00432: UTF-8 wiki links in brackets followed by text

Summary: UTF-8 wiki links in brackets followed by text
Created: 2005-05-03 02:31
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.0.6
Category: Bug
From: Schlaefer
Priority: 55552
Version: 2 beta 32

Description: With UTF-8 enabled a wiki link with text after the brackets what contains a special character breaks:

 [[this is a]]-täst

You can mask wikilinks as workaround:

 [[this is a|this is a-täst]]

Definitely a pain. It's also not possible to make non-ASCII internal links. This looks terrible in my language: removing the accents destroys the meaning of the words. :( (Clytie)

For the first problem, I need an example link (on pmwiki.org, probably in the UTF8 group) that demonstrates the problem.

For the second problem -- it's possible to have non-ASCII internal links; the question is one of what happens to the pagename. Again, examples help here.


See the first problem here UTF8.00432. -- Schlaefer

I've now fixed this issue for 2.0.6. -- Pm