00720: show the version number of the wiki engine

Summary: show the version number of the wiki engine
Created: 2006-04-18 16:39
Status: Closed - already exists
Category: Feature
From: richard?
Priority: 3
Version: every
OS: all

Description: I forgot when I last updated my wiki engine and don't have access to the files now. I looked for this information but I couldn't find it.

If you go to a page and add something like ?version to the url it would be nice to see which version of pmwiki is installed.

An automatic little note if your version is out dated would be nice too.

Thanks for this great software!

Bye Richard

Why not try {$Version} on any page? It has been around for a while and displays pmwiki-2.3.26

Many skins include it at the bottom of the SideBar.

Neil Herber April 18, 2006, at 04:56 PM

As noted, this already exists via the {$Version} markup. PmWiki doesn't offer it via a ?action=version because it might leak useful information to people who are maliciously trying to subvert a system.