00427: Modify block markup to be able to stack blocks

Summary: Modify block markup to be able to stack blocks
Created: 2005-04-29 09:27
Status: Closed - exists
Category: Feature
From: HansB
Priority: 3
Version: 2

Description: At present two seperate styled blocks need an empty line as seperator. Modify markup so seperate blocks shall stay seperate even without empty line in between. This will make it possible to stack blocks. Most noticable when blocks get styled with different coloured backgrounds, to get rid of a white empty textline between the blocks.

Actually, what is needed is some markup for PmWiki to know that one block has ended and another begins. If we can come up with this markup pattern then it's easy to resolve.


The div markup makes close stacking of blocks possible. Just style the divs.
I consider this issue closed. HansB July 08, 2009, at 03:24 PM