00338: Creating wiki.d folder and chmod not working

Summary: Creating wiki.d folder and chmod not working
Created: 2005-02-18 14:38
Status: Closed - Resolved
Category: Server config ?
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0
OS: ?

Description: I have been trying to install pmwiki on our server. All the files/folders have been uploaded, and I have tried to make the wiki.d folder as specified. The problem is that when I reload the page I just get the same start-up page telling me to make the wiki.d folder. Can anyone help? The site is www.k12.nf.ca/williamgillett/pmwiki.php

Wow, that's strange. Can you add the line

    $EnableDiag = 1;

to your local/config.php? That would let me check out a few configuration items on your server.

Are you sure you're creating the wiki.d folder in the correct place, and changed its permissions accordingly?


I'll give that a try - it's quite possible I'm creating the wiki.d folder in the wrong place! I put pmwiki.php in the home directory above, and then I put the /users/... folder in after that (i.e. www.k12.nf.ca/williamgillett/users/...) . I also did the permissions changes. After I set the Enablediag above I'll update the result here. Thanks - JC

I just tried unzipping the zip file again (pmwiki-latest.zip), and there is no config.php file in the local folder, only .htaccess. Any ideas? - JC

Sorry - just read the next page on the install instructions (oops!). I just copied in the config file, and the wiki.d folder is in the correct place (with the correct permissions. I'm still no further ahead, but I'm making baby steps :)

Hold on - I've realised that the wiki.d folder has not (cannot?) been created. I think the problem is that when the php script executes from a different directory than the pmwiki.php is located (it executes under /users/myusername/.... I can't create the wiki.d folder where pmwiki wants me to create it. I added www.k12.nf.ca/williamgillett/test.php to analyse my setup - if anyone can give me a hand with this it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, by the way the enablediag is up and running.

Thanks - JC

I think I resolved this one - pmwiki was telling me to create the wiki.d folder in one place, but it really just wanted me to create it in my home directory, where I have pmwiki installed (don't know why I didn't think of it before). Anyway, it looks like I'm to start the configuration process.