature
From: Radu
Priority: 554
Version: beta26 upwards

Description: Keeping track of categories may be fast using the new category markup, but it's too server-intensive and does not allow the flexibility of editing comments

Suggested solution: Maintain indeces manually, but get some help tracking changes, like so:

Add a directive :import:, or an argument to :pagelist:, :include:, :search: so that it not only lists the results of a listing, but also appends them to the current page, after excluding any links already on that page.

The directive itself may either be consumed, or commented out, so that the next time someone wants to maintain the index, they only remove the comment markup and save the page. During a subsequent edit, they'd be ready to move the new links wherever they consider they belong.

In fact this is division of labor: let the machine help us only with what we're poor at and it's good at (exhaustive referencing).


Once you have the categories in place, "hand clustering" becomes ueber easy. (i.e. you can automatically generate lists and then create a "static" wiki page from it) -Scott

It may be an interim solution, but with long lists like the 'Coolbook' page it would be tedious to figure out which links one already dealt with.

Doing this would also allow the category page to be used as a WikiTrail. Right now you can't because the page doesn't really exist.

RecentChanges exists, though. That get's prepended to, right? Is there a way for a new category, the first time it is viewed, to append the category page?