00764: Get rid of Main group (replace it with /)

Summary: Get rid of Main group (replace it with /)
Created: 2006-06-29 04:11
Status: Closed - available in cookbook
Category: Feature
From: Brad
Priority: 55555555
Version: Any
OS: Any

Description: Rewrite rules can be used (see GetRidOfMain) but that's not the right fix. IMHO, Main group is absolutely unnecessary for many users, including myself, who use pmwiki as a website engine (root site directory). Pmwiki already translates /pagename -> /Main/pagename and that confuse some users. And btw, most website admins prefer shorter URLs...

I'm sure that this can be easily done (a config option is just fine) with no side effects.

/ (aka Main)


I vote for this suggestion! Main group, is one of PMWiki's most annoying things. As Brad said, it should be replaced or aliased with wiki's root (/)

Jan Cauvis

I agree, Main group seems really useless, it only makes urls a bit longer...

Same here. For bonus points, please get rid of the only-one-subgroup constraint too :)

See the updated Cookbook:GetRidOfMain recipe, which should solve a lot of the issues.