00181: Suggested change to SendPmMoney.

Summary: Suggested change to SendPmMoney.
Created: 2004-11-27 09:18
Status: In Progress
Category: Feature
From: ben
Version: na
OS: na

Description: Hi,

It might be a cool idea to offer something that was somewhat in the vein of the ability to "buy" PmWiki.

Even if there is no obligation to buy; even if that fact is noted clearly.

I, and I'd chance a guess many others, could probably get my company to pay money more easily if there was something that felt a little more like the typical experience one encounters when buying software.

Maybe a, or a couple, preset amounts?

Just a thought.



rrdtool's wishlist style donation system seems to work..

I'm all in favor of anything that makes it easier for companies to pay money. I can certainly come up with something that looks and acts more like a purchase, but the question becomes "what exactly is being purchased"? Any suggestions? --Pm

  • Support
  • Instant notification of new upgrades
  • Priority download server (i.e. unthrottled)


Actually, though those ideas also all have their place, their potential, I was thinking more in the direction of nothing. Nothing extra being purchase, and no pretense/deceit made about it. Just something that made giving money fit more smoothly into the business processes of potential users.

Anyhoo, cheers,


How about putting together an amazon wish list and putting the link up? I'd rather get you something off that than give money.

lately i've noticed some smaller non-profits doing something smart - adding paypal subscriptions. some folks (like myself) might be averse to sending big lump sums of money, but might be totally inclined to send, say $5 or $10 a month, with the ability to cancel at any time. i almost prefer the latter, as it's not quite as much a shock to the purse. it might seem insignificant, $5 a month, but it adds up if a bunch of folks get involved. overtones99 July 24, 2009, at 12:51 PM