00384: Fill http_user into author field

Summary: Fill http_user into author field
Created: 2005-03-14 03:47
Status: Suspended
Category: Feature
From: Uli
Priority: 1
Version: any

Description: If PmWiki is protected via LDAP / htaccess, the value from http_user should be filled into the "author" field. $AllowOverideAuthor in config file should specify wether the "author" field is display only.

This is already available as a local customization in local/config.php:

    if (@$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']) $Author = $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'];

If this is set, then the LDAP / .htaccess value will take precedence over anything an author might put in the Author: box (making $AllowOverrideAuthor somewhat unnecessary).

Let me know if this does approximately what you want so I can close this issue.


fantastic. Please close this issue. Thanks, Uli

24.03. well one more thing: it works great, but the Recent Changes page displays only "?" now instead of the author name. Uli

Hmm, that's odd. Recent changes should still get the profiles link -- I'll have to check into this one a bit. --Pm Any update here? I still couldn't figure out what's happening. With some users it works, others still appear as "?" in the RecentChanges. In the Page History no problem. -Uli