00791: Things that don't go smoothly when upgrading

Summary: Things that don't go smoothly when upgrading
Created: 2006-08-23 20:57
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: Francis
Priority: 4
Version: Upgrading 1 to 2


1) The RecentChanges pages don't just carry on working smoothly - and copying the old page into the new one leads to loss of dynamic updating for the old list. - is it because of the new link markup in version2? By manaully updating the format of the old list to be the same as the new using a replace all trick in word, I restored the functionality, but it would be better if the converter does this for you...

2) Floating Images: You have to individually go through pages with floating images and add %rfloat% (etc) markup - in the previous version the image was just included at start or end of text block to have this effect.